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  1. I'm going in June and IF the line is over 30 mins, I probably wont be riding it. Just like Batman inverts, they are way TOO SHORT, WAYYYYYYYY too short in length.
  2. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make the next winged coaster longer than 3000ft and 100ft tall. i'm sorry but all of these seem like a toned down version of X a majic mountain. Ur feet dangle JUST LIKE X, the seats are on both sides of the track, JUST LIKE X, The only difference is still X spins, so i dont see what the big deal is about these coasters if u have ridden X. I know that Swarm, Wild Eagle and the other one from sfga all seem too darn short in length and not tall or fast enough.
  3. This is one of the MOST beautiful coasters eva. I am a BIG WOODIE fan. Why cant we do ALL of our coasters here in the USA like this? Themeing just adds a certain feel to a ride. I also like how the rides cross over each other.
  4. Is it just me but does this ride look short in duration? I bought a ticket to Chicago to go and ride this thing this June and it looks like a lame 30 sec ride with minimal speed. Doesn't look worth standing in line for now. SHOOT, I rather had gone to Great America and Hershey,
  5. Top Thrill and ALL RIDES AT SFOG. The workforce there is HORRIBLE. horrible, HORRIBLE OH MY GOD.
  6. This coaster IS still in my top 20 and WILL remain there. This was the BEST SUSPENDED COASTER out there. What has happened is technology has NOW hurt the minds of rollercoaster enthusiasts. They have coasters NOW that with shoot u to the actual moon and back. Now if u WERE born in the past 20 yrs then NO BBW wouldnt be squat to you because u were born WHEN rides we over 200 ft with 11 inversions so now the coasters of yesteryear arent fun to YOU but they are to older enthusiasts. My favorite coasters actually are, Adventure Express at KI, BBW Busch Gardens, The Mine Train at SFMM, The Beast and the VOYAGE. The only thing that has IMPRESSED me technology wise in the past 20 yrs is X
  7. The A sounds just plain stupid to me. hahahha, dont get it and that video looks like an animation.
  8. The Green Lantern at SFMM. It reminds me TOO MUCH of X in the CONCEPT. Plus the loading time sucks. Six Flags putting the same coasters in each park, It gives a lot of people no reason to visit another SF park if they ALL have the same stuff.
  9. I dont see where this is going to do anything. It is not enough hills for me. it is just a long stretch. OOoh see how fast i can go.
  10. Went to Six Flags Monday and it was a good day. There was no one in the park at all. I ran to the Texas Giant and was the first train out. The teal train was in the station. Well I have upgraded it a bit. Yes I gave it another chance and I enjoyed it. Now, i ONLY counted 3 pops of NOTICEABLE air. I still dont think it is all of that but it is by NO MEANS bad, never said it was. I personally didn't feel any bumps as it rode over segments of track like some people said they felt. It STILL was as smooth as when it opened. I am NOT saying that it doesn't have 14 pops of air like some people have claimed, I am just saying that I was only popped out of MY seat noticeably 3 times. Yes I felt the other 11 but they weren't intense enough for me to say 14. It still didn't have the effect on me that El Toro or Voyage had but yes it is a good coaster. I was able to ride it 4 times within 30 mins and then I went to Titan, Freeze, Shockwave, Pandemonium, Batman, Runaway Mountain, La Vibora, Judge Roy which is a bit waste of time walking over there and Runaway Mine Train. In my opinion Texas Giant, Titan and Mr Freeze are the only exciting coasters there to me. There lines were non existent except for Giant and that was only a 10 min wait. I was able to ride EVERYTHING twice and some more than twice within 1 1/2 hrs. TEX GIANT 4X TITAN 2X SHOCKWAVE 1X MINE TRAIN 2X FREEZE 2X PANDEMONIUM 1X BATMAN 2X BOBSLED 1X JUDGE ROY 1X
  11. THE NEW TEXAS GIANT in my opinion and that is just my opinion. Not trying to convince anyone else.
  12. I dont understand why anyone is mad because someone has a different opinion. All I said is that it DID NOT excite me the first time like EL TORO did OR THE VOYAGE. I dont care who likes it or dislikes it, I didn't see the big deal. It ISNT a BAD ride but I didn't see where it was all of that. I am sorry if you all took something so personal as someone NOT necessarily finding a coaster not all of that. I stick to my opinion, It was just OK to me and it DOESN'T pack the punch of El Toro or Voyage. El Toro YANKED me over the first drop like a 2 ton boulder being dropped from a 50 story building, The TG didnt do that and I was in the back seat. Sorry but that is STILL my opinion. I didnt say it was BAD, just not all off that. Further more I am almost 50 yrs old and I am not going to change my opinion or silence it. None of us on here built any of these coasters nor our parents so I dont take it to heart of ANY of you disagree with me. TOO OLD FOR THAT SORRY
  13. I have ridden El Toro only ONE TIME and let me tell you that that thing had me breathless but the NTAG left me feeling HUH? The first time on Voyage, I had the same reaction. I didnt say NTAG was BAD, I am just saying it isnt all of that.
  14. Drove to Dallas from Houston today and got there and a MAJOR storm was there. The park opened but none of the rides did. they made us take shelter. I stayed from 10 to 2 and no ride was operating but the park was crowded and school ISNT out in Dallas yet. So they started cycling trains about 2 and I was in line and it finally opened. I rode in the last seat and the anticipation grew as I moved up the lift and when I got to the top GUESS WHAT, I WASNT impressed at all. I didnt find the ride thrilling at all. I was expecting the pull i got from El Toro when I was pulled over the first drop and The intensity of Voyage that I got when I went to Indiana. This ride DIDNT deliver ANYTHING unusual to ME. I just KNEW it was going to be as good as or better than El Toro and it didnt even touch the hem of El Toro's garment. I was SO disappointed that I only rode that one ride and got back in my car and drove 4 hrs BACK to Houston. It was too smooth and the airtime didnt do much for ME. Yeah it was some but it didnt just throw me out of the seat like others have. I know I am probably going to get cursed out in a few but sorry on a scale of 1 to 10 I give NTG a 5. Nothing special but definitely smooth like a steelie.
  15. The only thing with eurofighters to me is the ride time. I cant see myself waiting in line for a ride that MIGHT last 30 secs. Now KingdaKa had something else, it was over 400 ft tall and went over 100 miles an hr. Now that was worth my trying it out but once u ride kingda ka, there is no reason to EVER stand in line again for it.
  16. but WHO inspected it and was it fixed right before the inspection?
  17. When a carnival of ANYTIME came to Houston, my mother WOULD NOT let me ride ANY ride there because her reasoning was, they put together and take apart those rides too often and they WILL NOT always be done right. Now she had NO PROBLEM with my riding rides at Six Flags Astroworld, but not at hit and go carnivals.
  18. What makes the Helix BORING to ME is that trim brake right before it and then a heavy trim going into the tunnel. What exactly is a TOPPER TRACK and how would it make the ride smoother?
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