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  1. Time for part two. After Parc Asterix we went to Paris to spend the night. It took me 3 hours to make my way through Paris traffic. It was epic!! The next day was a non park day as we needed to drive to Europapark which is a 6 hour drive. After a long and expensive (pulled over by the French police for speeding, 500 meter before the German border) drive we arrived in the town of Rust. After we settled ate something we decided to go to Hotel Colosseo to check out the bar. It turned out that there was a beauty contest for the upcoming European Cup. Too bad The Netherlands didn't win there either. Anyway I took some pictures! Miss EM alright! Here's the first model! Oder Wodan? Ohh it's Wodan! Cool model in the lobby of Colosseo. It was really busy on the central plaza for obvious reasons! I can't remember who won. Tell me which one should have won? Europapark at night.
  2. Hope you're kidding, or else, why do you say that? Don't be offended by it. It's just a joke! I was just playing to the friendly rivalry between the Netherlands and France! ----Hans
  3. Hi everyone!!! The park season started, a good reason to hit the road again. So Robin and me picked a few of europe's best parks to visit. Our first park of the trip was Parc Asterix mainly for the new BM OZ Iris and of course it's a great themed park (too bad it's run by French people). I drove down to Parc Asterix while Robin and his sister used the great European public transportation system to travel to Parc Asterix. As a miracle we arrived at the exact same time! I really liked OZ Iris. The drop is the steepest I'v done so far on any BM Invert. I don't even know if there's a BM invert with a steeper drop. The theming is great and it's really forceful. Too bad the french people couldn't get the coaster started before 1 pm. The coaster got stuck on the lifthill several times. Anyway it was running great once they got it started. Robin will take care to review some of the other rides at the park. Picture time!!! Robin and his sister are already waiting for me! This was also a credit I still needed. and a credit it was! Wrong park! New paint same pain (I guess) It goes so fast you can't even see the train or the pain. This a great ride too! Look below for a better review! Oz Iris station building. The whole area is beautiful. Some inside station pictures. Great details. And some funny drawings too. One of the trains stuck on the lift hill. This ride got the classic elements. And something to take. Coming out of the tunnel. I like mist. Lap with a train. Insanely steep first drop. Second element. The first part of the ride is very intense. With a weird flat spot between the loop and Immelman. Entering the tunnel. The first zero-G is a bit weak but the second one will take you by surprise. Final Oz Iris picture! Ahhh. I conclude this coverage of Parc Asterix with a very random park photo...
  4. Funny, I did somewhat the same trip only in opposite direction. Thursday: Parc Asterix Friday: driving to Europapark Saturday: Europapark Sunday: Holidaypark Monday: Walygator Were we at Europapark at the same day? Great trip report so far, I look forward to see all the schnitzels! -----Hans
  5. I would say BTR at Disneyland Paris. The lifthill/tunnel sections are really noisy. ----Hans
  6. ^ Never been on rip ride but this one is not a top ten breaker. It's tame and altough it's a superb ride to look at it's a bit boring. Just don't have too high expectations.... ----Hans
  7. Awesome TR EB!!!! ^^^ Bill I was drinking Corona and yes I should've looked to the other side!!!! ----Hans
  8. ^^ On saturday 29 (see thread title ) Here are some aerial photo's of that day. In the third picture you can see the line of Goliath going all the way down towards the karting track. ---Hans
  9. Hey everyone, Here is a short report about Walibi Holland's Halloween event. Difinitely one of the best in Europe. They added an extra haunted house this year which makes a grand total of 4 haunted houses. The fourth house is situated on the island alongside Robin Hood. There is only one downside at this event... Crowds. It must be the busiest I've ever seen at Walibi. With a queue over 100 minutes at Goliath. I heard that there were 21000 people inside the park. But anyway no doubt that I will visit it again next year. Let' view some pictures!!!! This was the line at Goliath at 11:30 am. Was still ok about 20-30 minutes. Luckily we arranged something! After two rides on Goliath. The line indicator was no longer our friend. All along the watchtower!!! Because the sign said only 30 minutes at Robin Hood we decided to head that way. BTW they added some extra station theming to Robin Hood. Cool huh? One of the worst rides I'd had on this one. Scarezones during daytime are not scary. Same thing for Halloween signs. They just tell you which way to go. Mmmmmm Most important thing I learned on TPR's 2010 Europe trip. ALWAYS document your food!!! So at 5 pm we got in front of the line for Alice. It opened at 6 pm but since everything else was too busy to ride this was the best thing to do. They even got all new shiny signs for the haunted houses. at around 5:30 these dudes appeared. and the line became a bit chaotic. Ozzy? Dude looks like a lady. I take a picture of him every single year.... and he seems to like it. Next house: The Villa which contains famous movie scenes. Very fast moving queue line. No really it wasn't too bad. Last bit before entering the house. After that we ran into Freddy. Aliens descending upon us. Scarezone Anton Freak. Which are all fairytale related. One of my favorite pictures It's a giant wheel!! Is this still the Gravedigger? There is someone hiding out there. The all new haunted house on Robin Hood island. and yes also a new sign! To make it to the island you had to cross this "artificial" bridge. Looking towards Robin Hood. Maybe the best actor in the park. Awesome!! Loonatic. This is the scarezone at the entrance of Robin Hood. Mmmm delicious. yup. Also one of my favorite actors. Time for the last haunted house. This queue area keeps me getting back to Walibi every year!!! There is a bar, live entertainment and a bar and beer... Do I need to say more? and handsome people. and they found a new job for the enterprise cars. This really helped giving the deserted fair feel to the queue area. Great job Walibi. Also awesome. Hard to take his photo too. A back to the wooden boy. He scared the hell out of my nieces friend (on the left) and after that he just acted like nothing happened!! awesome. Atmosphere. He was really funny. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!!!! I'll be back next year. Tot ziens en de groetjes!!!! thanks for reading.
  10. Great report and pictures Robin. I wish I could have joined on this trip. Well there is always a next year right? I surely hope there will be some new Bernd clips when I visit Germany next year!! ----Hans
  11. ^^,^ Man I rode it all day long. For everyone who was on the 2010 Europe trip!! ---Hans
  12. I think for me it's Cop Car Chase (former Lethal Weapon Pursuit) at Movie Park Germany. I always enjoyed that one. RCDB pictures ---Hans
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