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  1. I am going to SFOG, Sunday evening and how will the crowds be after 5pm and does Goliath have a single riders line and if not how long will the lines be on all rides?
  2. Back n the 70's when I worked at Six Flags, we got in trouble if those turnstile counts didnt add up to what they thought the amt should be. We had to call in the count on the hour every hour. Do they still do that?
  3. I still say there is NO excuse for X to load in 3 mins. Hell, all of these computerized trains now are actually self loading. I rode X and Tatsu and both of them is sit down and pull the bar down. Whats the problem? I worked on a coaster in 1976 and we loaded that sucka in 1 min flat. We had lap bars, seatbelts, and belts on the floor that hooked to the bars. Also we had to check to make sure everyone was the proper height, make sure there were 2 people in each seat and the heaviest loaded first. Now the coaster ride was only 1min and 10 secs and we did all of that. Safety was not jeopardized at all. So there is NO excuse for anyone to be slow on a ride that actually people can sit down and close the bars themselves. While the other train is going up the lift, make sure everyone is prepared to loaded expeditiously and once they sit down RUN and check the restraints and get that train out of there. I see ride ops just standing there not paying attention.
  4. I dont care if its a clone, I wish it would be a little taller. at least 140 ft, but i am sure its a clone, Six Flags usually tries to save money by getting clones because i am sure it costs much more to totally design a new coaster from scratch
  5. i know we can have it both. Universal is supposed to be getting a big coaster next year in Florida. I have never visited any of those types of parks here because of the lack of big coasters, but if they did start getting them, they would get all of my money. I mean all. Just think Disney or Universal blended with Six Flags. I would love to see a Nitro or an El Toro at Universal. I know Universal could TRULY theme X. X is such a one of a kind coaster that it is no excuse for it NOT to be heavily themed.
  6. Now this is an excellent example how a park is supposed to look. Why is it here in America we don't have a lot of parks like this? Busch Gardens is one and of course the Disney and Universal parks are also but as a whole, those types are rare. I love the rides at Six Flags but there is no theme at all. Europe has the best parks around.
  7. Very thorough trip report. Worded very intelligently. I kinda want to go to this park also. I can't wait to ride The Boss. The pov's look great. I just love coasters longer than 60 secs and go all over the property. I am sure the roughness wouldn't bother me. Hell I don't see anything wrong with Texas Giant and Mean Streak. I found Son of the Beast to be tame roughness wise but very boring.
  8. We are beating a dead horse. The economy is the reason that all parks are suffering. Plane tickets and gas prices effect the sales at amusement parks. Technology also has put a damper on amusement park sales. People have become more lazy and stagnant due to ipods, gameboys, pc, mac, wii etc. No one leaves the house anymore. When i was a kid we couldnt wait to get home to go outside and play. Now u cant get a kid off the sofa without setting it on fire. No matter what Six Flags does at this time is gonna make people change their way of thinking or get them off the couch. Mr. Shapiro, you will never get the Disney crowd never. Unless you are Endora or Dr. Bombay and u can magically make everyone change their direction on I-5. Just interchange every year with a coaster and then a flat the next. You will NEVER get that crowd ur seeking so if u wanna stay in business, don't abandon the people who are dedicated to you which are coaster enthusiast because Cedar POINT has been able to manage very well without adding the stupid little kiddie rides that u r trying to do because those kids only stay kids for a few years and they grow up to be adults much longer than kids. Disney is a kiddie park, Universal is a virtual park and SIX FLAGS MAGIC MOUNTAIN is a thrill park. When did the term THRILL PARK become blasphemous?
  9. They need a B&M coaster there. It will be a total welcomed addition. It should run in the woods like Voyage. They have enough flats.
  10. I've said it once and I'll say it again, Six Flags is a THRILL PARK and thats it point blank. NO one gets in the car to pay 60 dollars to ride flats or go to Thomas Town. Six Flags stick to what u know and that is to compete with Cedar Point and make some kiss arse coasters. I have never heard of Thomas Town until Six Flags. I dont see kids saying hey mommie i want to go to Thomas Town. Big waste of money
  11. Who's to say, Six Flags didn't put a rumor out to totally throw all of us off and to start a buzz about the next season. Come on you all don't be manipulated. Six Flags started this rumor. I bet you.
  12. Well woodies have changed since The Beast and Son of the Beast were built. These two coasters don't have any high banked turns. The are basically straight away coasters that just COAST. The newer ones like Voyage and El Toro have high banked turned where they never slow down at all but coasters that don't have high banked turns have to slow down tremendously to go around a curve and they don't have much airtime at all. Those were number ones in their time but now since technology has advanced those coasters are now old school. In another 5 yrs woodies will be doing things that El Toro can't and we will have having the same conversation about THEM in another 5 yrs just like The Beast and his Son.
  13. This is the worse park I have ever visited. The landscaping was terrible, the park was dirty, the rides were ragged, the load times were awful. The only coaster I saw that I might wanted to ride was the one in the back area that was closed. Chang was a horrible knockoff of Riddler's Revenge and it needed painting and the grass hadn't been cut under or around the ride this year. I stayed at the park all of one hour. It was a TOTAL waste of time. I say bulldoze this park and get rid of it. There wasn't one ride worth even going back to ride and I stayed 3 days at the Rodeway Inn right in front of the park and I had a season pass.
  14. Well i just rode it a month ago and it was hauling u know what. I felt the trims but they weren't that obvious to me. I don't see where the trims were located that there was an airtime hill there. I don't see anywhere on that ride where an airtime hill is with or without the trims. Maybe I don't understand what airtime is.
  15. I know SFMM is a few miles north of LA but come on now. How can anyone live there and not know its open? Does SF not have on any commercials on tv or the radio or have any billboards up?
  16. I agree that when the Beast was built it wasnt intented to have a lot of airtime. it was more designed for length not up and down.
  17. I just rode the both of them and to ME, the beast is better. I just rode the son for the first time and it was a waste of time. Now, I found the beast to be more rough than the son, but none of them hurt me at all. I don't understand what people mean, that was never a complaint before steel coasters were built. I am in my 40's and I started out on a woodie and so none of them has hurt me enough for me to not want to go back on them. Aw toughen up people. Just hold on tightly to the bar and you wont be shifting from one side to the other and slamming into the side of the car. I never hold my hands up and I have a good time, even on the Texas Giant.
  18. Adventure Express at Kings Island, The Beast at Kings Island The Voyage
  19. El Toro is just wonderful but I enjoyed Nitro 2nd before Kingda Ka. King is too short. I don't understand why they just didnt make it a regular coaster after the first hill. It is too short to stand inline for over 2 hrs. ADMIN EDIT: Unbolded. No need.
  20. Oh please this is a no brainer, BUSCH GARDENS. This place is gorgeous. Plus u have 4 of the best coasters on earth.
  21. yeah i know. was it the excalibur then or dexter frebish?
  22. I used to work on the Texas Cyclone back in the 70's and It was totally a no no to have 2 trains in the station unless it was an emergency. We had to check lapbars, seatbelts, seatbelts on lapbars, check to see if anyone was riding alone and making sure the heavier person entered the train first. All of that was done within 60 secs. Nowadays the trains practically load themselves and it takes 4 times as long? Come on now. I see ride ops moving slowly, unenthusiastically and not smiling. All ride ops should move to the front of the train and work their way back to the end. Also the gates should be opened immediately when the train enters. Waiting until the train totally unloads and everyone has collected their belongings and exited to open the gates to load is a no brainer. U have just lost 2 to 3 mins and the other train has totally gone through the cycle and is on the brake run. Again i say they need to let some of us work on the rides for a day and show how it can be done with a little hustle. You CAN hustle without jeopardizing the safety of the guest and u can also be friendly in the process.
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