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  1. Maybe I can arrange something simular on next years NE/CP trip!! ---Hans
  2. ^ Use kleenex Dave Time for my tribute to this tripreport. The first thing I want to say.... Geforce is running great "again". Everyone who's in the opportunity go and ride Geforce this year. Thanks EB, Robin and Peter for this awesome day maybe we can repeat this somewhere next year. Now for the pictures I don't think I can beat the quality of EB and Robin but I'll try!! Maybe you can spot the pictures I took when Robin took a picture of me. got it? no? anyway time for pictures.... Yes we all know it by now... Can't start a tripreport without a proper picture of the park map. and of course EB studying it.. He probably wonders: did I travel 6 hours for a park like this? I don't know why I took this picture. There was already some Haloween theming. Lighthousetower overlooking all the big seas of Germany. and one for the smaller seas. There used to be plenty of sea around here.... Where the heck did all that water go? Our main reason for our visit. This ride is so popular it needs a camera. I just missed the hot Holidaypark Police girls. This ride wouldn't be so cool without the barrel theming. Why so happy? Robin and Peter on a expedition. I really needed this on my way back home... but wait Robin has Holly Power should have called him. Neu Neu Neu What the.... Yes there is a gold donkey in Holidaypark couldn't find the red button though. It's all about barrels in Germany. Such a nice couple. Can't skip this kiddie ride although it makes us sad and pathetic. Peacocky!! Mad Cow disease on the loose. Strange things happens in tents. Let's just PRETEND we rode it. Same I think it's time to start Expedition. Oh no that can't be true. I this man is a mad man. and I think this guy is a hero... hence the shirt. Only one train at the park. Where are we again? All wheels still in place.. Check. Nice and blurry! Explanation... Swiss flag = Intamin. American = Are nice people. Germany = Home of this coaster. Probably one of the best seats in the world. Did you know there are 7 moments of airtime on this coaster... well now you know. This is the best airtime moment. Robin said I should take a picture of this dog. I don't know why but I just post it. Then on our way to the exit suddenly a woman jumped in front of us and make Robin take a picture of her group. Sure Robin took a few pictures but all blurry!!!
  3. Too bad the crowds were like that. The new section in Studios looks really neat. Hope crowds will be better in two weeks in northern Germany!!! ---Hans
  4. Hi everybody, After recommendations of Benny I decided to head south to visit PlopsaCoo. I must say it was worth it, the park is gorgeous. My last visit to this park was somewhere in the 80's. The only rides I could remember were the Alpineslides and the dirty yellow mountain coaster and of course the Coo Cascade. Just enjoy the pictures..... It's been a while since my last visit. I can't say it enough, always start with the park map. The town of Coo is beautiful. What's that I see in the back? There are also survival activities to do. but first survive the park. I was brave enough to go down in a barrel. ...and I survived. There were different ways to enter the park. 1 All in wristband. 2 not paying/not riding anything or 3 pay per ride. Points/pay per ride system. Looking down the stream. and back to the Niagara falls. First ride of the day. The sent you to... well I don't even know. Ahhh so cute. I heard from someone that those spots are at no charge. So all the spots are occupied by Dutch. At the top is a watchtower. Which give you some awesome views of the park way down below. That way to... well I don't know where. One of the survival activities. Next stop: Alpine Slide. Just like the chairlift it totally disappears in the forest. The non-riders. You get pulled up backwards. I'm still cool!! You must hold on to the stick. Still going up. Shoe cam. I guess this says: If you hold on to the stick, you'll get an automatic release. Finally at the top. Only the right one was in operation. The track was so insanely fast that I wimped out on the last three curves. I don't know if anyone ever did those last three curves without braking but I think you might exit the track if you do that. Of course Plopsa Coo is also infected by Studio 100 but that's no problem when Mega Mindy is involved!! The starflyer is Maga Mindy themed. Handy when you're lost. Flying bicycles. Hard choise. I'm so disappointed in this giant Octopussy. It only needed a shark. No seriously this is the lamest/slowest Octopus I've ever seen. The cars look neat though. And Mr. Octopus is stoned too. Maybe that's the reason. Logflume time... AKA Malaria river. I want to push a button!! I'm not sure about this one. Now entering the town of Malaria. Where the water is green. Speed bump. Once again you're leaving the park. Nice view. It's a pretty long flume. Pretty big speed bump. Going up. and going down. You all know which caption this picture needs. Mini bumper cars. The infamous Plopsa water square. A free of upcharge karting track. I still haven't figured out who was first. Driving school. Old timer track. This ride is so old that the front wheels can't touch the track anymore. Well then at least the name is explained. The minigolf is very well done. Mega Mindy catch those criminals. Mega Mindy catch those ducks. This Labyrinth was really cool and it took me almost 20 minutes to get out of it. There were five closed doors throughout the maze. You had to find these things and answer the question remember the code and find the closed door. The first one wasn't so hard since they were next to each other. Overview of the maze. Third question. Getting really desperate now. Fourth question. Finally salvation. There also was a wildlife tram tour. This pictures makes me laugh. Just relax and enjoy the animals. Swine!! Last ride of this report. Plosa painted this coaster red. I'm so nervous to ride it. Cause it goes straight through the forest. Looking down the lifthill. See and it's on a hill side too. but before you will know it you will encounter a.... Goat. Keep hands inside at all times. Nerd shot... I should have warned ya!! It's just like Maverick. Thanks for reading till next time!!!
  5. Thanks for sharing the Bobbejaanland part. Brings back memories. I loved this park late 80's early 90's. The park used to be a first class park at least in my memory but I've also been there this year and the place really is a dump. Well not the whole park but some parts like you mentioned. Hope they do something about those deserted places. ...and yes I completely missed the cool looking shooter ride. ---Hans
  6. I'm so confused after reading this tripreport, in a good way I think?! If that's possible? Yeah I even paid attention to the preword. Thanks for keeping me entertained!!! ----Hans
  7. Don't mind of it are themeparks or not. I like your updates. Keep 'm going just 6 to go!!! ---Hans
  8. My season so far: Skylinepark Legoland Deutschland Tripsdrill Europapark (2x) Walygator Parc Asterix Walibi World (3x) Bobbejaanland Attractiepark Slagharen Drouwenerzand Thorpepark Gardaland Mirabilandia Wurzburg Fair Phantasialand Efteling Plopsa Coo Still to come: Hansapark Heidepark Moviepark Germany Holidaypark (maybe)
  9. Doesn't Heidepark also get that new B&M model just like Gardaland? It will be quite interesting to follow this project. ----Hans
  10. Very interesting report indeed. Abandoned themeparks/fairgrounds always have such a creepy atmosphere. Thanks for posting. ---Hans
  11. Yeah finally it's open again now let's see if I can get my 2010 rides in. Some pictures of the opening ----Hans
  12. ^ Don't be so negative just because you weren't able to ride it. Hope it will ride better than ever!!!! ----Hans
  13. Starting to remember again Steve? ---Hans Not licking yet but getting close!
  14. ^^ Sorry Davon for not taking your picture. I will take care of that on a future trip. ^ I did take a picture of Mike. I have documented him in the non-American section. ----Hans
  15. After ERT Erik and I left the fairground to watch the WorldCup game Holland vs. Brazil at a local German bar. After that we returned to the beer tent and I also never left the tent before it was time to go to the bus. ----Hans
  16. ^ I know, every park should have free beer. A drunk place is always a happy place!! ---Hans
  17. ^ Geen dank Robin it's been my pleasure. Are that all of the Dutch words you know. I thought that you could order someting in Dutch? It's even cheaper than going to McDonalds. ----Hans
  18. Thanks for sharing....... Hope that you're not in trouble with your brother right now!! I also wanted to go to Tilburg for "laser" but ran out of time!!! I saw an onride of Teststrecke in Tilburg, did the first drop really went close to a tree like right through a tree. If they enforce the 1,85m rule on that coaster not many dutch will be able to ride it!!! Greetz, ---Hans
  19. Yes I think adults can ride the Donkey Track none of the adults did ride it but there were no operators near so I assume it is ok to ride. Larry I know you are American and Nice..... How could 1 night drinking with TPR cause this? I think I will never hear the end of this!!! Thanks Larry ---Hans
  20. Hi everyone, I visited a park that was new for me... Yes there are still new parks for me in The Netherlands and this one has a credit too. The admission price is very low. For only € 11,50 you get admission, free drinks, free Ice cream and free FOOD. Like the thread description says the park is very small and filled with "old" carnival rides. There are two "remarkable" rides A credit, it's a small spinning coaster!!!! and a very insane flatride, I could only ride it twice that day. It's just one of those relaxed family parks with a great atmosphere. Pictures.... Of course we travelled in good old "dutch" style. Park entrance. Always read the park rules before you enter. And the lovely admission list. You can't start a report without the park map. Sorry but this was the best map I could find. And don't forget about the directions. Very important too. Let's head to the first ride. It's a Disney Rip-off. A totally out of shape Donald. Ride in action. It's like Goofy, Superman and the statue of liberty had sex. Next ride. You had to use pedals to let it go around. See!! Twister twisted. All of the rides were taken right of the fair and put in here. For all the Carousel fanatics.. and I know they're out there. Tissues!! And now the spinning coaster with two names. Spinning coaster and Jungle. So would it count for two credits too? Coaster car. Station picture!! You can feel the speed in this picture. The little man could almost ride everything in this park. and the big man too. POV lifthill. Backside of the ride. First drop!!! Some behind the scenes pictures of the coaster. Lower half. With the train. Through the backdrop. Rockin tug. I'm not sure if this one was a fair ride but it probably was. Time to fresh up a little. Yeah free Ice cream. Some people will be so jealous right now. and free drinks. Ok no soft drinks, no beer only lemonade but it was refreshing. Next up the Oldtimers. It even has a tunnel! See!! Shall I take it? Let's do it!! Station picture. Pass the Carousel. Ahhh. Time to relax in the Telephone Museum. She reminded me of Angelina Jolie. Back to the 80's Wild West swing. Very Wild and West. Pirate ship. It's one of those smaller models. But it has great airtime. Strange. Me with a very famous indian. What's better a Superkick.. Or a Top-Flight Deck? We're getting hungry. Let's see Buffet 1 or 2... Buffet 3. Let's have all 3. It's all free you know. There are fries, Frikandellen, Kroketten and burgers. I've learned on the Europetrip that it's important to document your food. There are some playgrounds too. In the meanwhile the terraces filled up. Tramps. This park even got park transport. Choo Choo!! Now the most insane flatride!! Looking harmless? It was very disorientating. I'm still suffering from back problems. That's me riding it. Son enjoying it, Dad prays. Self operating bumperboats. Good combo, No ride op, water and litlle kids. I guess no one has drowned yet. Bumper cars. Bumper cars building. Red, White and Blue. Newest part of the park. It's a big square with only one ride on it but I gues this i where they plan future expansion. The happy sailor. Last ride of this report and I think there aren't any more rides at this park at all. Donkey Track!!! There you go Larry! He will shoot you. This ride is so TPR approved. It's self operated too. Don't do anything stupid!!! Thanks for reading!!
  21. What did you left De Efteling for that!?! No serious great update the atmosphere must have been great and it's an unique opportunity to watch the Tour so close to your home. Too bad the Spaniard won though! ---Hans
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