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  1. Non smoker but don't care if people smoke. I think people are over reacting against smokers.
  2. At Walibi Worlds - Goliath. At De Efteling - De Vliegende Hollander (When it's not broken down).
  3. October 14th, Hellendoorn - Rioolrat When was the last time you got drunk?
  4. apr. 8 1980 UK - Working My Way Back To You - The Detroit Spinners US - Another Brick In The Wall (part ll) - Pink Floyd AUS - Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen
  5. No I am not a credit Whore. Most of the time i skip most of the kiddie rides.
  6. as i am going to take all the credits at sfgadv. i must be very disappointant to hear that they going to tear down the robin and chiller. I know 6 flags parks are "very" bad (That is just an opinion) but when they remove 1 or more coasters from the park I must say that they are just doing their normal thing.
  7. Best pictures i have ever seen of MF and TTD. Good job.
  8. Goliath - Walibi World During its opening weekend the line was about 2 hours.
  9. My list so far: Toverland Efteling Disneyland Paris WDS Paris Phantasialand Still to come: Holidaypark Europapark Heidepark Walibi World Mirabilandia Gardaland
  10. I live in wervershoof, Holland. A small village 60 km above of amsterdam. and just added myself.
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