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  1. I'd go with Joris en de Draak and Giant Dipper at Santa Cruz. ----Hans
  2. On themepark.nl are a couple of pictures of the demolition. ----Hans
  3. Day 4 - part 3 - CentrO.Park Last stop before Moviepark Germany!!! This was my first vist and (now I know) also my last visit since two weeks after our visit the park closed it's doors FOREVER. So I'm glad I got my credit. Pictures.... Walking to the entrance. We're in Germany right? I think the park is somewhere over there. Eingang woohoo!! One of the last paying visitors. Not that you ever will need it anymore. Feeding ducks is a very rewarding thing to do. Swing. Very tiny small caroussel. They were already cutting on operators. They specially opened up the Ferris wheel for us. Upskirt shot. Some overview pictures of the park. Downskirt!? Tractor driving school. No ACE'rs allowed. Bee the ride. Most of the rides are already gone right now. Yesss some rollercoaster pictures. And a hot mouse. In the right config. this coaster was definitely not Elissa friendly. Next and final update will be Halloween event @ Moviepark Germany!!
  4. Great update again. Really cool to relive the trip. And I'm not American and if I was I would be nice... ----Hans
  5. Hotel Port Royal is awesome. Looking forward for my next stay. ---Hans
  6. Day 4 -part 2 - Sommerrodelbahn On our way to CentrO.Park we made a surprise stop at a indoor Ski complex. After riding the great alpine slide at Fort Fun this one was a bit of a let down, still fun though but not nearly as good as Trapper Slide. Pictures... There is plenty of stuff to do here. Our reason. The beautiful German landscape. and some weird contraptions too. Ride sign!!! Important info. Death machines. The non riding part. You start at the top so no lift to be taken. Well only at the end of course. A very long lift. but I managed well. I got some real track pictures too. and a tunnel. Heavy industries. Alpine complex. It can't be healthy. and inside the box. I'm freezing. Next up a bit warmer CentrO.Park.
  7. ^^ Awesome just made my day LOL. Maybe we can make it a contest!!! ----Hans
  8. ^ Great news!!! Maybe it will be something simular to Fluch von Novgorod. Another new credit in 2011!!! ---Hans
  9. ^ Give Holly a pink dress and call him Mega Mindy. That way we can preserve the holy bird!!!!! ----Hans
  10. ^ Maybe they transform the Geforce into Mega Mindy's Mega Adventure and paint it pink. ---Hans
  11. Waterslide. First part of the ride: and the second part:
  12. Last day of the trip, first park - Zoo Safari- und Hollywoodpark Stukenbrock. About a month ago I never heard of this park. It's very simular to Sergenti since it's also a combination of Safari and themepark. Since this the same day as our visit to MPG's Halloween event Benny compiled a Halloween soundtrack cd which made our Safari tour a lot more exciting. Thanks Benny!!! The park was once again dead and the rides needed to be started up when we wanted to ride it. Our first ride was the drop tower. Normally nothing special but this one had a 5 minute wait at the top. The park has that really nice German laid back atmosphere. There are two rides standing out..... 1. The Vekoma Corkscrew: Very well maintained and smooth maybe the best Vekoma Corkscrew on this planet. 2. Malariariver raft ride: It has two of the slowest lifthills ever but there is so much airtime on both drops.... Insane. Let's do it..... See the pictures of course. Arrival. Someone told me that I should start every report with a map. and a pricelist. This is the oversized parking. And the impressive park entrance. They even got a Serengeti themed concert. Themed strollers with peek holes. On arrival it seemed everything's closed. Giraffe themed droptower. at the summit we had plenty of time to explore the park. Some sort of kiddie ride. Tea cups. Kids water area. Hollywood theming. I guess the theming is that you can clearly see it's fake. Rutschebahn. Oil pump? It's an upside down kind of ride. There are plenty of rides for kids. Woohoo ride in motion. Marienkäferbahn. Every car has a name tag. EB chose to ride Uschi. Brunet? and Benny happily chose to ride Denn. Some of the layout. It's a double 8 figure. Cresting the lifthill. Through the forest. These coaster aren't that bad. and returning to the station... Boat ride very common in Germany. Now off the some of the wildlife. Trainstation. This train never went out. The track goes around Monkey Island. Some more animal areas. There always is the animal rescue. I'm lazy. Michael tried to entertain them but instead he entertained us!! They had better times. Last wildlife picture. Let's get wasted. and do her. Frisbee. and in motion. Hmm dirty. You could even ride an elephant. Best Vekoma EVAR. and this is his location. Still got the old trains. Look how nice and yellow and shiny it is. Overview... Look at the all the smoothness. Maybe we can escape in this vehicle. Some rides were very well done. Like this one. and others were crap. Here you can buy a safari. and the old Indian ride. And our last ride of the day. Yuk. Since we had to wait till this ride opened. I have no pictures of any ride vehicles in motion. I guess Benny has. The first not so big but full of airtime drop. First lift hill. This ride has only two drops but takes hours cause these lifthills are very, very, very slow. and the last lifthill and double down drop. There is some sort of brake "system" on the flat part of the double down preventing you from flipping over. There is so much airtime that you just leave the slide. I'll post some videos of it!!!
  13. I was there last saturday and park was indeed packed. It was far worse than last year. But for some reason we hardly had to wait at the first two mazes. Alice 15 minutes and Roxy 20 minutes. We arrived at the Villa at 20:00 and that line was about an hour. So the park was packed but it still was doable without a RIP pass. ----Hans
  14. ^ Yup same layout. We had quite a few double 8 figure zierers on this trip. ----Hans
  15. Day 3 part 2 - Serengetipark This is one of those parks that not many people even know it's existence, nor did I. It's a themepark combined with a wildlife park or the other way around. To get into the themepark you must drive your car through the wildlife park and thus set your car in danger of some tiger attacking. Thanks Benny for taking the risk. The themepark itself is not that appealing but it has that nice laid back feel to it. Oh and it was filled with bugs too. I wore my yellowish TPR europe shirt. I thought it was a joke that yellow is appealing by bugs but it is true. My whole shirt was just a bug farm!! The star attraction of the park is by far the Aquasafari. It's a boat ride just like the safari boat ride at Disneyland California but after the slow part the boat is put in turbo and goes around an island for two or three laps. That ride is really amazing. Let the pictures speak.... We made it!! First part: Wildlife! Exciting huh!! The wildlife park was pretty big. The donkey attacked Benny's car. Be careful now. Then all of a sudden we got teletransported to Walibi World. Don't make him angry. Yes finally found a park map. Sorry Larry but there weren't many ride signs around here. This one's for the drop tower. The actuall ride. This is the same ride as the airplane ride at Europapark only with different vehicles. See. The park is very wide and spacious. Maybe the next ride will give you an impression. Operator booth. Ferris wheel but maybe you figured that out by yourself already. Some sky shots Teaser: first part of the Aquasafari ride. Building for the future. Yes they also got Malaria lake. I think the park is approved by Leo. First credit: Die! Wilde Maus. Cresting the top. There are some very intense bunny hops towards the end of the ride. There are several small rides. Appealing arcade. Parks transport. Every park must have a condor ride for no particular reason. Yeah another flat ride. and a breakdance. Upskirt shot of the ferriswheel. Looks like fun. Wow I have a picture of a ride in motion. This park can be confusing. Yes the park was dead. The only queue there was at Aquasafari. Bumpercars. No German park without them. There was no queue area at the logflume. Run and jump in. Can't remember much of this ride. Swing. and swing in motion. There are some bigger flatrides too. By this time I was all covered with flies. There is also an opportunity to stay on property. Bungalows were looking very neat. Almost forgot about the second credit at the park. Station. Airtime..... no not really. Overview. and returning to the station You can ride a giraffe or... Slide a giraffe. or sent your kids to space never to return. This man risks his life three time a day for about 10 men per show. Going all the way up. and coming down somewhere. Then besides the Aquasafari there also is the Junglesafari. Where this cool truck is involved. But the not so nice german guy explained to us that he needed 10 people to go while he was doing nothing except smoking a cigarette and chatting with his colleague. Kids area. Old dudes car. Last ride of the report: Aquasafari. Start of the ride. One of the boats. Is it Macgyver? Some serious engine. My ears are still ringing from it. Being cool. The driver I mean. On of the scenes your passing on the first part. Just passed the last scene. Lining up. Warming up. and speeding up. Only this ride was worth our visit. After the crazy stuff suddenly King Kong appears. This is a really well done scene. Thanks for reading... Next update: Safaripark Stukenbrock.
  16. ^ I wish he died a year earlier!!!! ---Hans
  17. 3rd day part 1 - Heidepark Soltau The biggest park of the trip. I was really excited to return to Heidepark. This is such a beautiful park with great rides. The only downside of the day was that Colossos was closed . Actually this was quite a big disappointment but anyhow I'm getting used to that this year. Heidepark has made some improvements to the flatride section of the park and they started some groundwork for the 2011 B&M. So I will be there again in 2011 to reride Colossos and getting a new credit. We only stayed till about two then we left for a quick visit to Serengetipark. Pictures... Starting with failed shot of the parkmap. I don't have an entrance picture!! This is the backside of the hotel we stayed at. First credit of the day Bob. Meet and greet with Bob. Maybe the best Bob out there. Great speed and tunnels. Scream overlooking Bob. I'm free, freefalling. This spaceship landed here to takeover Limit. OMG it was the devil himself. and he made this poor baloon man crash. Maybe one day all SLC's will be owned by lucifer. Let them rot and burn in hell. Little secret: this one wasn't too bad. See happy riders. Even the trunk is impressed. Another Vekoma masterpiece. New trains. First part with the weird straight. Looperdeloop. Corkerdecork. The redone flatride corner. Enterprise. They've done a good job. Sniff.... I still can't believe it. The sign say that the coaster has a twisted wooden leg and need some rest. Still got the ride sign though. Repairing a twisted leg. This is also the only picture I have of Desert race. Rapids ride. Beautiful setting. Kiddie coaster. There were several funny Halloween decorations. Spiderman is having me for dinner tonight. Having a party on the towboat ride. This one is the best. Graveyard island. There are two loglumes in the park. This is the sign of one. This is the station of the other. and the drop of the second one. The first one is the best but I only have a picture of the ridesign. Ground works for the 2011 B&M divemachine. Stationbuilding maybe? Spare parts. and some more parts. and even more in the distance. Big ass restaurant. New ride: Splash battle. Station. On this one you must kill a dead pirate. Backside of the station. Stuntshow area. The very well known slides of death. I found one more picture of the groundworks. I'll end this report with a giant octo. Next up Serengetipark!!
  18. Wow Matt that cabin looks creepy. Was the Alpine slide fast or just moderate? And no I don't count Alpine slides.. Thanks for the update!! ---Hans
  19. Day 2 - Hansapark Sierksdorf Germany. Hansapark was one of those parks that I had my eye on for a long time. They have a awesome custom Schwarzkopf and since 2008 a massively themed Gerstlauer. The park is great very good themed areas and a good selection of rides. We had a great, fun time here and I hope to return to this park in the near future. Thanks Benny for the awesome German Weissbeer!! On to the pictures..... We made it. The parking is at the otherside of the road so we had to take the escalator to get to the park. View towards the parking. Oops took it when we left!! Entrance gate. Woohoo parkmap. Pricing!!! but of course we got in at ClubTPR rate. This is the weirdest ride I've ever seen at a park. Yes it's a giant bell. and it swings. from a distance. Full swing. Watersports Donkey. First credit. The Gerstlauer Flug von Novgorod. Stripped down test seat. Halloween theming in the queue. The ride has a very good working single riders line. I got in two rides in via the single riders in stead of just one via the normal queue. Have fun guys!! Outside part of the coaster. Outside part was just ok but the darkride part is frikking awesome. Inside is the vertical lifthill with the very steep drop. Water, water everywhere..... Very good waterride. Was my first raft ride. Station building. They are big and blue and TPR friendly! Starflyer. This must be the fastest starflyer I've ever been on. This thing is on steroids!!! not kidding. It felt more like a serious flatride instead of a swing. Let's try little Pow-Wow. No, I'm still nauseous from the one at De Efteling. Teacups make me sick. Luckily the Wild Mouse/Minetrain is nearby. With a Genuine German orchestra. There even is an opportunity to take the tunnel. Indoor bumper cars. with a very difficult scoring system. We found one without a line. Normally those rides get a very long queue. Go Benny!! Rasender Roland. Vekoma Junior/Mine train. Tissues!!!! It goes straight through the loop of Nessie which is a very cool feature. Rasender Roland food prices in case you got hungry from reading this report. Strumvogel is a very weird ride. I don't have pictures of this ride in motion but I think EB has one. Front view. Is this coaster fusion? Observation tower. Supersplash sign held up by some Gerstlauer leftover track. It's like a supersized logflume. Ride vehicles. Boat coming down. and supersplash. Is it a credit? is it, is it? Lookout!!!! Kids at play. EB was going way too fast. There was an area in the park with only very old fair rides. Haven't seen this ride for a long time. Too bad it's only a kids version. Kettenflieger. and a very old russian ferris wheel. Drop tower with a very odd program. Coming down. Oh btw it was a very slow day. Having a moment to rest. Nessie!!! Great ride, what else can you expect of a Schwarzkopf. We were lucky enough to have Nessie and Rasender Roland synchronised through the loop. It was a very joyful moment maybe better than a rollback on TTD. I love custom Schwarzkopf coasters. Especially when you get eaten by a giant shark like creature. Almost time to leave. back view of the entrance building. Bye, thank you Hansapark for the great day we had.
  20. Hi everyone, It was time again for our (Benny (groteslurf), Eelke-Bart aka EB (Vuurvogel), Michael, Bart and me) little autumn trip. Destination Germany... We hit parks in northern Germany... at least all the big parks were in northern Germany. I'll let the introduction to EB cause he's much better in writing a proper intro for this trip. full summary of the trip: 1. Fort Fun Abenteuerland (oct-5) 2. Hansapark (oct-6) 3. Heidepark (oct-7) 4. Serengeti Park (oct-7) 5. Zoo Safari- und Hollywoodpark Stukenbrock (oct-8) 6. CentrO.Park (oct-8) 7. Quick stop for Alpineslide in Bottrop (oct-8) 8. Movie Park Germany (Horrorfest) (oct-8) First day, first park... Fort Fun. Fort Fun is a nice little park situated in a valley. A few small coasters and some fun flat rides but most important there is a heck of a Alpine slide. This is one of the best Alpine slides out there, I do prefer the ones where the ride vehicle is not secured to the track like a coaster but this one... well it blew my mind. Let's just go to the pictures... Main entrance. Important in these times. The Winterberg ski resort is nearby. Food. One of the most important parts of a tripreport. First coaster of the day. The airtime at the first drop is insane! Train!! Fun house. Benny going up. The park was dead. This is one of those ghost trains that is so bad that it's funny. Getting drunk. It's a big wheel. There is a secret inside. Didn't rode this one cause it was one Euro upcharge and I'm Dutch... Luxurious!!! I was desperately looking for him. Are all snakes on speed? I know this one is. He tried to warn me. Loopy. Loopy the sequel. I don't like sequels. Entrance advertisement to scare people off. Rio Grande rapids. I wanna jump a bridge. Ohh it contains a whrilpool. This one is even worse than Thorpepark's rapids. Close encounters with the river in the queue. There are boats too. see. There are some smaller rides too. Waterballoon fight area. Zierer time! Honestly I took this picture for the old operators booth. NERD From front to back: Me, EB, Michael, Bart and Benny. Look at the speed. Sheeeeesh. Beautiful situated. I wasn't too lucky this trip. I got soaked on every single Logflume. Skloooosh. It's a really long flume with a cool tunnel section too. Tractor pulling. Main attraction of the park. No it was not busy got plenty of rides in. Benny anxious to ride it. Last airtime hill. Cool dude riding. I think it's EB down there. I only took pictures on my way up. Didn't want to spoil my ride by taking pictures. But I'll add a youtube pov of it. Helix. How was your ride!!!
  21. Looking forward to future updates. Great review on Kings Island. I have a feeling I might be in you Europe update. ----Hans
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