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  1. Those coaster trains from Kumbak are far from comfortable. God help those poor people riding it. ---Hans
  2. On the day at Magic Mountain we also had Waterpark ERT. I did not participate but I took pictures instead. I took tons of pictures but most of them turned out wat too blurry. The pictures are hilarious..... Enjoy. and finally out of the funnel. and a foursome. A twosome. Going up really high. or is it TPdave. Is it fear or joy? or cry out like little babies. Just act cool. Incomming. Tubing. ERT on Tornado.
  3. The wheels on El Condor at Walibi World still says Six Flags SLC. ----Hans
  4. Day 4 - Six Flags Magic Mountain Six Flags treated us very well during our visit. Not only our scheduled day but cause we arrived early we were allowed to enter the park that very night. Thanks for that it was really awesome. Benny and me were one of the few that did not hit X2 for a night ride but instead we already got in 3 credits - Superman, Scream and Colossos. After park closing we were treated of an hour of ERT on Goliath. The next morning started with 1.5 hours of ERT on Viper, Revolution, Tatsu and X2. After that I got in my other credits and got very wet on a bloody waterride and did a Goliath-Marathon with Josh. Thank you Gold Q-bot. In the evening we had ERT on Terminator and Deja VU it turned out to be the best ERT session of the trip. Big thank you to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Pictures.... I think this is the coaster of the trip I rode the most. Saying goodbye to Magic Mountain. Yeah Kiddy credit and we were allowed to ride. Or Josh? Who's the better impersonator of Tweety? Me? Help let me out. ^ ^ We had lunch at Johnny. Terminator down it's first drop. ^ ^ ^ ^ Some skytower pictures. Evening ERT = Epic. I like those Arrow suspended coasters. Being artsy. Mister cool. This is what you look like after riding X2. First of to X2 during morning ERT.
  5. Awesome pictures of the new hotel. I really need to go back to port aventura next year. I hope you didn't broke anything in that shiny new bathroom. ----Hans
  6. Got in my copy today. The disc cover is smashed in the mail, luckily my discs are okay. I watched some parts of it and the quality is just awesome. Thanks Robb for including some japanese park maps. Now I can study some parks for future TPR trips. ----Hans
  7. ^ The guys in the middle are the ride operators. Over here it really is a "normal" ride. And yeah it totally kicks a$$. ----Hans
  8. The kick boodie really looks like an incredible ride. The only thing that comes in mind that might get close is an old fashion swing ride that I think you only will see on the smaller fairgrounds in Holland/Belgium/Germany.
  9. California's Great America - Day 3 Today was a day of getting all your credits and get out of here. No kidding we did leave early but we voted to leave early and I think everyone agreed. I didn't knew much about this park except that it was used in Beverly Hills Cop 3. Pictures.... That lifthill is definitely not straight. Catch the blue train. Ok thats better. Come on peeps show some exitement. TPR people in coaster heaven. Empty train speeding by. Coasternerd taking pictures of a coaster. And finaly Grizzly opened. Random picture from the sky ride. Bonus picture. Sorry guys I really hoped you got soaked. But when they arrived the water canons had technical difficulties. So I was already hoping that they would get soaked at this point. Paul asked me too guard his backpack while he and Josh took a ride on the rapids so whilst waiting I took a few pictures. Vertical loops are good. The first part wasn't actually that bad. Ah another death machine. And we're welcome at the picnic grove. I love the random train in the station pictures. Cause we are too. I wonder how many people of our group did fit on this coaster. Help don't eat me. with the smallest splash in themepark history. White Water Falls. Which is not so good for a B&M ride. Next ERT session was on Vortex. From a distance. I heard some people almost Blacked out on the helix after the loop. Looperdeloop. Very forcefull but I like B&M's that way. We started with ERT on flight deck. ---- 2009 prices. Entrance gate.
  10. I bought a Expedition Geforce poster and put it above my bed. ----Hans
  11. Mine part of the Fantasticable pictures. I think the bus ride up the hill was just as exciting as the ride itself. The instructor at the top only spoke french and the most scary part, well for me at least, was that you had to stand next to the edge without being secured and the only thing that was beside you were trees and the river Maas. But guess what I survived. Pictures. necessary blurry picture. It was really a cool experience. Wheeee. Someone is half way down. Although the rope was over a kilometer you didn't sensed the speed until you entered the forest part. There he is. Can you spot him. You start somewhere up there. I think someone is coming down right now. ^ ^ It is somewhere there hidden in the forest. There also was a survival parcours. Direction for if you might get lost. It was quite a walk. Yah I'm so excited. The bridge over the river Maas which brought us on survival island. We arrived at the nice village of Fumay. It looked like as the time stood still since the 50's in this part of France.
  12. LOL I'm already looking forward to the auditions of the 2010 Fright Nights. ---Hans
  13. ^ There is a second loop between the corkscrews. ---Hans
  14. Day 2 - Afternoon/evening visit to Santa Cruz This was one of the parks I really looked forward too. Yes even before the beer party was announced. The setting is just perfect and the hospitality was awesome. On arrival the park was packed and I only got the credits out of the way before the beer/food/volleyball party. After that we had an awesome behind the scenes tour at the park. Thanks to the beer party I really needed to pee during the tour but luckily there was a toilet at the infield of the Giant Dipper. What a relief. On to the pictures. TPR members go crazy. A good shooter dark ride. Big mike's biggest fan. Something themed to a giant Octopussy or a mega shark. The rock 'o plane is really an insane flatride. I think I managed to do 10 spins on one cycle. Some random flatrides. ^ ^ Machinery/motor room of the Giant Dipper. The head mechanic. ^ ^ ^ On the infield of the Dipper. I feel so much safer right now. Cool upskirt carrousel shot. The bras ring thingy machine Tour started underneath the carrousel. TPR people in action. I think this was the first ever TPR volleyball match. TPR Party deck. This is the nice man that gives us the behind the scenes tour. The third coaster of the park. This coaster is only worth one picture. (sorry Josh) it didn't take long. Although there was quite a long line Some fun facts about the dipper. First off to the dipper. This place is awesome. After the relaxing morning at Gilroy this was something totally different.
  15. Halloween at MPG still looks awesome. We should indeed plan a trip for next year to MPG. ---Hans
  16. Great pictures thanks for bringing your gigantic camera. It was indeed weird when we thought we were too late after the night ERT at SFDK and that it turned out that we were the first ones to be at the bus. ---Hans
  17. Anne Soldaat - Going south One of the best new bands of the netherlands.
  18. Ok here is my take on the Fright Nights at Walibi World. First off I don't want to be too negative about it but in comparison with the past years this was the worst Fright Nights I've been to. Somehow Walibi cut their budget and you could tell there were less actors than other years. I'll start my review with the worst maze and end with the best. 1. Eddies Circus of Horror. This was my favorite maze of last year. This year however they let way too many people in and I jammed for three or four time which killed the experience. There was too much light and too few actors. 2. Club Roxy. Like Benny said this maze has the most fantastic queue ever. You cross a bar for three times while in line. The maze itself was also a bit disappointing. We crossed five or six rooms without any actors. This maze has great opportunities and I hope they get it right for next year. 3. Alice in horror land. This is the best maze that Walibi ever had. You must wear 3d glasses and everything is very disorienting. It's clear that they put all their effort into this maze. Even with those minor disappointments I had a really good time. And I know those minor things wasn't an issue for people who visited the Fright Nights for the first time. Pictures. See ya next year Eddie. At least it was to me. The Beetlejuice show was very funny. This guy was acting very well. Two scare actors in one picture. The first time I saw him last year I LMAO. A little side note. In Holland there is a kids television serie starring clown Bassie. see picture......... In Walbi there is a bit of a Bassie rip off. See next picture. And most importantly there is a bar. The atmosphere is really amazing. Club Roxy queue area. Getting buried alive. She was still looking for a groom. This guy was really amazing. Meeting up with Eddie and the Gravedigger. Entrance of the maze. Note the security dude. He was chasing down two linejumpers and got them out of line and probably out of the park. Which is a good thing cause I hate linejumpers. But it wasn't too bad it took us about 30 minutes once the maze opened. Ten minutes later it almost stretched outside the park. We first got in line for Alice. We started queueing up 30 minutes before the maze would open and the line was already half way down the main street. It's already getting dark on to the Fright Night pictures. Respect for mister Wok. This ride can make you nauseas. Main stage where you could meet up with Eddie and The Gravedigger. Don't worry you'll hit the brakes soon. followed by this headbanging part. Back breaking. I feel a headache coming up. and soon disappearing into the mist. Coming out of the station. Putting in the second train. queueing up for Robin Hood. Food deal. This is the best way to ride Splash Battle. Xpress station/coasterporn. The original Riddler's Revenge colors coming through. Swing. I spot two trains. Off course some Goliath love. First we got the big rides out of the way. We're there.
  19. Goliath at Walibi World last saturday during the Fright Nights. ----Hans
  20. ^ Yeah that's so stupid Donald never wear pants except when he swims. !!! See that's just stupid. ---Hans
  21. It was a hard choise between UK and Mainland Europe but my Deposit is paid for mainland Europe. ---Hans
  22. Day 2 - Morning visit to Gilroy Gardens Girloy Gardens is a nice themepark not a park you would expect in the USA. We had ERT on Quicksilver Express an Morgan minetrain which surprised me in a good way and it had a serious headchopper moment right after the second lift. Pictures!!!! The place is just breathtaking. Tree shot #2 We're all so dirty. Second credit of the park. ^ It was quite difficult to get out of here. Rock maze. American side. Canadian side. They even have the Niagara Falls in California. Circus tree. Benny's ready to pick up some chicks. Took the tunnel. But the setting is amazing. It's just an oldtimer car ride. I think this was the best ride of the park. We're so cool. Skytrain POV. The employees were very nice too. Sky Train the only people mover I know that has a lapbar. Wheee. We're having so much fun. Ok we're ready to go. Robb are you? Is everybody ready. First of for Quicksilver Express ERT. I was kind of surprised by the Busch Gardens/Efteling standard of landscaping. As most of you know the park is very well landscaped. Park entrance. Seasonpass processing. Parkmap. Larry parked his bus on a nice spot.
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