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  1. Most anoying song in the world.... Deus - Suds
  2. Day 1 part 1: Wild und Freizeitpark Klotten. This a kids friendly park with a lot of rides for the smaller kids. The coaster in the park is great though and it was the only reason we visited this park and for the boat jump thingy of course. Like Benny mentioned we only stayed for 40 minutes cause the park was just dead but we didn't care cause there was a much better coaster to ride that day. picture time... Airtime.... and down the spiral. Going through the twisty part. It has one of those cool high speed spiraling thing. Heiße Fahrt themed around a vulcano unfortunately they never finished the vulcano. Upskirt lifthill shot. Luckily Benny arranged a cool 15 minutes ERT session. There you go Benny hold on tight. The park is situated on a mountain near the Mosel river. ^ Overview of the main entrance building.
  3. I never heard of the Oompa Loompa's before but after a little research a finally found it out and indeed it is hilarious. ----Hans
  4. LMAO... What an idiots... Those magazines are really hilarious. I am looking forward to my next visit to the US. -----Hans
  5. I also did read one of those skymall magazines. Are there actually people who buy that crap? At least the skymall got me entertained for about half an hour. The American portions of soda are awesome although I'm glad that I'm back in Europe again (food/soda portion wise). The only thing that I miss about the sodas is the huge variety on the US market. Very funny trip report, thanks for sharing. ---Hans
  6. You stupid credit whores..... Bloody Americans. Thanks for putting up these weekly updates, looking forward to next wednesday. ----Hans
  7. Thanks for the comments. ^ The queue area for Sewer Rat is indeed amazing. It kinda reminded me of the Fright Nights at Walibi World except the actors. ----Hans
  8. Hi everyone, Another trip report from one of those nice european parks. This park is included in my Walibi World annual pass so it was worth it to check this park out again. There is a Vekoma looper, a kiddie coaster and Sewer Rat. On to the pictures..... Seen from the outside. Thanks for reading. On the way out you had to mind your head. A small outside part. Station picture. but the ride setting is awesome. It's just a mediocre Vekoma kiddie model Rats drinking soda. So to see some of the theming I had to shoot some pictures. It's pitch dark inside.. This way into the sewer. And the last ride... Sewer Rat. ^ Pirate's swing. Compared to other european log flume's this one is very wet. Splash... and drop.... And up the big lift. A employee was cleaning the ride. and first drop. POV First lift. Log flume ride. Random theming. Sign of quality. Pirate ship theming. That dog was really funny. ^ Old timers... Sign of quality. Park's transportation. ^ Childeren's playground. The station has a sexy bend. and final brakerun. Through the last turn. getting corkscrewed. but here the pain started. Looperdeloop. The first part of the ride is quite good. First drop. Lift hill.. Going up the lift. Sign of quality. You know what it is... It needs some love. Some dutch blah blah.... This one is pretty good. superslide. Press the button Ride the Dino.... Time for some excercise. Nothing special to say about this one. A kiddy flat ride. One of those places where they drown everything in the mayo. Lifthill shot. Twist and turn. The train has a huge pile of rock on the leadcar. So the kid on the rightside of the train can't see a thing. First coaster of the day. After the ride you could see your score on this Hi-tech screen. and such an odd car. Ghetto entrance. There is also a shooting ride around here. How can I start a trip report without the park map. And it's good landscaped as well. A few drips around here. but this one was dry. well there are exceptions. and you don't get that wet in european rapids. cause you know it's a european rapids. we're gonna stay dry. Water, water everywhere.... to the rapids. First off.. Nice and small parks entrance. TPR members only travel in style.
  9. I was there on saturday july 25th and the Geforce ran with two trains from 11:30 till 19:00. The day started with rain and it didn't do the Geforce any good. It was slow, hardly any airtime and the only thing good about it was the first drop. That drop never seem to disappoint. But later that day the sky cleared it got warm and the Geforce was gaining speed again. It didn't run as good as it did last year but it came close. There was no air on the last four bunny hops like last year. They really should change something on the trimbrakes cause they're killing the last part. And those hills can be as good as the bunnyhops on Goliath. I didn't take too many pictures but I feel free to post one in this thread.
  10. RTL Deutschland did had an item on their show with Niki Lauda and Michael Schumacher. You can't see the real speed but it's all that's out there at the moment. ---Hans
  11. On the official site it's stated to be opened on august 15 2009. See official site Nuerburgring That's a big bummer since I will be in California on that date. ----Hans
  12. Three parks planned before the West Coast Trip. Walibi World july 18th Holiday Park July 25th Efteling August 1st or 2nd ----Hans
  13. ^ Although I'm concerned too I'm very eager to ride it. F1gp is next week. So we will see another week of testing and assumably they will get it ready for next weekend. -----Hans
  14. First clip of testing. It goes faster through this section than I thought it would be.
  15. Bloodhound Gang - The Ballad Of Chasey Lain (non censored version)
  16. Anubis the ride - Plopsaland De Panne I've been there only once but I can ride that coaster all day long. ---Hans
  17. ^ It's a great job to provide nice pictures for the Park Index. ^^^ The frog is indeed the park's mascot. Duinrell uses it a bit too much IMO. You can't look anywhere or you see that damn frog. ----Hans
  18. Part two. Time to go home. Thanks for reading. ^ Near the exit there were these cool paintings of most of the rides. ^ Bumper boats. Ride sign almost covered behind the leafs. Great fun for the kids who stayed on property cause the park never closed for them. Don't know if they closed this ride but I don't think so cause we were still there about an hour after closing time. Oh no don't look down. Made it to the top. In most cases those slides are great but these were a bit slow. Fun slides. The coolest thing is that they display your speed. I managed to go 42 km/h. Swoosh. The only negative point about this ride is that you have to bring your own boat to the top. Concept is simple. Tower and two slides. The aquashute the most anticipated ride of the day. ^ Splash. Going up. Noted. And let's not forget about the Katapults. Small ships means more airtime. Pirate ship. Heege tower. There is an area with a few small flatrides. Second and last inversion. The boy can't keep his head up. Going through the Immelman Jr. Which is not an inversion IMO. Going throught the loop. The drop. You get plenty of airtime when sitting on the backrow. Going up. Leaving the station. But the back row is great. The ride is kinda short and the right front seat is not the place to be. Coming back to the station. First drop goodness. Look mom I'm flying. Station Now were you all been waiting for... We all love the mayonaise. Time for some food. I only saw half of the show now so I don't know who won. Bananakwaka, Status Kwek and Benny Bever but I didn's saw the last two this year. It a singin contest starring Mr. Fish who immitates Prince. The play kwek show. Back in 1992 this was a big hit. And you all know the shitting donkey. There also was half a horse. was a bit boring but I got my daily excercise. Came across two very small looking girls. Brake mechanism. Some problem to get rid of. Those birds were all over the park. Loading/unloading. Safety first. Duinrell has a man powered monorail system. Frisbee. Ride sign. Mad mill safety regulations. Some old school bumper cars. I didn't know frogs had bumpers.
  19. Hey everyone, The last time I visited this park was in 1992 so it was a long time ago for me. I did remember a lot and not much has changed since then. The obvious reason for me to go again was the new Eurofighter Falcon. It was my first ever Eurofighter and it wasn't too bad I actually liked it. The setting of this park is awesome. It's located in the "seaside area", you can't see the sea but there a lot of trees and dunes. There were a awful lot of schooltrips but it was manageable. If you get bored during the picture part you can go count the frogs. I don't have a price for the winner but you can kill some time. On to the pics.... Frogs. eop1 Count the... I'll end part one with a giftshop If your'e lucky your kid returns safely through this tunnel. I feel something coming up.... Take the tunnel. Bye... Note the kid who obays the safety restrictions. You can send out your kids and never seen them back again. Station picture. Train ride. Station picture. Lifthill. The setting is uber awesome. It runs through the dunes at insane speeds. I should come back again soon to ride it. But they were closed today due to the weather. The rodelbanen are great atleast that is what I can remember. ^ Nothing special about this one. Aqua swing. Some random theming. My sister trying to dry my niece's jacket. Me in front of the strange kiddie flatride. The whole construction rotates while the train is running. A strange kiddie flatride. It's a restaurant with a carrousel inside. Wow. There's a Pancake restaurant. In my memory this one was much steeper. Does anyone know if it is adjusted when the higher slides were installed? Tikibad has a lot of slides. In the centre of the park is a huge water park. In Holland Duinrell is famous for it. My niece came off soaked and wasn't too happy with that. The ride is nice to view and take a couple of pictures not to ride it. Soaked. and... There it comes. Brave kids waiting for the wave to come. Luckily I stand in the safety zone. Boat coming down. There is a bridge were you can catch the wave. Boat coming down. It ended up that you got soaked on the enclosed boat and almost dry on the open boat due to this raincoat system. Going up. The enclosed one loading. Here is the open boat. You can choose to ride the enclosed boat or the open one My sister + family choose to ride the enclosed boat. I chose to take some pictures instead. The Waterspin has to share it's entrance with Splash. That boy got a great time. Love peoples expressions. Pretty standard huh. Another big ride for this park. Topspin time... Which place should we go next? It's my sister going nuts. What is that in the back. Almost put my camera on the track for this one. This picture made me kinda proud. It has a perfect setting. Some station theming. Coming in the station. First coaster of the day. It's a Zierer Tivoli large model. Small, man powered Carrousel. The big slide was closed. You can also play with the sand. ^ There is a huge playground with all sorts of death machines. Random trash bin. The park got a fantastic atmosphere. Parkview. I only spotted tree the ride. View towards Wassenaar. Found it. Spot the frog. ^ Kikkerrad. This ferriswheel has got the most awesome view ever. You can also stay on property. Can't start a trip report without the park map. Entrance to the themepark. First off buying our tickets. Park's entrance.
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