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  1. Unfortunately, not really. Vegas is about six hours away. Every other park (Elitch, Silverwood) is going to be 8-12 hours away.
  2. ^^You should be fine. Just glom onto some group you feel comfortable with and fake it.
  3. Ahhh... Some good memories. I had almost forgotten about that door to nowhere... And that fried chicken was pretty fantastic.
  4. Ghost Rider is usually closed for Maintenance right before Haunt, and it's conspicuous absence from the ERT leads me to believe that it will indeed be closed. I went to KBF last year on 9/18 and it had been closed for several days and I think they told me it wasn't reopening until 9/23 or 9/24. Yeah--I know it's been closed the last couple of years during WCB time (I missed it during last year's) and I was wondering if that would indeed be the case again this year.
  5. Bought my tickets as well and booked Saturday and Sunday nights at the KBF Hotel. Still working out some other kinks for the week leading up to the weekend. Anyone know if Ghostrider will be running that weekend?
  6. ^Me too, Chuck. I was just repaying some teenage angst with some grownup snark.
  7. The weather in the Kingdom of Kentucky sucks and they want to make sure you know about it.
  8. I feel similarly to ole Jizzy here. I rode the front seat first last year and was underwhelmed. I later got a back seat and enjoyed it much more.
  9. Gotcha. I'll try to shed some lbs in the meantime until my visit, which may not be until the second week in August. Overall, Lagoon is pretty Fatty Friendly with 2 Click Rules/On Board Monitoring Systems and Big Boy Chairs on Cliffhanger and Samurai. Air Race, Rocket, Cliffhanger, and Samurai can be a problem with the Class 4 and 5 Restraints. I was really surprised by how many coasters I was able to fit on last year. They weren't always comfortable fits--cough..Lightning Run--but it was good to be able to ride. I'm sure I'll be good Lagoon but it's one of those things that always sticks in the back of my mind.
  10. I know this was posted a couple of weeks ago but... I agree with you for the most part-- last year I rode a bunch of new-to-me stand-ups. I hated Green Lantern and Apocalypse and was at least glad I got a chance to ride Mantis before the floorless train makeover but won't miss it too much. However, I did like Riddler's Revenge last year and really enjoyed Georgia Scorcher many moons ago. As someone whose former home park was KD, I wouldn't wish Shockwave on my worst enemy though.
  11. Gotcha. I'll try to shed some lbs in the meantime until my visit, which may not be until the second week in August.
  12. I don't check the boards too frequently but I feel like OP has a catalog of wtf quotables
  13. So how is this ride going to be on the fatties out there? Have many people been turned away? I'd hate to make a 7-hour drive and have to take that walk of shame. I'm 6'2 and about 280, if that helps. I've made it on Bizarro (SFNE), Wicked Twister, Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, Outlaw Run, and Goliath (SFGAm). Not as lucky on El Toro and Superman Ride of Steel (SFA).
  14. And I didn't see myself returning to KK so soon... Looks like fun and those airtime hills have me jonesing!
  15. I haven't gone out of the way to make any of my milestones special, either as a really good coaster... or really bad. With the exception of #200 and I ended up goofing on that one. 1) Scooby Doo-- KD (Now Woodstock's Express) 25) Two-Face: The Flipside-- SFA 50) Rock N Roller Coaster-- Disney's Hollywood Studios 75) Carolina Goldrusher-- Carowinds 100) Batman The Ride-- SFoT 150) Raptor-- Cedar Point 200) The Dark Knight-- SFGAm (messed up on my count and originally was trying to make the Whizzer this one) 250) Goliath-- SFMM 264) Superman--SFMM I should probably hit #275 this summer at Lagoon and will hopefully get #300 sometime next year.
  16. I know the feeling of just missing a credit, man. Even for the crappy rides.
  17. 1) El Toro 2) Intimidator 305 (rest in no particular order) 3) Maverick 4) Bizarro (SFNE) 5) Outlaw Run 6) Kumba 7) Phoenix 8) Skyrush 9) Apollo's Chariot 10) Millennium Force
  18. Ultimate irony for me would be if it gets sold to Elitch Gardens.
  19. I loved this ride 25 years ago. 5 years ago I probably would have been first on a "Taer it down!" campaign.
  20. Now that we have a soft open, time to make my plans to visit this place this summer. Looking forward to it!
  21. 1) Beast 2) Millennium Force 3) Voyage 4) Steel Force 5) Mean Streak
  22. Well, I'm definitely looking forward to my first visit to Lagoon in June or July or whenever Cannibal opens up. Wicked looks pretty sweet too. Stoked, brah.
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