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  1. I usually go into sports mode-- namely NFL and college basketball.
  2. Giant Dipper at Belmont Park on the Monday after West Coast Bash Not too good
  3. I drove down to San Diego that Monday before you guys went. I loved the hell out of Manta! Giant Dipper... well... honestly it might have been better that you guys missed it. I enjoyed Pizza Port as well but I wasn't drinking that day so I probably missed out on the best part. Pizza was pretty good though.
  4. That's strange, I actually enjoyed Grizzly's drop [KD] , but only in the back. In the other rows it's not that good. By "pointless" I mean that the ride doesn't really do anything with the drop because it goes straight back up into that turnaround and you lose any momentum from it.
  5. Hence why I still believe Great Adventure is pretty horrible while others feel it's one of the top three in the chain. I grew up 10 miles from the place and had a season pass pretty much every year from when I could walk to my second year of college. Sometime during high school it stopped being something cool and awesome to being something to do to waste time. I had a similar experience with Kings Dominion. Season passes for several years, worked there one summer... Finally got tired of Paramount destroying the feel of the park in the late 90's. I warmed back up to KD when I305 opened though!
  6. ^Please, for all that's holy, don't spend 5 days at Kentucky Kingdom.
  7. And, once again, you have my thanks for doing all that driving. But I agree that a short walk to Knott's beats a one-hour drive (depending on traffic) to Six Flags Magic Mountain. I cheated and went back to bed after packet/T-shirt pick-up in the morning. So, yes, Chuck, I do feel bad again in your thread.
  8. Someone earlier in the thread mentioned the drop on on Grizzly at CGA. I'll put in my two cents with Grizzly at KD's first drop. Always seemed pointless to me. Love the second drop and the rest of the ride though.
  9. Just curious, but when did Goliath get the new trains? I rode it in August of last year and didn't find anything objectionable about the ride.
  10. I probably shouldn't discount the fact that my two visits to SFMM took place during West Coast Bash, greatly increasing my enjoyment compared to if I went by myself or with some friends some random day.
  11. I'm more concerned about the Intamin drought and vast reduction of snowpack.
  12. Don't feel bad. I like magic mountain too. No one reading this TR needs to feel bad. Thank you. No one's feeling bad (except for my aching feet over the course of that weekend). I was just stating that for all the hate SFMM gets, I actually have enjoyed my two visits. It is what it is, a huge coaster park.
  13. Last year's WCB was a bit different for me because it was my first. I went around the park trying to get all the credits. This year it was just bide my time between ERT sessions
  14. There's a legend that the head guy at BGW hates Intamin, so I guess that's why they went with Zierrer. Seems like Cheetah Hunt was the bigger hit though and at a much lower cost That sounds familiar. I think there were some issues with Escape from Pompeii. I bet BGW wishes they had gone with Intamin on Mach Tower.
  15. This could lead into an all new thread... "Why Aren't Any US Parks Getting More Mack Coasters?" I rode Manta at Seaworld San Diego last week and loved the ride and the trains!
  16. Just curious, but were there any issues with Cheetah Hunt? That was a pretty big project and Intamin seemed to nail it with that one. As a Virginia local, I was a little miffed at the time that Verbolten wasn't an Intamin.
  17. Maybe this is a good place to start speculating about what Hershey's next big coaster will be since they love themselves some Intamin. Edit to add: Just thought about it and Hershey could easily have gone with something like Bakken's Tornado for Laff Trakk. Maybe even Hershey needed a break from Intamin.
  18. Sweet! TC was excellent. I'm going to say this real quick, then scamper away... I like Six Flags Magic Mountain.
  19. I enjoyed Magnum and, as mentioned, the views are fantastic. Given how cozy Cedar Point and B&M are currently, I wonder if Magnum could receive B&M mega trains (a la Steel Dragon). Maybe in 2019 for Magnum's 30th?
  20. ^From what I understand-- none of those things. It was mainly Six Flags' stupidity. A local can fill you in better though.
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