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  1. I used to work on a coaster in the 70's and we had to unload, load with lapbars, seatbelts on lapbars, seatbelts across peoples waist, ask if "anyone riding alone" etc and it was a no no to have 2 trains in the station and if a supervisor was walking through the park and didnt see a train at all times on the track, you got called. With todays computerized coasters, the darn trains practically load themselves. It is no excuse for even 2 trains being in the station unless there is an emergency. The problem is waiting too long to open the gates to let people on, ride ops taking their time, too much playing and not paying attention between ride ops, etc. I never understood why it took long to load X. Hell just get on sit down and close the bars. I rode it when it first opened and it wasnt that long to load. Universal Studios and Cedar Point had excellent load times when i went there. Viper used to load the next train by the time the other train got to the top of the lift almost. The thing is ride ops dont hustle and maybe this might sound stupid but to me the park makes more money if the load times are slower. it makes the guest have to stay longer to ride what they want and in the summer u WILL spend more money on drinks because of the heat. Just an assumption. What all parks need to do is let us meaning coaster enthusiats come in one day and how the ride ops how to load and unload successfully within a minuite. It CAN be done successfully and safely.
  2. Now that is not the truth. I know a lot of people who will jump in the car and drive one way or another. Houston has absolutely nothing to do and so does Austin. I didnt say custom I said another style. It would have made more sense to put in another woodie like evil kneivel than spend another 6 million on a clone that someone can practically walk to. There were other options. I didnt say a hyper coaster but for 6million dollars Tony Hawk looks like a toy that one of our stong winds here in Texas will blow down. I understand that Kneivel cost around the same thing.
  3. Well I am 44 and I feel the same way as the 14 year old. It is ok to get a wild mouse type ride but make it different than the one 3 hrs away. Now I live in Houston and all the people here in the Houston, Dallas and San Antonio area travel to the different parks in the area. It is a local park but it doesnt have to be. There are a lot of people in the Houston area who would love to take a one day trip to both parks but if they have the same thing in them then why go to both. If it is a money issue then Six Flags needs to make their parks that are in the SAME STATE totally different. It would give people reasons to drive to each one. Houston and Austin dont have a park and the population of both equates to around 7 million. Now wouldnt it make sense to try to get some of those 7 million to visit both parks instead of one? Yes is the answer and the only way to do that is make both parks different.
  4. I personally dont see the big deal in them. I have never paid attention but I guess being in the front does make a difference. I hear people criticizing scream but I think it is about as fun as Medusa, Superman etc. I like Scream, but I would have liked it as much as if it had a floor.
  5. This is a nice coaster that isnt big. The high banked turns that coasters now have keep the train from slowing down much. It actually seems fun. here is a link to an onride pov ADMIN EDIT - You can embed a YouTube video into the forums by clicking "Video" pasting the URL, then clicking "Video" again.
  6. I dont understand why we cant have these types of coasters in america. i went to SFFT saturday and rode the invert there. it was just steel in one spot. it is a Batman clone. Now its nothing wrong with the ride but most of the rides here are just plain and basically compact except for terrain coasters which i love.
  7. Now why would anyone need to remove their SHOES? I dont understand. If they are on your foot, why unlace them and remove your shoes? Also I was told the main reason for making you keep your shoes with you is if for some chance the lift chain stops working and you need to evacuate, your shoes would be with you if u have to walk down the lift. That makes a lot of sense. Just keep them on. Good thing you brought it up, at SFFT only mule typed sandals are allowed to be removed. You must wear your shoes.
  8. There is a line already and they were told. The line is behind the gates on the otherside and people still didnt comply. They need to sit on them. They still are holding the train up by taking their time going over there to the other side.
  9. I know the general manager of SFMM reads this thread and i wanted to make a suggestion. I went to SFFT today and they have the same locker policy and I think it is wonderful. It sped up load times tremendously except there were shoes all over the place. I went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg in 98 and they made me SIT on my shoes on their inverted coaster and it those trains were loaded almost by the time the other train made it at the bottomof the first drop. This is a policy I think that all Six Flags parks ought to adapt. People are still running to the other side of the train to leave their shoes and they had to stop the trains all day due to shoes too close to the track. Just food for thought
  10. I was at the park today and noticed that the policy is working extremely well with one exception. It defeats the purpose to have everyone not bring things into the station and leave them when they still walk to the otherside and leave their shoes. It still held the line up especially on Superman. I went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg in 98 and their policy was u cant leave ur shoes not even thongs. I had to SIT on my shoes and guess what it worked and I have adopted that policy when i ride all floorless coasters and it made the loading time flawless. I was just hoping that management at the park actually read this and take it into consideration, One good thing, the customer service and load times were tremendous for the first time in years. BRAVO SFFT PS If u try the sit on the shoes policy u will see how much faster it goes
  11. Also you didnt miss ANYTHING with Astroworld being gone. The biggest coaster we had was 110ft. Dont feel bad. You will see the empty space when u pass on 610 and you will see it was no bigger than your backyard.
  12. I would take 610 east to 45 south to fm518, go left and it will run straight into the water and u will see the coaster to the left. It should be a 30 to 40 minute drive. its pretty straight. Coaster wise there is nothing left. You will find a lot to do while in Kemah. Also the Galveston Beach is right up the freeway on 45 south again. Houston is an Oil and Gas city and not much on tourism. It is a HUGGGGGGEEEE beautiful place. We have the shopping and a pleathera of restaurants in the area. So we can make u fat and then u can buy the clothes to fit but besides that there is nothing going on here.
  13. Nice report but i still say that SFOT should have gotten a dark knight ride instead of Tony Hawk. It is too close to SFFT.
  14. I personally wasnt impressed with The Point, but I am glad I went to say I have been there but I think there are much better parks to me. I actually enjoy Six Flags Guenga Lake more than Cedar Point. I say u must go and see for yourself.
  15. Again, I dont see anything wrong with Revolution. I just have a place in my heart for this ride. I am not a person who forgets our old faithfuls. I guess I am old skool. I dont see anything wrong with Revolution except for the paint needs to be redone and new trains will be fine, but I dont see anything wrong with the ride, hell my favorite coaster there is actually GOLDRUSHER and the Log Jammer is my favorite log ride.
  16. well i am going to sfot at the end of this mth and I will ride it and see, but i probably still will like it because the body slamming doesnt bother me. I actually like it. i think thats the charm of a wooden coaster. Now the trimming does turn me off, but the last 1/4 of the TG is off the hook. I like my body parts being shaken until they fall off. Come on you all stop being punks hahaha. Just a joke, please dont get offended
  17. Humm this is interesting. I haven't watched a topic as much as i have this one. I still don't see the big difference in Texas Giant today and when i first rode it in 1992. In 92 I rode it 5 times and I was so sore that I couldnt move the next day. Guess what it is still the same and I will ride it only once now. It isnt because it is too rough, it is because they dont open it until 1pm and the line gets long and by that time I am ready to go. It is still one of my top 5 woodies. I just love that ride and I don't see the big difference in performance than when it first opened. I didnt see a big difference in Mean Streak either. It was fun to me. I stilll say most have gotten used to the ride of a steel coaster because of the over abundance of them in the industry. I am going to ride SOB this year and I can't wait. The Boardwalk Bullet beats me up everytime I ride it and I will sit there and ride it till I faint. Now the only ride that acutally made me bleed was Drachen Fire and thats because My leg hit the corner of the car on one of the inversions and cut my knee. Now that was a rough coaster to me and I love rough coasters.
  18. I have been on it 5 times and the last time was 5 yrs ago. I didn't see anything wrong with it. Now it was rough but not where I couldnt ride it. I think what has happened over the years is that there are more and more steel coasters being built and people subconciously are comparing the smoothness of a steelie to a woodie. The Texas Giant was rough the first time I rode it in 1992 and it is still the same TO ME. With all of the suspended , inverted and other types of steelies people have become weak. The only wood coaster I have been on that was smooth was El Toro and I am sure it had something to do with the way it was structured.
  19. Well when I went to KBF I wasnt impressed at all. Non of the rides were spectacular. It seemed a little generic to me but been there done that. No need to ever go again for me.
  20. it is about time that these types of parks started getting major thrill rides. now i will consider going to florida. i have never had the desire to go to florida because they didnt have enough coasters for me. I did however want to go because I do love themeing. With this coaster I might go in the fall of 2009.
  21. What has happened in our society we have amalgamated what is right for kids with what is right for children. If u need baby bottles and diapers and u have all of this stuff, then u should be in an area that is little children friendly, but if ur daughter has a cup and she is in line for a coaster that has a high capacity, then u tell her she has to throw it away and she can't bring certain things with her in line. I havent read anywhere, that the other rides have this rule. It is only the major coaster with high volume who have this rule, so I still stand with my original statement, if u have small children where you need a lot of stuff that is gonna hold up the line because you have to go over to the other side and put stuff in bins and get caught up in the hustle and hold up my time at the park then stay off of certain rides with this rule. I was at Universal Studios a couple of years ago and no park like SF has the crowd that they do and the lines moved continously and when I got to the loading station they were telling people to step quickly to the otherside and sit down. This was on Jurassic Park and the line was so long that I got on in 1 hr but if it were a coaster at SF then the same amount of people would have taken twice as long because people with all this stuff have to walk through the train and secure their items. there is no reason why a train cant almost be ready dispatch by the time the other train has reached the top of the lift. I have seen it done at Cedar Point.
  22. The person that is directly above the comment stated that they got an all day locker when they went to SFMM. Not to be critical but you discussed that you brought things with you besides your camera, keys and wallet that you took with you personally. What else could you have needed besides that? I dont understand why anyone would need anything past the things that you state you had. Now as far as people with little children have no business in live for X or Riddler anyway so that argument there is squashed. If people with toddlers want to ride they need to pick a day and get a baby sitter to keep the kiddies while they have an ADULT day at the parks.
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