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  1. No I know its a dive coaster I was just responding to the comment made about it CAN'T be an invert and Alphengist. I was wondering is it impossible to build an invert of that magnitude and what has been happening with Alphengist I read the article before I wrote my response so I did know it was a dive coaster.
  2. I did read the post right above, but I don't understand why couldn't it be an invert. Is it impossible for an invert to be 300ft and what problems has Alphengist encountered? I have ridden Alphengheist and it is my favorite invert because it is longer than 30 secs like most and it is taller than most.
  3. Yeah it was my favorite also especially after he slapped me in my face twice ACCIDENTALLY from holding his hands up in the air. Yes u all I got the (u know what slapped out of me twice) because this ride is sooo wild that when u hold ur hands up and the train changes directions, so do your hands. Excuse me if I sound like everyone else but we are just so damned excited that we have a REAL coaster here in Houston, I wasnt a big fan of Astroworld for the past 20 yrs.
  4. Amen again. Keep on posting because u r the reason I went last Monday. I skim down the topics and when I get to one that interests me I stop. This thread is the one I check the most. This needs to be the Tex update BULLET thread.
  5. DITTO. My first ride was in the front and I was truly disappointed TOTALLY to the point I wanted to get a refund on my 20 dollar wrist band but texcoaster and GURU convinced me to give it another chance and ride in the back AND IT IS A TOTALLY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE THERE. Still some of the roughness but not too extreme. This is the first retracked coaster I have ridden and I do see that it actually chances the ride noticebly. The ride in the front is butter smooth now. You can now ride it all day and not get bruised but that is the characteristic I love about a woodie is the roughness and that is what made THE BULLET unique to me. That first drop was the bomb. Now the second half of the ride is unchanged. It was never that rough anyway. So it is now a coaster for everyone to ride. Now the second half didn't speed up at all.
  6. Oh well, If the weather is good tomorrow I will see you all there. I will have to see if i like it or not. Or if I notice a big difference.
  7. I am no expert but do all think that if the lift was 10 ft higher that it would be faster than it is now? I don't see how retracking would make it faster if the first drop wasn't taller. I know the space was limited but I think if the lift were steeper and it would have allowed 10 more feet of height, it would have been a little faster. Just my conjecture.
  8. Beautiful pics Tex. I can't wait. I don't know if it is gonna do anything but it is still exciting. Maybe I can catch it on a day when it is warm in January. For all of the people who think that is a joke, it isn't. This is Houston, Texas and we get warm weather in the winter a lot.
  9. SFMM for me just because it is in sunny California. It has 2 coasters unlike any other. Great Adv has Nitro and El Toro but when i went in 2006 it was nasty, rude and seemingly uncaring staff and ignorant guest. I am sure a lot has changed there so i wont say that anymore.
  10. I am sure CoasteGuy and Tex will have some info when they get home this evening.
  11. I don't remember. Never thought about it. i guess it would be the greased lightning at SF Astroworld in houston. It had to be that i suppose because that was my homepark and that had to have been the first looping coaster there.
  12. From what I just read, the new additons didnt warrant a big announcement. Now Farenheit was a big annoucement not a kiddie ride. Sorry i dont see the big deal with kiddie oriented rides.
  13. i hope its a steel terrain coaster that goes back in the woods also or a euro- fighter but a nitro would be a wonderful addition. I am a big wood fan but a park with nothing but tends to become monotonous
  14. Well I actually just really got into the forum thing earlier this year so I didn't know of anyones opinion of coasters until I joined here. So actually I haven't ridden anything after I read an opinion or heard of an opinion, but I see coasters on here that I have ridden in the past that people were giving bad reviews of and I disagreed. Flashback SFMM X SFMM GHOSTRIDER KNOTTS and a few others. Now I did remember one that I was excited about because of advertisement and publicity back when it was new and I jumped on a plane to go and ride was THE BEAST Nothing special about this ride. I like humps with airtime and I didn't get any on this coaster. Now I was excited because it was a terrain coaster but it did totally nothing for me.
  15. Awh would love to meet ya down there Tex but I have to work a full day.
  16. Ok, just got home from the Bullet. I rode it 7 times and I didn't see any difference in it at all from the day it opened. I ran the same to ME. The ride design is awesome. Now I don't know anything about ride design but every woodie i have ridden is rough and this one is no rougher, again to ME.
  17. I just don't understand the roughness debate at all. I rode Texas Giant this summer and to ME, it isn't any rougher than when I first rode it the opening year. Every coaster that was wood has beat the crap out of me if I rode it over and over in one sitting. I have a sister that will not ride any woodie because it is too rough for her. Me, on the other hand, wont be thrilled if I am not slammed around a little. Steel coasters just don't do it for me. Nitro is about the only steelie I have ridden that made me smile with glee. X is another but I don't put X in any category with any ride in the US. I will have to go tomorrow and ride The Bullet because of this thread. I am a person who will ride it a few times and walk around and ride other stuff then come back and ride a few more times then take my arse home. Texcoaster will sit there all night and of course he is gonna get more beaten up than me or someone who isn't really a coaster junkie.
  18. I rode the Texas Cyclone back in the 70's 40 times one day and that was due to the no single riders policy also. I rode the Bullet 21 times in one night That doesnt sound like a lot but I do enjoy coasters but i tire of them easily if I stay on them too long. I am very much into the initial thrill but the more i ride the more that becomes diluted and i loose interest. That is why I havent been to the Bullet in a while. I will tire of it if I go anytime soon. I have been on a lot of coasters but I probably wont ride them more than 5 times n one visit.
  19. The sun beaming down on those rides drastically fades them. All of them need to be refurbished. Can someone say GLOBAL WARMING HAHAHAHHA! This deal is a good sign that Six Flags is gonna come back,
  20. It HAS been worn out. Six Flags didnt have in the budget for a new invert so they just recycled. SFFT is full of carnival rides. I understand why it happened. When SF bought the park it had only a hand full of rides so what they did was add 3 and 4 rides a year that were mediocure to give the ride roster a boost. I fully understand why but it would have made more sense to bring Serial Thriller from Houston there instead of an identical clone that is 5 miles away. For the record, I HATE SERIAL THRILLER, but it would have given a variety to the area instead of a clone, but lets stop beating a dead horse it is a done deal.
  21. i was one of the people who bought a lot of shares this past beginning of the summer. I have lost over 1/2 of my money but i still think it will resurface when the next season starts. the whole dow jones took a fall the other day and of course six flags is gonna be in the fold. i am confident it will bounce back and if and when it gets back to 7 dollars i willl sell but anyone would be stupid not to buy now. How many of u throw away $500.00 on shopping in a mths time? All of us, so buy u some stock now and trust me u will double ur money by next june.
  22. I have always flown to different amusement parks to ride the coasters. This is the first site I have ever joined and I have been on here for about a year or so and I just recently started seeing the word credit or actually paid attention to it. It was 3 mths ago when I realized what it was and I still didnt know truly what it meant until this thread. I have never even counted the number of coasters I have ridden I have just kinda remembered which ones, as the in names, that I have ridden. So I guess for me it's kinda a no brainer, for ME, to ride a coaster that wont turn me on. Hell I have gone to Magic Mountain and have walked past a coaster because the line is too long like Deja Vu and I really wanted to ride that one. Well the line wasnt that long they just were loading too slow.
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