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  1. European quiz: 18/20 US/Canada quiz: 13/20 Rest of the world: 8/20 Have to study on the coasters of China!! --Hans
  2. Great original trip report EB. Keep em coming!! ---Hans
  3. ^ Yes Robin glad you ask. We had to sing all 35 verses of the national anthem with our hands on our heart. After that we had to take a moment of silence and thank god for giving us this beautiful contry! ---Hans
  4. Hello everyone, I recently visited some small parks in The Netherlands just to collect my few remaining credits in this beautiful country. <--- Don't take that too seriously!! On may first Eelke Bart (vuurvogel), Danny (coasterer) and me made the long drive to the other side of the country to visit De Waarbeek. Never ever been there before and thought it was about time to pay that place a visit. It's not only very small but they do own one of the worlds oldest, still working, steel rollercoaster. I guess that's already enough reason to visit that place. The coaster was home build somewhere in the 30's. So I guess this is enough blah blah. Pictures..... Let's do it!!! Pricing is very non American and Nice. We and this massive crowd were waiting for the big purple gate to heaven to open. Once it opend we saw this. Worth the wait huh!. Must find park map, must find it. What a relief. Thank god we had the queens approval. Where to start.... There are several flat rides and some small kids rides too. First stop Ferris wheel. See big wheel with buckets. Can't remember why I took this one. Just for atmosphere I guess. This is about the whole park. Whip it!!! Like a sitting duck. Most of the flats are old carnival rides. Upskirt. Tissues please. Too late. Some rides were covered up. Official ride sign of the covered up ride. Out of captions. Still out of captions. Go Danny Go!!! Chairlift. Insert fat/ACE joke here. This is the only picture of the nautic jet I have. Sorry guys no tissues this time. Chairswing. What about those bears? Index love. In all it's glory. Another bear ride. For small bears. Choose your favorite disney character and ride it!! Bear driving a car. Papa and baby bear. The bears conquer the tunnel. Last ride... Bear coaster. You need at least two bears to ride the coaster. Amazing ride!!! POV hill shot... Tissues!! Coaster track!! For it's age it's a very smooth ride.
  5. My list so far..... Walibi Holland - april 9 Walibi Holland - april 30 De Waarbeek - may 1 Slagharen - may 1 Hellendoorn - may 1 ----Hans
  6. Cool report of a part of Europe/Asia I didn't knew. Those turkish parks really seems worth the travels!! Looks like you had a great time over there. ----Hans
  7. I saw them several times during the day but I don't know if they tried to convince you joining the band or not. I hope that Walibi will be able to keep on doing this and not only at the first year or month like Disney Paris did in the early 90's. Anhyhow 2nd video of the show this time W.A.B. performing.
  8. ^ Yes I know we got stuck on Goliath's lifthill last year. Don't know most of the times the intaride is working perfect. As promised the first Rockstar The Battle video....
  9. Hi everyone, Last saturday was opening day at Walibi Holland. So I was eager to take a look because they put through some mayor changes. First of all they re-opened their, since 2006 SBNO Boomerang. They did not only reopen it they also put on a new and shiny Vekoma train with the new restraint system (big plus). Actually they gave the whole Italy section of the park a make-over. Together with demoralizing Italy, Walibi is now invaded by some new characters. Long story short, Walibi and his brother Squad are battling each other with music. Walibi has a popband called W.A.B. (Walibi Adventure Band) and Squad has Skunx which is a more rock influenced band. They both made to the final of a rockband contest and at the end of each day they are battling on the mainstage in front of the ferriswheel. Normally I don't do show but this one I wanted to see. To my surprise it didn't disappoint... In fact I really liked it. The show was funny, some good music and the characters are awesome. Ok they are not playing really live but that didn't matter. I hope Walibi can keep this show and maybe make it even better/different so it won't get boring after seeing it a couple of times. Now the downside of the day... I have never ever had such a horrible operations at Walibi. Every time we were in line the ride broke down. We could only do all the coasters once. When we were in line for Goliath the second time that day it broke down and it didn't open anymore. Express was closed all day due to some mechanical problem. Hope it's not too bad. Speed of sound (boomerang) broke down several times that day and all you heard when waiting in line were people complaining about the many technical difficulties that day. Anyhow I had a great day and since I have a season pass it is not that bad. Now the quest for the great unknown..... On arrival everything is freshly painted. The battle between The Walibi Adventure Band and.... the much cooler Skunx I had totally no big expectations but Walibi did a really good job. New park map. Us looking for the great unknown. Just in the park and already some characters. Zenko drummer of W.A.B. Motiv and Loco, Bass player and drummer of Skunx. And squad the Evil brother of Walibi. I don't know if he is the great unknown. Gateway to the great unknown. They did an awesome job. And in favor of the whole TPR community they put in a tunnel to take. All fresh and new. The onboard audio really added something. I think here might be a hint for the great unknown. Ahhh so we need to find a big black hole. That could be tricky... nothing black in here. Mid loop goodness. The head banging was not too bad with the new trains. I'm still confused by the great unknown. I spot some quality. Would that be the great unknown? Station theming. New more awesome restraint system. I think this ride is wellknown. Starting in the forest. Ending with a splash. There were some mayor changes in the kids area too. They removed a coaster and they put in some random theming. Load luggage and be on time. There used to live a wabbit here. About this removed coaster. They only moved it to Goldmine's spot. and what happened to poor Goldmine you ask? They send him to the great unknown.... France that is. Kids enjoying the ride. The scenery and station aren't finished yet. It's still two laps. They also re-themed the waveswinger and... the carousel. Overview into the great unknown. Xpress closedter. They opened up a new shop in the passage. with an new exit from Xpress. How cool sliding doors. Spaceship to the great unknown. There must be another clue here. I'm afraid of this shirt. I see some evil things. Yes life threatening I know. Bridge removed, underskirt view. Belgian fence. Still in hunt for the great unknown. Maybe up his nose. Hold on..... Through the trees!!! Classic. Is this a trivial pursuit ride into the great unknown? Standing but not operating today nor tomorrow. The park can be really nice. Again some downtime. We used the very well working single riders line. Send her into the great unknown. Biggest problem of the day. It stopped before entering the station properly. about 10 feet. The machaninc at the end of the train is powering it up. So the restraints could be released again. empty station. After going round empty it stopped right there. For the machanics this was the great unknown. We were only spooged by the great unknown. Thanks Walibi In the distance the main stage. They will be battling soon. End of the day. Show is about to start. First some random people are chosen from the crowd to be judges. and a professional. Vita Drakovic. The crowd. First W.A.B. Complete band. and the much cooler Skunx. Performing. Attitude. Bulls4Life. Smashing a guitar. And the winners playing the new Walibi Theme song. Thanks for reading. I will upload a video of the Battle of the bands tomorrow.
  10. It will be a good weekend to stay in Amsterdam on april 30. There is a big annual party on that day (celebrating the queens birthday). Please let me know which day you'll be visiting Walibi Holland maybe I can join you. ---Hans
  11. Hi everyone, Last december I went to Assen (which is a city in eastern Netherlands) with my family to visit an all inclusive Hotel called "De Bonte Wever". There are two more hotels of the same company which I liked a little bit better. The first one is Preston Palace and the second one is Kern Wasser Wunderland (maybe known by some of you) which also has a medium sized themepark. Back to Assen.... Also included are tickets to Speelstad Oranje which is just a few miles away and since they got a new coaster in 2010 I also had an reason to visit this park again. The Hotel also contained a Swimming pool, an official speed skating rink and a highly themed bar area!. Sorry to some people but I forgot to document the buffets but I can tell you they were amazing there was plenty of food and plenty of drinks (read beer!). Speelstad Oranje is just an big kids play area with a few "big" rides. In 2010 they replaced the powered coaster for a "real" one... Yes a real credit. It's really a nice way to spent a day with the kids. Pictures..... On arrival. The Hotel is brand new and build around the speedskating rink. Swimming pool which is not so brand new. Hotel room. Hotel lobby area. Family time! Chicken restaurant. No not KFC!!! Bar area. Bar area with Ice rink view. My favorite bar! More bar area. It's really nice to skate here. Did quite a few laps. The next the visit to Speelstad Oranje which is situated in an old potato factory. Pretty busy. They're not charging us! Quite an unique entrance. Love the old school style. Artist at work. She was actually pretty good. The whole building is just one big mess of rides and other crazy stuff. Bicycle things and bumper cars. Getting a face job. More bumper cars. Maybe more intense than the Efteling baby's? Dry water slides. Good head chopper moment. Dang those slides are everywhere. Yummy curly fries. Another masterpiece Arcade hall. More of the hand bicycle thingies. Look mom no hands!! Rides everywhere. Ghosttrain, my favorite ride at Speelstad Oranje. Ride vehicle which isn't able to carry two adults. Obvious why it is my favorite? It was really scary though. Luckily there's the exit. 1000 acre forest. Flying cars is another reason to visit this park. Emotional kids. or something. It this one called bumperwheel or ferriscar? Now the moment you're all been waiting for..... Wacky Worm!!! It was amazing. It's wacky you know. Now that's wacky. Going up... The big turnaround. And the drop. Correction.... this is wacky. Spot the worm. If we put a toro in front of this ride maybe everyone will rate it #1!!! Thanks..... for reading!!
  12. Hmm looks delicious EB! Can you bring one next week? Jordan it's the most important thing to document your food don't you understand? -----Hans
  13. I love the tunnel on Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Paris. I'm referring to the tunnel that heads back from the island to the station. It feels like you're going at 100mph!! ---Hans
  14. Yes finally Anaconda on the last spot. It's so much worse than Grizzly. I even think Grizzly is ranked too low. It isn't that bad. ---Hans
  15. Great pictures Jordan!!! I really hope your European pictures are at the same level of quality. I'm looking forward to my second visit to Dominion this summer...... I305 mmmmm. My last visit in 2008 Dominator was definitaly the best coaster in the park..... I305 mmmmmm. Thanks for posting. ----Hans
  16. Thanks for posting this tripreport. Great warm-up for the upcoming NE trip. ----Hans
  17. Those are the only two I have of Boo Blasters on Boo Hill at Kings Island.
  18. If it's comparable to Blue Fire it will be a great coaster. At least the best restraint system in the world. ---Hans
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