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  1. dodgeball owns when you are playing against younger kids.
  2. umm, you need a good PC to play any new games coming out right now. You cant just change the game engine so that you can play the game on max graphics with a 5 year old PC.
  3. umm, sorry, but there is no way they will go from 3D to 2D. 2D has so many limitations on coasters and whatnot. All they need to do is work on the 3D engine more, and actually take advantage of the fact that the game is in 3D...
  4. I really want to go bunjie jumping... although when i get to the edge of the platform i dont think i could make myself jump...
  5. yes, there are probably 50 coasters that are identical to that.
  6. looks great. that inline twist to half loop thing looks crazy
  7. everyone of your guests look tired... you should probably add some benches or something.
  8. I dont think the schools would care about the injuries if they wouldnt get sued every time a kid twisted his ankle...
  9. okay, well, after taking a bit of a break from RCT3, i decided to start a new project. here are some pics of my progress so far... P.S. Any ideas for names would be appreciated. a birdseye view of the layout of rattlesnake and most of the western area The mandatory 'train going up the lift' pic Coming out of the 2nd drop a shot of Rattlesnake's station. an overview of the front of the western themed area. a view from the balcony of the wooden coaster called Rattlesnake the 2 buildings on the midway so far with food and whatnot The merry-go-round on the midway.
  10. They always look like they are smiling... although i doubt they are happy in a small tank with hundreds of people watching them... and top gun is so popular because everyone thinks it is a good coaster... up until a few years ago, i thought that top gun was an amazing coaster
  11. wow, that is really, really stupid.
  12. Anyone else looking forward to it, Sacha Coen is proibably one of the funniest people ever... here are some clips of deleted scenes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkE9-RYqkk0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQ0SLubO_Mw&mode=related&search=
  13. you sure? i read an article saying that they wont...
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