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  1. nice pics. it is rare that Scream has a line? I dont know why it wouldnt have one. i love Scream. I dont like it over the cement but the ride itself is extremely thrilling to me.
  2. I didnt know they had 3 trains. It could go much faster if they would tell people to move expeditiously in and out the trains. They did that at Universal on Jurrasic Park when I went last and it didnt take but 30 secs to load and unload. I saw a video of the loading and unloading and the restraints do seem hard to ME at all. It is almost self loading. If the ride ops would move faster and stop playing with each other, the trains could be almost ready when the other train makes it to the top of the lift.
  3. How many trains do they run? It does look like a fun ride but imagine if it were as long as The Beast and went back in the woods.
  4. Now as you all can see how the train made the cycle and when it returned the other train was going up the lift, that is what I mean when I say there is no excuse for stacking at all. I hope all the other rides there take a note of how to do it.
  5. Okay now somebody is gonna get offended and think that Raging Bull is great. It is nothing to get upset about. Some people think Britney Spears can sing and some think she cant.
  6. It was on this board here where I read it and you cant possibly think that everyone who has ridden it since its opening, actually find it all of that.
  7. I didnt say that you shouldnt like the selection I said that I didnt. I did find the green coaster by the batman to be the most fun after goliath, but if u have been to SFMM and road Viper, the Ninja would pale in comparison. If u been to SFMM and road Tatsu, Superman would pale in comparison and so on. I guess it is all about where everyone has been. I did say that the park is extremely pretty, probably the most with the trees and the hills. Also the last time I was at SFGA was in 2005 and it was horrible then but i have heard that it is better now. I have just gotten immuned to SF period. Most of them have clones from another and no originality. Goliath is wonderful but needed to be 1000ft longer to be a killer coaster. The thrill is over too quickly.
  8. I don't understand why people don't read things in their entirety. I said it was a great addition and I also said it was a great park. All I said is that it appears to be a typical B&M coaster. I have also read critiques where it was said that it wasn't that great and it didn't have much airtime. It is a matter of tastes. I also said every park needs one. So I didn't say anything that warrants anyone to get upset.
  9. This park is one of the prettiest of the chain but the coaster selection sucks pretty much. Goliath is probably the best in the chain of Goliaths but the only beef I have with it is it is way too short of a ride but actually delivers more thrill than the others and also this park had the WORSE operations of any park I had been to with Great Adventure following. Lazy and sluggish employees. There is no excuse for ANY train to load over 1 1/2 mins.
  10. I have seen the POV and I am not impressed at all. It looks like a NITRO knockoff with a splashdown that does absolutely nothing for the people onboard the ride. Its a nice addition to the park because I think every park needs a B&M but this is the typical coaster from them. The seating looks authentic and might make the ride more enjoyable but so far nothing has topped NITRO for me. Overall KI is probably a more well rounded park. I like the theming and the plethora of coasters they have there. The only thing thats missing now is an invert and a woodie with airtime. Once they get that then it is a complete park. I like this park much more than Cedar Point.
  11. Gold Rusher SFMM Voyage Holiday World Adventure Express Kings Island Couldnt choose but these are the rides i rode over and over the most this year
  12. First off Happy New Year to my BB friends. Havent seen u all in a long time and I do miss you all. Not to seem dumb but what is a plug 'n play coaster?
  13. The wristbands dont need to go up because you can go to a real amusement park nowadays for a little more than a wristband there and the band is only good from opening to closing. A log ride would be wonderful if it ran through the Aquarium and all over the park. After that a good Eurofighter or just anything Steel would work and it would be complete with the space they have.
  14. If you are looking for THRILL rides then SFMM is the ONLY park there that have extreme rides, but if you are on the west coast then go to Knotts and SFMM
  15. I took my mid west trip this year and i was going out west next year to SFMM. I did Holiday World and Kings Island, I hate I went this year because Diamondback is gonna be there next year and I am excited about it. B&M make the BEST HYPERS there is.
  16. I guess i have gotten immuned to Texas Parks. None of them have enough excitement in one park to make an out of state trip to. Each park has maybe 2 rides that will make you drive to if you LIVED in Texas. It depends on what you are looking for. I missed the Texas Giant this year but for ME that is the only coaster that does it for me here. I never liked Titan or Goliath (not any airtime maybe in one spot), I am not a big fan of loops so Superman is just ok to me. Rattler doesnt have any airtime at all. Poltergeist and Mr. Freeze are probably the most intense to me. Boardwalk Bullet is enjoyable but not worth the drive for ONE ride if u live more than 30 mins away. Now when The Boardwalk gets a nice flume ride and a Euro Fighter then it would be worth the ride because the The Boardwalk has more to offer than the amusment park experience. I did the Steel Eel when it first opened and I didnt see ANYTHING special AT ALL. It was too slow for me. Heck I love Runaway Mine Train better than any coaster in Texas. We do not have a Voyage, El Toro, X, Tatsu, Alphenghist, T-express or Nito here in Texas. The coasters in Texas to me are like a B side of a record. Its good but not good enough to be the hit.
  17. Well I know I am gonna get it for this one but I love The Texas Giant and Mr. Freeze. Now we dont really have a dynamic coaster here, most are mediocre. We need a really good woodie and a Nitro. Superman is ok at SFFT but I am not a fan of Loops at all. Nitro is my type of coaster and I know I will love Diamondback. Now Titan doesnt do much for me either. Not enough airtime.
  18. I said it needed to be longer mostly and there is no need to try to convince me about anything. Maverick IS a major thrilling ride. And no my house isn't 100ft and you know I was speaking metaphorically. This is just a site to exchange ideas. No one should get mad because someone doesn't necessarily like what you do. I said FOR ME it doesn't look all that great. Come on now, my feeling that shouldn't personally offend anyone. Forums are a place to exchange DIFFERENT ideas not to agree. I didnt see a big deal in Raven at all and I stick by saying it is nothing wrong with SFMM competing with CP. El Toro has gone over well with everyone on here, I haven't seen one person on here complain about it being too big. I went the first year it opened and there were just as many "families" with small kids as the roudy teenagers.. I don't believe I have personally insulted anyone or stepped out of line so please don't be upset with me because my opinion is favorable. It probably is but everyone else is afraid to say it.
  19. I stilll dont understand the rational about extreme park and obnoxious teens Cedar Point builds extreme rides and they are garnering more revenue than six flags. I said everyone has different tastes and from reading some of the other posts I am not the only one that thinks this is gonna be a lame ride. I am sure that a lot of you all dont think so and you think a ride that is under 100 ft is gonna keep the riff raff away, I dont get the comparison at all. That doesnt fly with me about extreme park and no spending teens. Maverick and Diamondhead are mega rides and again those two parks do well.
  20. i am not missing the point. u can go not so scary but add at least another 30 secs to the ride. this looks like a carnival ride. whats up with all these woodies being built no taller than my house? I didnt expect a 200 footer but at least 125 and about 3500 ft with a little more going on.
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