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  1. Maybe we can guess the next park on the list. Busch Gardens? ----Hans
  2. ^^ Yep on the lower left side the word "bakken" will appear when you highlight the page. Could this be another fun game? ---Hans
  3. Day 6 Part 2 - Belmont Park After a very long drive from Sea World (approx 10 minutes) we arrived at Belmont Park. I only took a few pictures of the coaster and a bunch of pictures of TPR members on the flowrider. We had an awesome party on the beach deck. Thank you mr. Flat tire and mr. Corona. after that we had half an hour ERT on the Giant Dipper. Awesome ERT session with the glowsticks and being intoxicated with alcohol. Pictures..... The Giant Dipper from the parking lot. First drop. This dipper was a lot worse than the Dipper at Santa Cruz. Next up Flowrider pictures... Belmont park ruled.
  4. Yeah the Shamu kept me dry and he still does. ----Hans
  5. Day 6 - Part 1 Sea World San Diego We started the day at Sea World. Not a coasterpark but still I enjoyed myself seen some of the animals and did some rides. The only thing that I didn't like so much was the Shamu show..... I think it was too "American" to me. Shamu, Shamu, Shampoo..... Thank you Sea Word for the free Shampoo Poncho's. On to the pics. Sky Tower. You get some good impression from the park. ^ ^ I don't remember in which show/building this was. Polar bear in it's natural environment. Who's watching who? Meat.... The great white I think we've seen him before. At the end of the "show" there was an Ice wall. I'm wondering what they are drawing. What else. Next stop Journey to Atlantis. It wasn't so well themed as I hoped it would be. The most pointless Sky ride in the word. You go all the way over the water and then go back without the oppurtunity to go off. It gives you nice views though. Show that I missed out on due to popularity. Shamu, Shampoo This was more interesting to watch. The best themed rapids ride of the world. Well it's shipwreck themed. The typical American "you will get soaked" part of the ride. But that's not a bad thing It's fun to watch. Dry out place at the end of the ride. Next up Belmont Park with Flowrider and Flat Tire.
  6. Day 5 Part 2 - Scandia and John's Incredible Pizza. It's been a while since my last update but I'm trying to finish the West Coast Trip PTR this month. We've only been about 40 minutes in Scandia. Everyone got their credits and well nothing more. Very small park with one big coaster which hurt. By scrolling through my pictures I guess some of the trip participants enjoyed it. Then John's Not So Incredible Pizza. The food was quite good, the coaster pathetic. I guess we couldn't close the day in a better way. Pictures..... And of course lurking for prices. TPR Invasion. Game room. Only for sad and pathetic people. John's Not So Incredible Pizza Express. See. Empty train soon to be take over by TPR. ^ One of the very painful airtime parts. First drop. Even Mike gives his approval. See some people liked it. Nerds at work. First coaster Scandia Screamer At least the entrance looks nice.
  7. ^^ Yeah that minigolf game was epic. If I remember you had a score over 90. ----Hans
  8. ^ Same for me only the last picture will load. ---Hans
  9. This will be my last post of 2009. See ya next year. ---Hans
  10. ^ Don't be sad. He's "one" of the best drivers ever and he will probably not dominate the championship like he used to do. ---Hans
  11. Yeah Michael Schumacher is driving Formula One again. Confirmation
  12. ^ Sorry I didn't shoot any footage of the Incredible Express. I was too busy riding it. ----Hans
  13. Top 20: Expedition GeForce Holiday Park DE Goliath Walibi World NL Blue Fire Megacoaster Europa Park DE Anubis: The Ride Plopsaland BE Katun Mirabilandia IT Griffon Busch Gardens Euro VA Millennium Force Cedar Point OH Behemoth Canadas Wonderland ON California Screamin' Disney CA Adventur CA Top Thrill Dragster Cedar Point OH Apollo's Chariot Busch Gardens Euro VA Dominator Kings Dominion VA Tatsu Six Flags Magic Mo CA Storm Runner Hersheypark PA Goliath Six Flags Magic Mo CA Talon Dorney Park PA Flight Deck California's Great CA XCelerator Knott's Berry Farm CA Winjas Phantasialand DE Scream! Six Flags Magic Mo CA Bottom 20: Adventure Express Kings Island OH Trailblazer Hersheypark PA Runaway Train Six Flags Great Ad NJ Cedar Creek Mine Ride Cedar Point OH Iron Dragon Cedar Point OH El Diablo Port Aventura ES Dream Catcher Bobbejaanland BE Exterminator Kennywood Park PA Rioolrat Avprk Hellendoorn NL Temple of Nighthawk Phantasialand DE Evolution Bobbejaanland BE Skull Mountain Six Flags Great Ad NJ Viper Six Flags Magic Mo CA Gold Rusher Six Flags Magic Mo CA Scandia Screamer Scandia Family Fun CA Vortex California's Great CA Pegasus Europa-Park DE Indiana Jones et le t Disneyland Paris FR Shockwave Kings Dominion VA Space Mountain Disneyland Paris FR
  14. Day 5 part 1 - Universal Studios Hollywood After the late ERT at Magic Mountain this was a very early morning but with Mummy ERT looming I could cope with it. The park is nice but since I'm not that much into shows I didn't expect anything from this park.The rides that they have did surprise me. Jurassic Park was awesome. The behind the scenes tour of the Mummy and ERT were phenomenal. I even enjoyed Simpsons the ride and that's a small surprise to me cause most of the times I get nauseas on simulator rides. On to the pictures... The Horror maze was fun no more no less. Great setting. This was really awesome. but I still managed to take some pictures of the planecrash site. Due to the late night and the early morning I fell asleep on the Studio Tram Tour. I think Bart is looking for something. I did like the Simpsons ride. Look someone who's nearly as tall as me. Imho this show is very lame. and you gonna get wet. And yes there was water, water everywhere. It was not too busy when we rode it. Massice JP entrance. where all the cool dudes had gathered. Next ride was the escalator. Looking down from the controlroom. We also met some celebreties. Coaster part. Launch area. We're about to get cursed. It was really cool to walk so close to the coastertrack. ^ Darkride part. and yes everybody was listening very closely. Behind the scenes tour began at the maintenance dock. Mummy entrance. We were waiting to be escorted to the Mummy for ERT. USH shopping. Early morning arrival at USH.
  15. I have a few maybe's on my list but I'm planning the following. Port Aventura Wallygator Europapark Holidaypark Walibi World Parc Asterix Blackpool Alton Towers TPR europe trip Hope it will work out. ----Hans
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