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  1. This coaster looks great so far. I agree, wood-structured woodies are so much more aesthetically pleasing than steel-structured ones. Besides, steel-structured woodies tend to become unbearably rough unless taken care of properly
  2. I love drawing my own cartoons and I've been drawing a strip I've dubbed "WILDlife of UR" for the last 3 months for my school's paper (University of Richmond). It's basically a cartoon depicting all of the "wild" stuff college kids do, only the stuff is being done by animals, hence the pun "WILDlife of UR." They're just a bunch of one-panel gags and such. I'll post one or two here to see what you guys think:
  3. Aesthetics mean a lot...of course it doesn't change the ride experience, but a ride's color scheme gives it character, some soul. I've never been to Marine World, or whatever it is officially referred to at the moment, so I really don't know how this color combo fits into the surrounding area, but from an outsider's viewpoint, it is one ugly coaster
  4. Nice trip report! Hershey Park is such a great park! And Storm Runner is definitely a solid rocket coaster
  5. The skid brakes on Thunderbolt at Kennywood just before the lift hill drop seem to be kicking in more than in past years. Still a great classic, but the lateral g's used to be much more powerful. The line of brakes before diving back into the ravine seem stronger in recent years as well
  6. My mistake, I thought I read somewhere that they were "finished." You have to admit, you can't put it past Six Flags to do such a terrible paintjob
  7. It was definitely a great show. Maybe a little slow during the ride-delay parts, but well worth it at the end! Tatsu looks like an amazing ride. I may have a chance at riding it next summer and this tv show made me want to ride it even more
  8. That is one hideous coaster, if you ask me I don't quite understand the supports with the silver specks all around and random patches of maroon. It almost looks like they were going for a weathered or beaten-up effect but failed horribly and just made the thing look retarded. Oh well, it's Six Flags...be happy they at least painted it haha
  9. My homepark is Busch Gardens Europe and I'd have to say Apollo's Chariot easily steals the top spot for me personally. The airtime is amazing on that thing. Griffon might give Apollo a run for its money, though
  10. I can proudly say the last coaster I rode was Flight of Fear at KD. Quite possibly the perfect way to end a horrible season at the park: riding a coaster that many thought would never operate at Kings Dominion again
  11. My first coaster with inversions was Anaconda at Kings Dominion. Unfortunately CBS ownership killed much of the sentimental feelings I ever had for KD. Hopefully Cedar Fair will be able to heal some of those wounds
  12. While my plans are subject to change, I too am planning on topping 100 coasters next season! Spring 2007: Griffon and SFA June 2007: Valleyfair, Timberfalls, and Mt. Olympus (definitely looking forward to Hades/Avalanche) July/August: Geauga Lake/ Cedar Point trip to pick up a credit for Maverick! There's also a chance for a SFOG/Carowinds trip, but that looks like it may be a long shot It all depends on how much money I can make hahaha
  13. Griffon should definitely be an amazing installation at BGE next year! That Immelman looks beautiful. BGEscape will be attending the next hardhat tour this month sometime, so we'll definitely have some nice pictures of what they have up so far!
  14. Hey, my name is Anthony. My homepark is Busch Gardens Europe. In fact, I love Busch Gardens so much that a fellow coaster freak and I myself own and operate a Busch Gardens fan-site called BGEscape www.BGEscape.com Feel free to head over and take a gander and possibly register on the forums. We have made numerous breaking updates on Griffon since opening the site in mid-June. I've been a member on these boards for a while, but I just haven't posted anything. I guess it requires some conscious effort to keep up with the huge amount of new posts everyday. I'm going to try to bec
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