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  1. Wouldn't count on it. It really does seem like parks in America are getting every single Mega-Lite like ride with the exception of an actual Intamin AG Mega-Lite. Examples would be Lightning Run and Skyrush (even though it's an actual Intamin hyper coaster, it goes over 210 feet.) I wouldn't surprised if this country gets one of those new MACK Mega-Lite type rides. When we visited Holiday World during the Mini New Hotness we got to meet several of the rides and maintenance managers and supervisors. I spoke with one of them who used to work at Elitch and commented that that particular park would be ideal for the Chance mega-lite. He said that when he worked at EG there were discussions about getting the first one. Not sure how long ago that was but I hope Elitch hasn't lost Chance's number or maybe they'd consider the Mack version.
  2. Ed Hart told us during the Mini New Hotness trip it will get new trains but not by Vekoma.
  3. I'm planning something like this as well and was wondering the same thing. I also might add on SCBB.
  4. So after wading through the arguing and bickering over the last several pages, I'd like to change things up. So in anticipation of my first visit to the area I would love for you VF locals to list your top 5 coasters in the area and maybe a brief description on what's so sweet about it. Feel free to include Nickelodeon Universe coasters as well to supplement the list. Before this summer I had never ridden an impulse and after riding V2, Possessed, and Wicked Twister, I've become quite a fan actually. I also finally rode, in my opinion, an awesome GCI, Kentucky Rumbler. So I'm really looking forward to Steel Venom and Renegade. As a side note, I had ridden Gwazi, SFA's Roar, and the Hershey GCI's but none of them really knocked my socks off like Rumbler. Since they were built around the same time (Rumbler in 2006 and Renegade in 2007) my expectations for Renegade have gone up. I recently moved to Colorado and I would love to be near a park like VF or Worlds of Fun because the best I have now is Elitch. I'm going to be missing my old home parks KD and BGW next year.
  5. Let me know if anyone sees any Intamin Mega-Lite track heading west on I-70. Elitch Gardens still needs to win me over as my new home park. Worst home park trade on my part ever, by the way-- BGW and KD in exchange for Elitch.
  6. ^When was the last time you rode Grizzly? It didn't seem nearly as rough over the summer as it has in the past. I almost want to say it almost seemed tame. Also, I'm in agreement about KD's Flight of Fear being better than KI's (I rode them about a month apart this past summer). Almost night and day in terms of how rough KI's was.
  7. Hypersonic might have been terrible, but (at the very least indirectly) because of it and Dodonpa, S&S has been fairly successful in the launched coaster business with Powder Keg and those coasters in China that use compressed air launches. Yeah. On the flipside, I loved the hell out of Powder Keg.
  8. I think any of them (Intamin, Chance, Mack) would go in well at Elitch. Apparently, Elitch was in discussions to get the first Chance version a few years ago. Not sure what happened with that.
  9. I love the two GIB's I've been on. Favorite by far. Most Vekomas don't bother me that much. I've been on some painful boomerangs but have been able to tolerate most. I've only been on three SLC's and SFA's was the worst by far. Nighthawk sucked but I like the other flyers. I enjoyed Two-Face and Invertigo (KI). I enjoyed all the Disney Vekomas. Their family coasters (roller skaters and family suspendeds) are mostly enjoyable. That said, I'm sure there's an SLC or Ninja out there somewhere just waiting to make me eat this post.
  10. What about Hypersonic made you swear off KD? At the time I was sick of the park getting short gimmicky thrills like Flight of Fear and Volcano (not that I don't enjoy those rides, although this was pre-lapbars on FoF). I wanted something like a hyper or a steel coaster that broke 3,000 feet in length. I think this was also during the height of Paramount's mismanagement. The park had lost a lot of its original charm and it just didn't feel like the park I grew up with. In particular, I had just had the worst ride on Grizzly (my favorite ride in the park at the time). That ride on Grizzly was slow and meandering and makes me think about how the one at CGA must run. Anyway, the Hypersonic announcement was just the capper to how I felt the park was going down hill. Edit to add: I think I had recently been watching those Discovery-Travel channel specials where they had been covering new rides opening in 2000--Goliath at SFMM, MF at CP and other recent ones like Medusa at SFGAdv. They actually showed the Thrust Air 2000 prototype in Utah and I remember thinking "Looks like something KD would get" Meanwhile, down the road in Williamsburg, Busch Gardens was getting pretty lengthy rides like Alpengeist and Apollo's Chariot.
  11. Fun reminiscing about posters from TPR past during the first half of this thread. I'm going to bring up Hypersonic XLC again. I think the day the park announced this ride I swore off PKD. I didn't go back for another 6 years. When I finally did ride it (6 or 7 years later) it was worse than I imagined. It starts off with horrible restraints, a pretty impressive launch, pain, more pain, and clamoring for the jaws of life to get off the ride. Thank you, Cedar Fair!
  12. Top 3 from the year I was born were.... hmmm? 1) Revolution 2) Screamin' Eagle 3) Texas Cyclone (I'd heard good things about this one) A lot of corkscrews opened up this year plus the two Demons. Top 3 that I've ridden 1) Whizzer (SFGAm) 2) Revolution 3) Thunder Road
  13. I know I've posted in this thread at some point in time but I'll repost anyway. I'll also start with 2006 since that's when I first really started traveling to parks other than my home. 2006-- Goliath SFOG, Expedition Everest, Shamu Express SWO 2008-- Dark Knight SFGAdv (Really wish I had done HRP/Freestyle this year) 2009-- Jett Star Central Park Funland 2014-- Banshee, Lightning Run, Goliath SFGAm, Cocoa Cruiser, Ragin' Cajun, Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers And for the hell of it... Home park coaster debuts. (KD has always probably been more home park than BGW as I only went to Busch Gardens twice (1993 and 1999) prior to 2000 and never when I was a kid. I guess Apollo's could conceivably be in the other list.) 1982--Grizzly (I'm not positive about this one as I was 5 but it seems right) 1991-- Anaconda 1996-- Flight of Fear 1999-- Apollo's Chariot 2006-- Italian Job 2007-- Griffon 2008-- Dominator 2010-- I305 2012-- Verbolten
  14. I thought Scream was okay but nothing special. Now if it got something like the Medusa to Bizarro treatment SFGAdv did a few years back... I don't know what it was but I just enjoyed the Bizarro version a lot more. My first thought in reading this thread's title was Revolution. It's just that I didn't think the coaster was that bad, just the restraints...
  15. When I knew I was going to eventually move to Colorado I was like, "Oooo! That's close to Idaho! I can go to Silverwood!" Then I google mapped it and got so disappointed at discovering that it was like a 15-hour drive. Dag these Western states are ginormous... Maybe I can find a cheap flight from Denver to Spokane to make it worth my while some day.
  16. I usually skip Ananconda but my niece wanted to go on it back in June. I was surprised at how relatively comfortable it was compared to rides on it in the past.
  17. These are the three I've been on and I'd swap #2 and #3.
  18. To me, there's just something about Great Bear that I really enjoy. However, I probably only rank it higher than Talon, Batman clones, and Silver Bullet as far as other B&M inverts go.
  19. I half-ass attempted this over a 5-day stretch this past August. After meeting up with TPR at Dorney briefly during the Mini East Coast trip, I drove to Rye Playland Park then to my friends' place in Providence, RI. We went to Six Flags New England (didn't see that on your list) on a Sunday for about 4 hours. While friends were at work on Monday, I went to Canobie. I was originally going to try to do that park plus Quassy and Compounce but I was a little slow moving that day. Really wish I had done the TPR Northeast trip in 2011. If time becomes an issue, I recommend skipping Playland.
  20. * = new park for me Definitely: *Lagoon (Even though I'm 6-7 hours away, I consider this more my new home park than Elitch or Lakeside) *Glenwood Caverns Lakeside Probably: Carowinds Fiesta Texas SFOT *Vegas coaster trip *Valleyfair *Mall of America *Worlds of Fun *Six Flags St Louis Silver Dollar City Kings Dominion Busch Gardens Possibly: *Dollywood *Disney Land Resort *Sea World San Diego *Belmont Park Knott's SFMM *Santa Cruz BB *Cali Great America *SFDK
  21. Purchasing this shirt was the single greatest decision of my life. Meeting Lil Sebastian was the single greatest moment of my life. Riding Mean Streak, followed by Corkscrew, possibly canceled out both of these.
  22. Ahh... Seems like I was there just last month. Well, I was, in fact. I really enjoyed Knott's myself and my visit to the Pier. Can't wait to see more.
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