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  1. Really amazing pictures. Maybe you should upload them directly to this site instead of linking them. ---Hans
  2. Great pictures Hanno.. as usual!! Glad there was a line at El Volador so we could make our minds up. After we saw how wet they came out of it we did the most sensible thing... run away from it. PS my friends name is Peter. ----Hans
  3. No school holidays indeed. At least not in Germany but in Parc Asterix it was a bit more crowdy. --Hans
  4. Monday april 12 - Tripsdrill Germany. Our first plan was to visit Connyland Switzerland on this day but due to the delay of their fine russian coaster we made a side move to Tripsdrill. Since I was here last year I knew I couldn't go wrong by doing that. This is also the first park were I used my ClubTPR card for the very first time. The day was really a quest for people there were only five cars on the parking when we arrived. There were 6 persons needed to run Mammut and I can tell you that was a problem. The kiddie coaster was a total different story. They said that the whole train needed to be full so it only runned twice that day on 12:30 and 16:00. You always hope that it will not be too crowded when you visit a park but it's not fun/nice when the place is deserted. Anyhow we did had a great time at this nice German park. There will be hardly any humans in this trip report but I hope you like it anyway. Pictures... Mammut in the distance Park entrance. Do they count for humans? I think I found two. I can't believe my eyes. Wine barrel ride is fun and the cars spin like hell. More rides no people. It's almost creepy. This was a hard credit that day. At least we got enough room to ride on the funny bikes. Something's not right. Last helix of G'sente Sau. This is much better. In the afternoon it got a bit more crowdy. Just a bit. Pre lift theming is finished and it's really good. Mammut and the bathtub themed logflume. Oh and it was really cold that day, almost freezing. I didn't ride it last year but this year we had plenty of time. Cool ride with some good special effects. This way to the toilets. Always take your booze while producing your number 2. The old mill with the insanely fast slide inside. Entrance. I love the detail in this park. Next up boat the ride. It's like a splash battle but here you had to pump the water with your foot. see pump, pump, splash, splash. Kiddie log flume. Cool people riding rollercoaster. Who? Me? Entrance for kiddie logflume. Yes we were too old to ride the kiddie logflume. Inside this house is a funhouse located. with shaking floors. revolving barrels. And mirrors that make us small enough to ride the kiddie logflume but I guess we're too fat now. There is an outside section too. There were some other people looking for humans too. In fact they were looking for a partner in life. Each of the character has it's own "difficulties"/ I thinks it was located under the ladder house. If you're German is good enough you can read it. Simply said I need a wife for cleaning and cooking marry me. and I'm a whore marry me. It was really fun,bizarre datinghouse walkthrough. And now the Ladder house. PS. I didn't know Kidtums was that old. Those kids were getting lucky. Just climb the stairs and see if you can get lucky. Because we had plenty of time we even found this walkthrough wine barrel. Are we too tall the ride? While you enter you get drunk instantly.. OMG is it him? Let's walk that bridge. We're having so much fun walking the bridge. Finally the train filled up and we could take our credit. Let's get drunk. Boiling soup. Overview of boiling soup the ride. POV deserted? Seifkistenrennen/Soapbox race. This ride is awesome. You race against each other and you have to follow the ideal line in order to keep your speed. If you're of you will lose speed. and if you did everything correct you'll finish first. A bit more of a close finish. Pitbox. Last picture for those who're interested.
  5. ^ No I think that every Legoland is the same as all the other parks in the world!!!! Edit: Well I've only been to California and Deutschland Legoland and those rides were not in California so it might be that they are unique.
  6. ^ We did ride the robot ride. I just didn't get any photo's of it.... After skipping it in California for alcoholic reasons I was eager to ride it in Deutschland. I don't know how the system worked in California but I think it was just a button from 1 -5 for intensity. In Germany you get a card and you can program your moves yourself. Of course we got all the extreme maneuvers in our program. If any of you are not familiar with this ride then take a look here for the German version or here for the Californian version. ---Hans
  7. ^ At your service Larry. Now you can enjoy Legoland to it's full potential!!! Beware of the Dragon and the sharks!! ---Hans
  8. Legoland Deutschland was next to be conquered. The day started cold and misty and ended in a blizzard. Well the blizzard started on our way to Tripsdrill. Legoland is a way more straight forward park (read American) than Skylinepark. It's very much the same as Legoland California except here's a logflume and a splashbattle. Didn't ride them both though, the temperature kept me away from most water rides. Warning: There will be sharks and dragons in this update. On to the pictures..... The main entrance is the same as all the Lego parks I guess.?. First of to miniland. and took a bus tour through Berlin. and lovely Venice. more Venice. First ride - the tret-o-mobil OMG is it a credit? I guess it is to some TPR members. Passing Lego theater. and the Heege towers who did get some love of us later that day. Ahhh Giraffe Tret-o-Mobil is going around the Lego theater. First and the smallest credit of the day. But hey a credit is a credit. It's running through the dragons lair. Horsie the ride. We were very disappointed that we weren't allowed to ride. Project X coaster. Formual 1 theming. First drop fun. Dutch part of mini land. I know dutch is a hard language to learn. (correct spelling is bloemetje) Bayern Munich stadium. Teacups make me sick. This is a quite powerful one. I didn't ride the Californian version but this one is way more fun than a regular teacup ride. Station time. On to the wet part of the park. You might get a bit wet. Slash battle. I don't see Slash around here. nor here. ahh found him. Axl is here too. I guess you already could see that this is the station. I can see you mr. Shark. First part of the ride. We also visited the Lego factory. Come on mr. Lego. One of the coolest rides in the park. Ceiling of the station. You can give a spin in those neat boats. and sink to oblivion. Harbor!!!! Bear the ride. for young and old. Legoland train station. The rest of GnR. New for 2010. It's an aquarium. Inside was a world record going on. This has to sit in this box... and voila world record. Lego's and fish. Lego and scary fish. Treasure. Slash again. I warned you that there would be a real shark. Plane the ride. It's one of the lamest flying rides out there. And now the most epic ride of the day. and best part is... we were allowed to ride it. POV shot. Yes that's us enjoying the ride. There were several animals along the way. The crocodile hunter. Elephant lake. Mr. monkey boy. You can hide but I still see you. Modern swinging ship. Actually I don't really like them. Last ride of the day. Last warning this will be the dragon section. They all tried to save us from the mighty dragon. Can he stop the dragon. He won't stand a chance. Maybe if we get the sword. No the smiley dragon is unstoppable. Station's empty. The dragon is laughing his way up the lifthill. I can see your venomous tail mr. Dragon. I'm after you. Wha hahahaha. Serious this coaster is quite ok. ^ OMG he made me say that. I'm still under his power. The evil dragon returned. This brave man is guarding the dragon. Now some overview pictures of the park. Next update: Tripsdrill.
  9. For Monster pictures click here. And no it was not open yet. ---Hans
  10. Skylinepark part 2. Nothing smelled over here. So we followed the girls upstairs. Where a small kids ride is situated. Even we didn't sunk so low!!! Last credit of the day Skyrider. It was an inverted family coaster. With a vertical lift and some cool Terminator soundtrack music. Last turn before brakes. Final brakes. There are no transport wheels so the operator had to push the car. Hard work. Almost there. and getting ready for some new passengers. End of the coverage of the first park. We loved this park.
  11. Hey everyone, A friend and I just finished a mini Europe trip. On this trip we visited some parks in Germany and France. We went to some parks that were absolutely new to me and of course the unavoidable Europapark! Schedule: Saturday april 10 - Skylinepark Sunday april 11 - Legoland Deutschland Monday april 13 - Tripsdrill Tuesday april 13 - Europapark Wednesday april 14 - Europapark Thursday april 15 - Walygator Friday april 16 - Parc Asterix It was our plan to hit Connyland on april 13 but their new coaster wasn't open yet so I replaced that day for Tripsdrill. For our first two nights we stayed in a nice German Gaststatte in Krumbach. This town is right in the middle of Skylinepark and Legoland Deutschland. First park: Skylinepark Part 1. I was really looking forward to the Skywheel which is a Maurer Sohne X car type rollercoaster. Cool concept and a crazy drop/twist section. Overall the park is nice with friendly staff. This was our Gaststatte for the first two nights. Typical German village. Leisure room! We even got our own bike. First park. There goes the capacity of their Schwarzkopf coaster. 2010 pricing. Even grandma made it to the parkinglot. First credit of the trip. Its a Schwarzkopf coaster. It's a decent size coaster with a fun first drop. And very smooth too just because it's a Schwarzkopf. They run the coaster with three cars. A Volkswagen. Ferrari. and a West Mclaren F1. This is probably the most noisy coaster in the world. First drop fun. The park is diveded in two parts by this lawn. Park directions Some cool bumperboats. Bumpercars. Waiting in line for... Wiegand Bobs. This one is so much longer than in Toverland. and you can bring your dog here. Mess of track but hey whet do I see over there? Was it worth the wait? Over to the Skywheel. Station picture. Overview of the coaster. Coming through the twisty part. You get some excellent hangtime over here. After the twisty part it's already over. Whee!!! But the operator let it go around for two or three times. The lion is the parks mascot. Germany is one of those cool places where you can buy cigarettes on a public picnic area. New ride. Park index love. It's an well common Condor ride. Spinning. Blue skies. Nicely themed restaurant. Sky circle. Booster type of ride and no UPCHARGE. High up. Original fair model. Pirate theming. I also got my first Butterfly credit. and the good part is. There are two of them. OMG POV. Bored? Proof that I'm a whore. And yes I rode both and yes I also count both. Now presenting: Crap the ride. At first it looks like crap but then you realise hey it's theming. Little kids ride. Of course we rode the chairswing. wow. Wheee! There are also some really cool small self operated rides. Like this one. Not for fat American a$$es! and a giant snake where you can dump your kids. Swinging ship Alte Liebe. Old love. Time for some refreshments. Cool beer place. Some random toilet/bathtub theming. This is the place where one day skyrafting will be. It's scheduled to be open in 2010. I can say only one thing about this ride..... OUCH!!! I wondered how this truck landed here. There was also a cart track. Pitbox. Electric powered. So if you put your ear to the screen you can hear what they sounded like. Ferris wheel under construction. It was open to the public though. Krinoline AKA bench the ride. For the first time in my life I rode a Skyshot. Skyderman was watching closely. Simple concept - big ball - high up into the sky. And again there was no upcharge. Whee!!!! Nostalgie karousel. The cool thing about this caroussel was that the vehicles were actually riding. And there's no european park without the jump boat. This is the way old German dudes ride it. Too bad the big swings were out of business. Train ride through the park. The cool girls but hey I think she is smelling something. We had to check it out. First we took the tunnel. We checked the backpart of the ride.
  12. Hi all, Here's a construction update from Walygator. They planned to open the ride on april 10 but progress has been and is very slowly. I don't know when they gonna open it but I won't be surprised if it's somewhere in july or august. Parts of the coaster are all over the park and one single truck has search for the parts to pick them up. Anyhow pictures..... It looks if it's already open. Parts are everywhere. More parts next to Anaconda Truck getting some parts. Construction of the zero G roll. Piece being installed.
  13. Thanks for the report Paul. And hey I ain't that tall. I'm not even taller than Californian Castle. ---Hans
  14. There you go Larry. I'll be hitting some German parks mid april so I'll get you some of those missing rides too. ----Hans Los Sombrero's @ Walibi World
  15. ^^ No I'm planning to get that credit mid april. Maybe I will say the same thing after I rode it. ---Hans
  16. Day 7 - Part 2 Castle Park This was a nice little Californian park. It was also the park where I did my very first ring of fire. Yes I know it's amazing. We had the most crazy kiddie coaster take over, I never knew I could sit next to somebody on such a small kiddie coaster. There was also a decent sized logflume but some of our fellow TPR members broke it down so I couldn't ride it. Kidding it just broke down with no reason. I think that's quite bizarre for the world's most famous logride isn't it? And there was Pizzahut.... Pictures.... They were expecting us. Parks entrance. You have to turn your screen a bit. Yeah my very first Ring of Fire. Your typical Vekoma skater credit. Having fun!!!! Ring of Fire. The crazy kiddy credit take over. Genral park picture. You know it the world's most famous log ride. Now scream. I don't know if any TPR member did ride it. But I think it's already broken down. Show some excitement. Wild mouse which already spins on the double lift hill. ^ Hi larry. It was one the worst Wild Mouse coasters I've been on. Last but not least... PizzaHut dinner joint.
  17. Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, The Netherlands march 2nd 2010 30 Seconds to Mars (LA) Support acts: Lost Alone (England) Street Drum Corps (LA) Not the best concert I attended but it was OK. ---Hans
  18. Day 7 Part 1 - Legoland California Can't remember much from this part of the day. Except that it was very busy later in the day. I think we almost waited an hour for the kiddie credit. But I can't forget about Renate who worked at the Lego souvenir/shop... She gave all the tpr members a guided tour and some free souvenirs. Thanks for that. ....Pictures On arrival. ERT on the Lego technic ride. It has 5 options. From 1 - mild to 5 - extreme. I think everyone chose for option 5. as of the facial expressions this ride maybe a bit men unfriendly. ^ ^ Pier 39 San Francisco. There was an maze where you had to search for keys or something. Inside you had some amazing Lego creations. ^ Project X the well common Legoland coaster. Fun for everyone first drop. Typical wild mouse. Splash battle which had something to do with sharks and a giant octopus. I still can't believe that I waited so long for this ride. Smile your'e on camera. That's better.
  19. It now seems that the parks are revealed completely at random. I'm confused right now. But nonetheless keep 'm coming Robb. ----Hans
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