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  1. Dude if this is true that means your park is getting four additions in two years. I cannot see how you have anything to complain about. --Robb "Your posts is EXACTLY why parks get annoyed with enthusiasts." Alvey For his case, it's about QUALITY not quantity. Just because you have a bunch of rides doesn't mean the park is any better. No, what it means is that you have less space to build an attraction of a quality which is worth everybody's time. Once that space is filled, its going to be there for awhile. Right now I'm drooling over the prospects of a ferris wheel at King
  2. IOA is the best park in Orlando. Well-balanced ride collection, a pair of kickass inverts, a top-notch dark ride, a wide variety of family attractions, massive ammounts of theming. If Hulk was actually "Incredible," the park would be my #3 or 4 park overall.
  3. Kings Island enjoys placing oversized and malicious creatures in very small wooden boxes, huh? I'm liking the colors, though. Extremely similar to Maverick
  4. So far: Sea World Orlando Islands of Adventure Universal Studios Florida Busch Gardens Africa Disney's Animal Kingdom " " Hollywood Studios " " Magic Kingdom " " Epcot Busch Gardens Europe Kings Dominion Hard Rock Park Family Kingdom Six Flags America Waldameer Go-Karts Plus (lol) Hersheypark Six Flags Great Adventure Knoebels Still to go: Carowinds Six Flags Over Georgia Kennywood Cedar Point
  5. ^It's a huge stretch, yes, but I would trust them with BGE in terms of maintenance and atmosphere. If InBev is willing to split the parks up for individual sale, I think it would be feasible for them to snag BGE. Disney would probably snag Discovery Cove and the Sea Worlds (since they put a bid on the Sea World parks (Orlando and San Diego) at the time that A-B bought them), and Merlin or some other foreign company could purchase BGA and maybe the other Sea Worlds. Just a few thoughts...
  6. El Torgasm is enough of a thrill as is. We can't go making messes for the ride operators, now can we?
  7. I was at the DMB concert at Nissan Pavilion on 6-28 --- will be heading to VA Beach for another DMB concert on 8-7 and then a Jimmy Buffett concert on 9-1 at Nissan
  8. With how persistent and ruthless InBev is? Slim to none
  9. I've seen people take their dogs on the antique cars, too. God I love Knoebels Nice report! I was there just last week and am already itching to get back
  10. lol, I find it funny that so many people are complaining of "headbanging" at the end of Fahrenheit...I found that to be the best part of the ride. The jarring banked turn to the right after the second corkscrew, the head-chopper produced by diving under the brake run, the spastic-yet-genius airtime hill, and spiriting leap into the final brakes reminded me a lot of Maverick. I guess I like rides with a little more edge. Fahrenheit just didn't do it for me, but the first drop and finale-elements were great
  11. I for one am really excited to see KD get a Ferris Wheel. The park is in dire need of classic charm, and a Ferris Wheel next to a couple of woodies is a damn good way to start. I can picture it now --- walking down the Grove late at night and seeing a brightly lit Ferris Wheel at the end of it. Could these simple recycled rides revive some of KD's old-school charm? I think so...
  12. You cannot miss Knoebels. What a fantastic little park --- it's like stepping back in time
  13. This is getting a wee bit ridiculous. I feel bad for these people, but at the same time, you gotta keep your priorities in check. Life > a hat
  14. Sorry to bump such an old-as-hell thread, but I was about to create a new thread and stumbled upon this one. But yeah, here's my license plate I just got:
  15. 1. El Torgasm 2. Phoenix 3. Ravine Flyer II 4. Maverick 5. Boulder Dash 6. Thunderbolt (Kennywood) 7. Apollo's Chariot 8. Superman: Ride of Steel (SFNE) 9. Montu 10. Phantom's Revenge Only two additions from my 11 new parks of 2008 which is interesting. I'm hoping something cracks through from my SFOG trip coming up in early August. Perhaps Mindbender =D !!!11
  16. BEC is one of the few theme park/amusement park companies that seemed to keep a solid coat of paint on their coasters. As soon as Apollo's Chariot started looking a bit ratty, you could rest assured that a fresh coat of vibrant purple and gold would be slathered on for the next season. I think A-B did a fantastic job on operational maintenance for their parks, especially BGE. The fact that they couldn't run a wooden coaster to save their life is beside the point. I'm worried for the parks' overall quality, but it's too early to call. There are plenty of quality companies out there that
  17. I always love seeing Hershey stack ride upon ride on top of one another. I'm looking forward to seeing them pull this one off haha. The Boardwalk is already such a royal cluster. This shall be interesting, indeed
  18. Rode Fahrenheit last Tuesday and have to say it lived up to my subpar expectations. The 97 degree drop was great and the airtime-hill finale were reminiscent of Maverick-esqe greatness, but the inversion-focused main course left a lot to be desired. Overall a solid addition to Hershey's lineup, but not a world-class Intamin by any stetch of the imagination
  19. I loved having the extra hour before opening when I stayed at the Breakers last season. Rode Maverick a few times before the huge crowds came rolling in!
  20. ^That could explain it, I guess... I've only ever been to Hershey on dead weekdays where the middle rows were closed. Still, I prefer coasters that run well regardless of ridership
  21. That's really good to hear... when I first saw the POV, I figured they were either anit-rollbacks, or trims...and either one of those did not bode well for the pacing of the ride. I'm happy to hear the ride flies through that portion of the ride
  22. It is by far the most ghetto SF park I've been to. My friends and I lovingly refer to it as Six Flags [ghetto] America (SF[g]A) It's a turd.
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