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  1. HOLIDAY WORLD hands down. Rerides and the staff period. I thought I was in the Stepford Wives movie. They were vigilant, courteous and full of life. Smiling all the time and helpful, Hell I wanted to tip everyone of them. Also I like the fact that Kings Island has retractable seat belts on rides. This makes it much easier and faster to load and unload. I have never been to a Disney Park not one time but I heard they are good. Universal Studios in Hollywood, Jurassic Park loads so damned fast that I continuously moved in the que line without stopping. The rushed you into the train, clamped you down and sent the boat off. Busch Gardens Williamsburg was also a wonderful park operations wise when I visited in 1998.
  2. I went to Kings Island last week and the ride operators were playing and not paying attention on the BackLot Coaster. Everytime a train was dispatched, the guy who was to load the trains would go in the booth with the operator and play around. Trains were ready to be dispatched and everyone in the line had to yell lets go to get their attention. as u can see they are playing
  3. What type of ride is the Simpsons? Is it a coaster or a virtual ride?
  4. Ok this is my first post and I think all of u are a little too harsh. I have sat here and read trip reports longer than mine without pics. I thought u all liked details. Now I had no idea that people got mad because someone would like Voyage over El Toro. I like them both. I dont take anything personally that doesnt have anything to do with me at all. These are rollercoasters that none of us have designed ourselves and I dont understand. I couldnt wait to get home and write this because I wanted to share my trip with you all. Hell, I just wont do it anymore. I didnt think that this was that personal. I joined this group because I am a coaster junkie and I felt as if we all had the same interest but this is a group online not rocket science and I think most of u all are taking this WAYYYY to seriously. GET A LIFE I cant believe this This is funny
  5. Is this thing broke. Umm not one response out of 53 views. Oh ok sorry
  6. SUNDAY MAY 25TH SFKK Arrived at 2:30pm. I bought a parking season pass at Fiesta Texas but it wasn't valid at SFKK. So I paid $5.00 to park and I entered. First off the park is in an odd place. It is on the grounds of the Convention Center and it is extremely small. The parking lot was filthy and full of holes, but Sf doesn't own this. Get to the gate and the landscaping is horrible. First ride was the Roadrunner Express which is just a regular Wild Mouse ride. It was a 5 minute wait and the track is rusted. Then off to Chang which I went to ride. The park looks as if NONE of the grass anywhere had been cut this year. Weeds growing in the beds and just plain horrible. There was a 30 min wait for Chang and when I got up there I noticed that they don't have the locker policy and everyone had backpacks and that slowed the loading down. Also they don't open gates until the people from the previous ride have ALL exited the ride. Now by the time they get their belongings and exit, the other train has gone through its cycle and is back to the brake run. Which equated to One train operation as far as I am concerned. The ride was a cheap imitation of Riddler and no where as intense but more intense than Batman from Six Flags Astroworld. After that I walked to ride a woodie at the back of the park that looked like it would be fun but the whole section is closed off. So I left after those 2 rides, It is apparent that SF must be planning on getting rid of this park and they need to. This was a total waste of time. CHANG 1X ROADRUNNER 1X MONDAY MAY 26TH HOLIDAY WORLD Arrived at 9:00 am or so I thought to a totally empty parking lot. Didn't know it was on Central Time and I was in Kentucky that was on Eastern, so it was actually 8:00am there. It was a very dark morning and it appeared as if it were gonna storm. I was so happy that parking was free. Park opened at 9:30 and it started to rain. None of the coasters were open then. I rode a few flats including the log ride and the river rapids ride. Both were fun but short. It started raining harder but I got scared. The Voyage is the reason i spent $700.00 on the trip and it appeared that it might not open because the rain got worse, but i refused to leave. Around 11am I looked up and saw Voyage running so i ran to it, got in line and got on the very next train. The anticipation had my heart pounding. I couldn't believe I was getting a rain ride as my first ride on Voyage ever. I was in the 2nd seat and the train dispatched. Now it is truly raining hard and when we got to the top of the lift OMG, ZOOOOOOOM were off. I couldn't really enjoy the ride because the rain hurt soo bad and I couldn't open my eyes because of it. All i knew is that this ride was OUT OF CONTROL. I was out of breath when we got back to the station and I wanted it to be over. I got off and took a long breath and said "this thing isn't gonna beat me" and I got back in line but this time with my shades on hoping that I would be able to hold my eyes open, but that Didn't work, they fogged up immediately by the time we got to the top of the lift. I got off and was very sad that I came all this way and couldn't enjoy the ride. So I went to the car and sat there for an hour and the rain let up around 1pm. The park was totally empty so I went back to Voyage and got on immediately again. OMFG Sorry El Toro but u have been bumped to number 2 on my list of woodies. There is nothing on earth like it. This thing had my heart in my throat. The change of direction was amazing. I got the same elements as on El Toro but the only difference was, the terrain. I am a big terrain coaster fan. That is what put it over Toro for me. I never got off after that. I got 15 rides in back to back. I went over to Raven and Legend and they did absolutely nothing for me. Raven was too quick and Legend was a little better but nothing like Voyage. The staff was superb, the park was clean, the food was delicious and totally affordable and free drinks. So on a scale of 1 to 10 I give Holiday World a 9. It will only get a ten if they get a B&M hyper. I don't see how this place makes any money. The popcorn was only $1.50, a full thanksgiving dinner was $7.99 (which was excellent and filling) and the drinks are free. Hell the darn souvenirs we even cheap. i recommend this park to everyone just due to customer service and affordability and of course my new number one VOYAGE. VOYAGE 17X LEGEND 1X RAVEN 1X LOG RIDE 1X RAPIDS RIDE 1X MONSTER 1X TUESDAY MAY 27TH KINGS ISLAND Arrived at 9:30am to an almost empty park except for a few school buses. Opened at 10 sharp and I immediately went to ride Son Of The Beast. Now I have been waiting for years to ride this and this was my chance. First off let me tell u all this, THIS RIDE IS NOT ROUGH AT ALL. I just don't understand why people say that. It wasn't as rough as Voyage to me. I Didn't see the problem at all. Now here is my rating. It was a worthless ride. It just coasts and does absolutely nothing. I don't think it should be torn down because it is a part of history and it is a beautiful coaster. After that I went to Adventure Express, this is my favorite ride in the park. It is a mine train but not ur typical one. It is nicely themed, packs a punch and not short at all. Then to Racer. 2 train operation on same track not racing. Nothing special at all. Then over to Backlot coaster. Nicely themed but way tooooo short. A very nice ride but the ride ops played too much and the ride operator wasn't paying attention and the ride ops kept going in the booth after the dispatch of every train. Vortex was next. I am not a fan of these but it is a knock off of Viper at SFMM. 3 train operation. Now to BIG DADDY, THE BEAST. This thing still is in my top 5 of woodies. It was trimmed in about 4 places but I think it needs it. It really Didn't take anything away from the ride at all. The son has nothing on daddy. This thing was out of control also. To sum it up Kings Island was clean and organized and had all trains running even with an empty park. SON OF BEAST 2X ADVENTURE EXPRESS 10X TOP GUN (WHATEVER THE NAME IS, THE SUSPENDED COASTER) 1X too short RACER 2X BACKLOT 3X THE BEAST 6X 2 RIDES IN NICKELODEON SKY TOWER 1X VORTEX 1X MONSTER1X KIDDIE INVERT 1X THE SKATING RIDE IN KIDDIE LAND 1X Didn't ride Firestorm because the line was long and it hurts my breast. I rode it at Guega Lake Flight of Fear was closed and I hated it because I love that ride. Kings Island also has the best kiddie part that I have been to I had a wonderful time on my trip and I have a video attached. Hope you enjoy! ADMIN EDIT: Changed the title so it wasn't in all caps.
  7. I am not in love with these at all. You cant see anything unless you are in the front seat.
  8. ok now that video proves it. I HAVE NEVER SEEN IT FLY THAT FAST at the end. I am in kentucky now and I will have a trip report weds.
  9. I dont know for some reason this one looks smaller than the others. I think its because it sits like a carnival ride in concrete. i dont know.
  10. it doesnt look like anything that i would have to fly to ride. It is too much like Storm Runner to me and that ride is wonderful. Just not long enough. It doesnt seem to have any speed nor force.
  11. nice report. SFKK looks awfully small. Is that the only woodie they have there?
  12. This is one of my favorite coasters, maybe the number one floorless, but the color scheme is god awful. it looks unfinished, the duo colors are fine but it looks unintentional. It appears that they bought spare parts of track from different resale shops and put them together without painting.
  13. Well when I went to SFGA in 2006, It was the worse park I had ever visited. It was dirty, operations were horrible, staff seemed uninvolved and slow and the rides all needed painting. I went to CP the year before and operations were wonderful, the park was clean and the staff was on top of its job. Now this seems like an oxymoron but I hated SFGA so much that I dont ever want to go back but my top 2 favorite coasters r there. Nitro and El Toro. Now since I have read a lot of good things about SFGA I will one day go back but ride wise I would say I like SFGA more. I wasnt impressed with any ride at CP but Mean Streak and yes Mean Streak. Raptor wasnt as good as Alphengeist, Mantis was no where near as good as Riddler at SFMM, Iron Wolf is not as good as BBW at Busch, Millenium wasnt as good as NITRO and Magnum didnt impress me at all. So SFGA hands down for me but I am a big B&M coaster fan. I actually enjoyed SF Guega Lake better than Cedar Point. The Batman there and the villian were tops for me.
  14. Again, Villian was on my top 10 list, it totally surprised me. i must just like rough coasters
  15. I just loved the chaos when i rode it at Cedar Point. Question, can u ride the chaos alone or is it necessary to have someone in the car with you and also guru, what is the difference in Goliath and Titan? I have heard people say it and I thought they were both the same coaster. I couldnt tell the difference between the 2.
  16. What I hope is that it doesnt come to a crawl after the bay turn. if they tame the first drop and it glides over the hump after the bay , then i will be kool with it. Yes Jim, those rain rides were the best of my life. I hope that they fix it.
  17. This looks like a carnival ride. Is Darien Lake a carnival? I dont know much about it.
  18. By the By, I rode the chaos once at Cedar Point and really enjoyed it. Now bring on the log flume and the eurofighter hahaha
  19. Do you know why they are tearing the track up and what they plan on doing differently than the track was before?
  20. I was there Sunday at the park is wonderful on that day. I didnt notice any construction but they do need a new ride. I heard a while back that it was supposed to be a log flume ride. Why do you think that they are being removed in such high numbers?
  21. I think the reason for wanting families is money. Theme Park CEO's look at Disney and think that they can compete with them. NO ONE WILL EVER BE ABLE TO COMPETE WITH MICKEY. Six Flags was always a place where kids graduated to when they outgrew THE MOUSE. Now I do think that part of the success of Disney is theming. Same with Universal Studios. Not only do u get to getaway for a few days physically but you also get to get away mentally. You are immediately thrusted into another WORLD. Now think about it, what is more fun and relaxing, a nice cool ride on a basic Tidal Wave at a Six Flags park or a refreshing ride on Jurassic Park at Universal Studios? Jurassic will win hands down. You get an adventure along with the water. Everyday I look at the POV's of coasters from parks in Europe and I would enjoy Nemesis more than Batman. So in a nutshell you not only get away when you go to SF but you GETAWAY when you go to Universal Studios. Start letting Universal Studios start building heavily themed El Toro's, Tatsu's and X's and see not only will they get the kiddies but they will get the thrill seekers also. Six Flags will never get the "families" like Universal or Disney but they can bring the thrill seekers back by competing with Cedar Point, because that is what they are good at. I said in another post Tony Hawk didn't make that big of an impact on the revenue last year. I knew people who DROVE to SFFT last year to ride and and the parents as well as the kids thought it was a waste of gas and the kids got off and said that it was sorry. I started outgrowing Six Flags because they weren't adding rides worth nothing in my area and got immuned to the park. That is the REAL reason Six Flags Astroworld's attendance was down is because they never added anything thrilling and people got tired of going because it became blah. The tallest coaster we had was 110ft and the park never expanded. If we had gotten a Nitro, El Toro, XI or even Goliath at XFIG, the attendance would have been up. So Mr. Shapiro you cant abandon thrill seekers much and go after a market that you will never never never get. Look at Cedar Point. There is a park with absolutely no theming whatsoever and they have millions of people passing through their turnstiles. They stick to what they know. If Six Flags is willing to invest billions of dollars in making an Expedition Everest like at Disney and maybe you will get a broader customer than just thrill seekers. Astroworld had a big mountain that had a coaster in it in the 70's that they stopped using and the mountain just stayed there for years, now they had the mountain, all they had to do is bring in a coaster company to run a coaster through it. The theming was basically already there but they never used it.
  22. It isn't fussing, it is discussing. No matter what anyone says it was a stupid move and what success? What do u call success. Profits werent up last year when they installed these coasters. Also the people I knew that drove down there to ride Tony Hawk said that the ride was a waste of gas going. These were not coaster enthusiats these were people with CHILDREN quote unquote FAMILIES. The children even said EHHH that was all.
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