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  1. I do think that the rattler is a fun ride but it is totally trimmed to death. it isnt that rough to me but i understand WHY it is trimmed. that coaster is gorgeous and the layout is fine with me. they have sooo much they can do with that park coaster wise if they spread the coaster out over the park and the quary walls.
  2. go ahead you all let me have it, but i am sure there are a lot of people on here who agree with me.
  3. my god i have never heard so many people complain about a small car riding on a track being rough. it is a roller coaster. It isnt supposed to be super smooth. I have NEVER ridden a ride that was so rough that I had to even mention it. I have only been hurt on one ride and that was Drachen Fire. If you hold on to the bars and brace yourself, you will be fine but what do u people expect when you hold your hands up and a coaster changes direction abruptly. I am sure the ride is wonderful for a person who understands that it is a coaster and not like the park gave u wings and you are floating in air willy nilly.
  4. I just saw the POV of this ride and I am not impressed yet. I think Millenium Force was the most boring ride I have ever been on. I loved the height and the speed but not much happening. This appears to be the same. i dont care for inversions at all but I do like a lot of humps and bumps. I am just a B&M nut. I love the layouts of their rides. I actually think that KD needed a kick behind woodie instead of this. They have NO WOOD selection at all. I just think an el toro type coaster would have been more exciting than this and would draw more attention because the better park up the street is all steel and a super woodie like el toro would have been a bigger draw than a 300 ft do nothing coaster. just my opinion, dont blast me because I have it.
  5. I dont know about now but when i worked at six flags in 1976, a lot of people worked on different rides. So it is understandable that most dont know the stats. I am more concerned with speed and getting trains out of the station than what they know about the ride itself. I dont want to spend all day waiting in line.
  6. not with a layout like that one. this was the number one coaster for years. if they could get back half of what it was it would be number one again. i rode it this year and didnt see where it was sooo bad but i dont think son of beast is all that bad just not fun as texas giant.
  7. SFMM rides are far more superior than any other park to me. love the layout of the park, love the mine train and they have the best log ride eva. X all they way SFGAadv El Toro and Nitro need i go further SFOT Texas Giant, Titan and MR FREEZE SFSTL The Boss and Mr Freeze SFNE Superman (Bizzaro) but thats it SFFT Just clean and pretty SFOG Most beautiful out of the chain but HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE operations and no kick arse coaster. Goliath is ok just too quick. Nothing else to offer.
  8. Well I rode this ride in 1998 and I found myself riding it more than any other ride in the park. I just KNEW that this ride would never be removed. This will be a big mistake on BGE to let this one go. There are hundreds of rides that have been around for centuries. Hell its steel. Dont tell me that they cant find a company to make parts. It isn't like lift chains are obsolete and no one is making them anymore. Busch Gardens Europe seems to be a park of nostalgia and continuity. I can see if the ride didn't provide an element of thrill and surprise, but since it does, it STILL is in my top 10 of coasters. If parks keep removing and replacing, it will never grow. There is no such thing as you CANT keep this coaster, There was a guy on television who made it into the guinness book of world records. His Volvo made it to 2 million miles and it still looked good and ran well. I am sure it took time and money to keep it running and thats fine if you want to preserve something, but don't think for a minute that they CAN'T keep this coaster due to lack of parts and maintenance. Magic Mountain keeps Ninja running very well.
  9. Do you all really think that it is the train that is making the ride rough on BB and if so why dont they change them?
  10. This is a very cute park with a showcase woodie, now all they need is a B&M hyper to go through those mountains and then it will be a well rounded park.
  11. Who is the guy that looks like he isnt riding in the train and what is his purpose?
  12. Oh no, that first drop of El Toro just snatches your breathe away hell all of the ride does. It never lets up like a lot of coasters. i dont remember one trim on it. Even though the Voyage is my number one woodie, (mainly because it is a terrain coaster which are my favorite), the first drop and the constant speed of El Toro cant be touched not even by any Steel. So u MUST try it before any of us leave this Earth ahahha.
  13. I dont see the big deal in floorless coasters because I dont think they add an element of thrill at all but I would have to say Scream is my favorite to date. I have been on maybe 7 and Scream stood out and Batman at Gegua Lake that is now The Dominator is 2nd, and Superman Krypton Koaster is third at SFFT.
  14. I went to CP in 2000 and i rode Mean Streak like 20 times in 2 days. I dont remember it being bad or boring. I think what has happened coasters elements have grown so that the once thrilling rides arent anymore. There are a lot of coasters that turned me on until I rode The Voyage and El Toro and now those other coasters are blah. I also remember riding The Villian at Guega Lake and thoroughly enjoyed that one.
  15. I rode SOB last year and I didnt find it rough at all. Now I dont find many rollercoasters that rough. The only coaster that was just horribly rough to me was Drachen Fire. S of B IS boring as hell but I dont think it should be torn down. Racer is one that is totally boring to me but I am a size fanatic when it comes to coasters. SofB is no more rough that its daddy. If I lived there and visited once a week I would ride SOB. The arrow coaster was more rough to me than SOB. Now the coaster i rode the most was Adventure Express. Now that sucka surprised me. I am not a fan of inversions at all so I actually love woodies more and I am a bigger fan of terrain coasters like THE BEAST and VOYAGE. I do agree SOB is extremely boring but i would ride it again and again if there was no line. The only woodie worth standing inline for is El Toro first and Voyage 2nd. Son of the Beast isnt even on my list of favorites but I dont think it should be torn down and it is NO more rough than any other coaster I have ridden. If you hold on and brace yourself and stop trying to prove to the world that you are daring by holding your hands up, SOB is an alright ride. I rode is 7 times in a row and wasnt sore at all.
  16. I went last year and this is by far the worst park ever. The staff was HORRIBLE, the grounds were HORRIBLE, the rides were HORRIBLE and Chang was the ONLY coaster there that had 2 trains on the track and the stacking was terrible. They might have as well had one train on. This park is in a horrible location. I dont care who might not have liked the twisted twins but still it should have been open. Heck everyone claims they hate the Texas Giant and when I always go to Dallas the line is out of the park for it. I give this park a 0 out of 10. I stayed 2 hrs and wanted my money back for parking. I stayed at the Rodeway Inn right on the premises and could see Chang right from my window and I never went back the 4 days I was there. Also Chang wasnt great at all to me. It was forceless to me. The first drop isnt steep enough. The Georgia Schorcher is much better and it is NO WHERE NEAR as good as Riddler.
  17. Top Thrill Dragster. I waited 3 hrs for it. I refuse to wait in a line longer than 30 mins but since I flew there to ride that and I was only gonna be there for one day I endured it. An the thing broke down immediately after my train was launched. All n all not worth the wait at all. That is why when i went to SFGA I didnt ride Kingda Ka. The line was a 4 hr wait and I will never wait in line 4 hrs for a 20 second ride.
  18. this is probably the best park i have visited to date. it is running neck and neck with holiday world. if they would take the coasters at hw and move to busch gardens then that would be an ultimate park. busch gardens needs more rides and they sure need a voyage there. they have the terrain and it is a very gorgeous and well run park.
  19. this is nothing but an upscale carnival. it needs to be burned down completely. skip this park and drive 1 hr to holiday world.
  20. u are missing the point. the person that they sent to me want NOT a supervisor he was a regular grounds employee. That is what I mean. They didnt not send for a supervisor they sent for one of their friends. They thought I was a fool. He was gonna take my complaint and watch me go out of the gate. I don't care what anyone says, if u go to a theme park or any business and you aren't getting your monies worth then you have been cheated. This is an amusement park that is only open for 12 hrs max and to watch ride ops DRAGGGGGGGG their feet and play around and it takes 5 mins to 10 mins to load a train is unacceptable. So the attitude is apart of the work ethic. I worked at Six Flags Astroworld back in the day and we had a time frame to get those trains out and they were much harder to load. I don't care who's feelings I hurt but when u are the same age as your employees, you have a tendency to befriend them and not be firm. I don't care how grown an 18 yr old thinks he is, he is still a child. It is hard to respect and somewhat fear your supervisor when he is your age and u are 17. We had to smile and greet the guest and if we didn't, we got what they call a CI (corrective interview) and if u got 3 you were fired on your 4th. Sorry if I have offended some of you under 30 but lets face it if u are 20, you are NOT mature enough to run a theme park.
  21. I might get blocked for this but, everyone knows that when u patronize a business, if the employees are rude and non observant you wouldnt go back. Now, I was there last year and I have NEVER seen such horrible operations in my life. When I went to guest relations and asked for an Operations Supervisor, i got a child that i saw sweeping earlier that day. When I said, "sweetheart please dont insult my intelligence, you are NOT a supervisor". So I went back to the window and asked again for a supervisor that wears a tie and then I got one, but guess what, he looked to be 18 yrs old, so i just gave up. I worked at Six Flags when I was 16 back in 1976 and most of the employees were under 18 but the Supervisors were well into their 30's and up. We did our jobs because we were in fear of being fired. I was waiting for the Georgia Cyclone last year and there was a supervisor there playing WITH the employees and the train made a complete cycle and sat there for 3 to 5 mins for the train in the station to be dispatched every time. I got out of line and went up the exit ramp and talked nicely to the supervisor about how everyone was just standing around and i had been waiting for 1 hr in a cue that had almost no line. he just looked and me and said he was sorry. That was 99% of the parks ride ops. I rode 4 rides in 2 hrs in an empty park. I dont know about anyone else but that will sure make me not return to a park when I get to ride only 4 rides in 2 hrs in an empty park. That is wasting peoples money. I will never go back.
  22. Nitro Voyage El Toro The Beast Texas Giant X Big Bad Wolf Alphengheist Goliath SFOG Desperado Now i am sure if i rode Bizarro at SFNE that would be my number one. I am a HUGH B&M nut when it comes to steel but wood is my alltime favorite.
  23. ok just saw the pre-show video and for me it was a total waste of money. Now dont anyone get mad I am just voicing my opinion. I personally would have liked to see more theming on the ride itself instead of a pre-show. The ride appears to haul but it isnt long enough. I call the parks in Europe theming now just a coaster and seeing a film in line because once u see the preshow, there is no reason to see it again. Do u have to see the whole show if there is no line on a weekday? I want to be able to just walk to it.
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