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  1. Well first of all everyone should throw those cups away. I bought one one year and those cups are poisonous, u can taste the plastic elements leaking into the soda itself. that is dangerous but I do agree with the policy.
  2. I was having problems also. It was starting, stopping and jumping around but from what I can see it is an almost clone of el toro but with more twists. it is funny a continent with such little people have such big rides and a lot of our parks cant touch most of the parks over the water.
  3. I never understood why someone would bring bulky stuff to the park anyway. Also at Busch Gardens they even made me sit on my sandals when i rode Alphengeist when I was there in 1998. That made sooo much sense to do that. It saved on time tremendously.
  4. What has been going on with the Bullet? How was the crowd this past weekend and how is it running?
  5. For me the ones that I have been on so far is for a steelie is X and for wood is EL TORO.
  6. The problem or me in America is that we dont have a combination of Cedar Point and Disney World. I love major coasters but I also love the theming of Disney. It seems parks across the water are an amalgamation of the 2
  7. I am talking about now, not in 2020. Six Flags cant afford a merry go round at this time let alone a 20 million dollar coaster. Of course not forever. Just look at the other types of rides the SF chain are installing. Low budget type rides.
  8. It is the money factor. SF will not be installing another coaster over 5 or 6 million in the future.
  9. I went to both parks in 2005. I actually was more impressed with Kings Island than CP. The reason being is I wasnt impressed at all with the coasters. I know that I am going to be blasted but it wasnt all of that to me. It is a big piece of concrete with steel. It all depends on what u r looking for. I like themeing. Kings Island is more of a well rounded park. I am going this year to ride S OF THE BEAST. Now I know that everyone says it terrible but it is something i want to do before it is torn down. None of the coasters at KI are gonna make u jump up and shout but u will have a better time if u are like me. I liked Alphengeist much better than Raptor and Maverick does look like something i would ride but i am not a big inversion person. I like hills and airtime more than going upside down. From Columbus u can darn near walk to KI but it is almost 4 hrs to CP. If Maverick is that important to u then go there by all means but if it isnt then KI would be ok. Now I am not the impressed with KI either but I had a better time there.
  10. Now this is a place i would go to 3 times a week year round. It has a movie theatre i see also. There should be one of these in every major city. The Nick themeing is getting a little annoying after a few pics but the rides are perfect. where is this place located?
  11. Did u notice if the no carry on rule made loading speed up and how many trains were being run on the major coasters?
  12. SFMM is the ultimate park almost. The only thing missing is an El Toro. Once they get one of those, I will never go to any other park. This is where I want to spend eternity when i pass on in another 90yrs. hahahahhahahah
  13. Oh shockwave is retracking? I have never heard of a steel coaster retracking.
  14. For some reason I have never wanted to visit this park. I was in atlanta on business and I never even considered going there because they didnt have enough hypercoasters, but it is really a beautiful park from what I can see. Goliath really looks good but it is hard for me to go to a park for one ride. The other coasters looks like a clone from some ride at another park I have been to. Like the Georgia Cyclone is a replica of the Texas Cyclone, The Standup coaster looks like the stand up and Astroworld, the Ninja looks like the viper at SFMM only smaller, the superman is the the same as Great Adventure, Batman is just the SAME, but it does look like a very beautiful park, acutally the most beautiful one in the SF chain.
  15. Nice video and the music is kinda strange to me also but it doesnt matter. A good coaster in a good spot. Just wish it were room for more rides.
  16. I am definitely going to SFKK, Holiday World and Kings Island. I have been waiting to ride Voyage. I have been to Kings Island before but wasnt impressed at all. I wish dominator was moved there. Holiday World is gonna bore me fast because it only has 3 coasters. SFKK is gonna bore me also but I dont plan on being there long, so this trip is basically gonna be to ride Voyage.
  17. I dont see a problem. There is too much time spent on people trying to leave their belongings on the other side and come and re enter the train. this will speed things up if they go ahead and open the gates as soon as people exit. sit down in the train immeidiatley and RUN and check the bars and dispatch. This should take no longer than 80 secs. So the removal of people going to the other side to secure items is a good idea no matter if it is about money ro not.
  18. I am confused on the location of this ride. From the pics it looks close to Superman but on some pics it looks like it is right on the parking lot in the front. Superman is at the very back of the park so exactly where is Batman?
  19. OH thats good. I love to hear that people enjoyed our coaster. Also glad to hear that it was crowded.
  20. Sooo glad you enjoyed our only coaster. It is truly a gem. Now all we need is another coaster possibly a euro-fighter then i am happy
  21. Isnt this type of ride and inverted boomerang coaster? if it is why are they having soo much trouble with them and not the boomerangs and what type of problems are they having with this particular ride? i have never ridden on but i went to SFMM and I refused to stand in line for this ride. The load times were over 10 mins. It cant be that the ride is hard to load, the operators were draggin their behinds.
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