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  1. No matter HOW many trains run, STILL if the staff is horsing around and dragging, you still are going to have 2 trains in the station. A lot of coasters have 3 trains to start but they only end up running 2. You are supposed to HUSTLE and it is no excuse to NOT have a train unloaded and almost loading by the time the prior train gets to the TOP of the lift. I know it can be done because I worked at sf in the 70's and we did it with seat belts, bars AND belts on the bars.
  2. This NEW Giant looks amazing. Does ANYONE know the new and old specs, like track length, and ride duration in comparison to the original? I LOVED the old Giant much better than the Titan even in the latter days, now the NEW GIANT makes the Titan appear to be just a mere magic carpet ride. Hallelujah!
  3. OH MY GOD! These are the BEST pics I have seen of the coaster. The South Side shots are magnificent. Baby I already know that, I will be putting a lot of miles on my car next season. This looks like it will be the best coaster eva. I still like Voyage because i like coasters that go back in the woods and you have no clue what is going to happen next but his thing here looks like it will have elements I have NEVA encountered before.
  4. I have been looking at this thing since the construction started. The first hill after the first drop doesn't seem to be as tall as before. The part after the first drop. Does that seem shorter to anyone else?
  5. From the latest pics, I CANT make heads or tails of what is going to happen with this thing. It. so far, looks incredibly short. It looks like half of the ride was removed. This was my favorite coaster of all time.
  6. WELL, I smell a #1 on our hands again. This STILL was my favorite wooden coaster even when it got rough. Hell it was rough to me when I rode it back in 1992.
  7. Can someone explain why the 2nd hill doesnt go taller than what is on the pic? what is supposed to happen there?
  8. doesnt look that much taller. Now the Giant might have been 165 ft tall but the drop didnt go to the ground. I wonder if this drop is going to be steeper and go all the way down.
  9. drop towers are sooo boring. waste of money. i assumed a coaster would take the place of BBW's removal.
  10. I go alone basically because all of my friends think that it's immature to go to amusement parks. I was afraid to do it alone but i had to break the ice because I was missing out on a lot, but when i broke that fear and branched out to SFOT alone from Houston, I NOW prefer to be alone. Don't have to consider ANYONE elses opinion on what, when, where and how.
  11. Will the new Giant have pretty much the same layout and will i have that wonderful ending? This IS the greatest woodie built.
  12. I dont believe in tearing down ANY coasters. I just wish they keep them running and just buy more space and add on. There isnt one coaster that I have been on that was soooo bad that i thought it needed tearing down. Now I have been on a lot that I think "ummm, WHY?"
  13. Well we both lack something I guess but they seem to have big thrill rides from the videos I have seen on you tube and on here.
  14. I just hope ALL united states parks get on the good foot like Europe and Asia. They have HEAVILY themed rides whether it is 3-d 4-d 5-d, which makes the guest leave reality and go into fantasy. That is what Disney and Universal Offers, now if Universal starts building more thrill rides, then six flags and cedar fair better watch out.
  15. Well I am 6ft and if anything comes out good with these new trains is that I will have leg room and they look futuristic.
  16. Oh my god. I thought I was the only one who thought Goliath and Titan were weak. They dont do anything as well as Millenium Force. Just big and doesnt do anything. I like Nitro much better than those 2.
  17. I think everyone is misunderstanding the statement. The guy is the first one on and last one on and technically that is 2 times a day. Anyone can do that. I doubt that he is riding all day everyday.
  18. What makes a train BAD? I dont know anything about the differences in them. What type of trains are on El Toro? What makes El Toro smooth as butter and others arent? I have never ridden a woodie as smooth as Toro. That is why I put it in a whole different catagory. Woodsteelie
  19. ooh yes. this is my 3rd favorite woodie after voyage and el toro. Actually I like TG more than El Toro. I hate it is gonna take 2 yrs to complete. to me there isnt much reason to go to SFOT but TG and Mr Freeze.
  20. i just saw the video of le vampire and it is a batman clone. that is much better than the serial thriller from astroworld. i am sure that every other sf park has a invert so i dont understand why they are putting it there.
  21. Well all I know is that SFKK is a big overgrown carnival and I dont see it staying open if they remove Chang. I rode Chang and wasnt impressed at all. Maybe if I hadnt ridden Riddler at SFMM or Mantis I would have been more impressed but the ride itself is nothing to write home about. I think that if the first drop were steeper it might be some sort of a thrill. This park was the worse I have eva been to. I say everyone there just take an hr ride down the street to Holiday World.
  22. I have questioned sf decisions since the new head man got there. I didn't see any sense in a few things like putting the same ride in 2 parks that are 200 miles apart. I hated that ride when it first came to Astroworld. Not really hated just thought it was a waste of money. Then I started seeing it in half of the parks. six flags has become boring when it comes to ride selections. most of their rides seem generic.
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