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  1. Larry thanks for correcting me so I can try to improve and yes I meant a fun house. Sometimes it's so confusing. ---Hans
  2. Crazy warehouse is a really bad ghosttrain but in a way that it's fun. The washhouse is a rip off mad house. It's start with the moving stairs and after that there are only some slides and normal stairs. ------Hans
  3. Day 7 - Final day of the trip - Efteling Mmmm Efteling..... One of my home parks. Been here lot's of time before. I was excited for this visit though cause it was opening day of Joris en de Draak. Joris en de Draak is a very good addition to De Efteling. Now only a sub for the Python. I personally liked Water a bit better. This is maybe the most spread out park in the world, be prepared to walk a lot. Most of the theming in De Efteling is inspired by this guy. He gave the nostalgic atmosphere the park has today. ...Pictures!! Kill the dragon!!! The dragon is amazing. Don't come to close he will eat you!! Massive structure. The turnaround at the lake. It's racing and dueling. Whatever that means. It somehow ruined the midway part underneath Vekoma death machine. Not sure why I took this picture. Zoom Zoom Zoom. I guess it's allowed to make your own POV. Classic. I think it's on Hollands monument list. Bob. This must be the main reason for our visit. Come on Chris. Where is the poo poo? Mmm there must be a way to make that donkey shit. It's mine!! Final attempt. Last picture of the trip. Thanks everyone for having such a great time!!!!
  4. ^^^ I know you're nice. I don't even have to ask that. That waterride is indeed 100% lame. The only way to get wet is to exit the boat and jump in the water. And yeah Germany played Argentina and they won easily. ^^ You were on this trip right? Have you skipped that side of the park? ^ Well the feel is totally different. Efteling is more elves and fairytales while Phantasialand has more.... well not exactly fairytales. I like the ride theming in Phantasialand much better. I do have some good memories from the Efteling since I visit that park from a very young age. ---Hans
  5. Day 6 - Phantasialand After a very short night I had the most difficult morning of the trip. I even heard that some participants went to the bar the night before! Despite the awesome hotel breakfast I really had to skip it. I think I only had a glass of orange juice. After that we headed over to Winjas and Black Mamba for some awesome ERT. Well that ERT session really helped me out. I felt reborn after that, especially the 30+ rides on the Black Mamba. Phantasialand is definitely a park that I love. It has some great/strange theming and very detailed throughout the park. Funny story. At lunch there was a guy I didn't see before on the trip so I asked him if he was on this trip.... and he said yes I'm the bus driver. I really couldn't remember him and I even took a picture of him the night before. On to the pictures. Our view = awesomeness Looperdeloop. First some Winjas ERT Great ride. 30+ rides on Black Mamba does this to your face. Michael Jackson is quite an experience too. Art shot fail. quite an achievement. Hang on Michael is about to get ya. There was a time when these two flumes were connected. Woohoo. I always forget which side is better. Heavy traffic. Geisterriskja is a bit back dated. Bored? I think this is the most impressive rapids I've ever seen. It can be wet too. We spent quitte some time in the new area. The area is really beautiful. The ride itself is a bit lame. The Bruhl soccer team. It's all about water. and nice theming. This part was fun. Whoops. Eventually everybody made it without getting wet. Even Chris. Talocan. I lost some change on this ride. Fire!! We don't need no water..... Next up Efteling!!
  6. As a gift I received this amazing shirt from EB. I guess I got it so I will never forget that bus drive! Thanks EB!!! I will definitely wear it this summer!! ---Hans Front Back
  7. I'm surprised that only 1 picture of me is posted. There must be more participants that took a picture of me that night. Thanks for all the positive reactions!! ----Hans
  8. ^ Dang I already thought I would make a mistake! If you didn't ate my cookie then who did? Actually I totally forgot about that cookie till I went through my pictures after the trip. ---Hans
  9. Still the same day only a few hours later..... I really don't know how to start this story..... Well we had a 4 hour long bus drive ahead when we left the Wurzburg fair. Most of the participants were a bit tipsy (like me) and obviously very tired. When everyone had found a place to rest and/or sleep I thought it was nice to document all the nice Americans on the bus. So I went through the bus and asked everyone if they were American and if they were Nice. If both questions got a yes I took a picture. Of course I did another lap to document all the nice non-American people too. I'll post the pictures and start with the Nice Americans first then a little interaction between Steve and Eric and then continue with the Nice non-American section. I hope I remember who is and who is not American. I hope I did not caused any inconvenience and that I didn't annoyed anyone. That was not my intention. The pictures turned out to be... well... see it yourself. Bus full of people looming ahead. Starting with the Nice Americans. I got confused by that Canadian shirt. It was nice that everyone cooperated. I guess that is a no. Ahh cute. What happend to my cookie Larry? Sorry Jordan. This is the only picture I have!!! and this is about the front of the bus. Let's see if I can find some more nice Americans. Say that's a nice hat. errr American I mean! I think I ran out of Nice American pictures. So now it's time for the many stages of Steve and Eric! I still don't know whether Eric is pretending or not. You have to smile Eric. That's much better. Don't push it Steve. Yikes. Going to start the Nice non-American section which is much shorter! No this is not just a random car... It's Hanno!! Why so surprised Robin? Fancy people! Steve, how was your quality time with Eric? The other Steve. I'm pretty sure Hawai is not a part of the US. Really is Hawai not a part of the US hmmm.... She is shy. Thanks for the mohawk! Fellow Dutchman. and another one. Canada rules!! Also a bit tipsy Piers? And last but not least our belgian bus driver!! Arrival at Phantasialand at night.
  10. Be patient Dave. Next update will contain those missing pictures!! ----Hans
  11. ^ Yep he spit me right in the crotch. Day 5 - Wurzburg Fair Olympia Looping Because of the absence of Expedition Geforce we detoured towards Wurzburg for the yearly Kiliani fair. The holy grail of coaster enthusiasts made his appearance and we were all thrilled to ride this monster. It certainly did not disappoint man what a great coaster. Very, very forceful and it's a beauty to see. Besides the coaster and other ride stuff there was this big beer tent with all crazy German stuff happening. I didn't see the ceremony of opening of the fair cause I went to a local bar with Eric to see the worldcup match between Holland and Brazil (that didn't disappoint either!!) After the match we joined the group again in the tent. We drank a few beers ate awesome german food and went to the bus.... well that's the short version. I'll just show the pictures.... On arrival the mighty Olympia Looping. We were all excited. Loopons. TPR!!!! The beer tent. This is already after the worldcup match. I forgot to document the fantastic afternoon with Eric. Nice. Beer!!! Where are they all looking at? It must be exciting. Rules: 1. Drink a lot of beer 2. try to climb the pole and ring the bell. It was really fun to watch!! I think it was not easy to do. Larry getting instructions of some locals. There he goes. I can't remember if he made it. Let's just pretend he did. A few beers later. Don't know what's going on. Great!! Reserved places. We all remember her!! Because of her delicious pretzels. What's up Dave? We were happy cause the Orange Squad defeated Brazil!! Next up the legendary bus drive.
  12. Great report Jordan!! Always good to see some delicious food in a report. It's important you know. There is a slight possibility I will visit this park in july. Looking forward to it. ----Hans
  13. Day 4 - Europapark After driving through the beautiful (and expensive, sorry can't help it I'm Dutch ) Switzerland we arrived in Europapark. What can I say about the best themed park in Europe. It has it all good food, top notch hotel, great theming and amazing rides. This was my 4th visit to the park but I still find rides places I haven't seen before. Blue Fire is still one of my favorite coasters in Europe. I rode it before Ispeed and I still like this coaster but I can imagine if you first rode Ispeed then this was maybe a bit of a let down. I didn't take that much pictures but I'll show them anyway. Let's start with the rapids ride. Mr. Cool. Wave pool. Most pictures are taken from the skyride. Like this one. Silverstar crawling to the top. We had morning ERT with the light on in that Epcot like building. Atlantica Supersplash. Is it a credit or not? Let's take a close look at the splash. Boat is coming down. Hitting the water. Splash starting to build. Oh yeah. Oh god where the hell are the life guards? I think they're coming!! Make way, make way. Maybe sledding is less dangerous. At least you can't drown. Right guys? Swim, swim!!! See no water involved. Lovely town of Rust. Children play area. Somewhere down there is the haunted mansion. French part. next up: Wurzburg fair!!!
  14. Thanks Robin for posting the video. Good to see Bruno again! ---Hans
  15. Onboard video of U-571 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhXHOs72T9I
  16. Day 3 - Movie Studios Park Movie Studios is a part of Caneva World Italy which also contains Aqua Paradise and a rip off Hardrock cafe. This time I only visited Movie Studios cause I did visit the waterpark back in 2007. BTW The waterpark is awesome with some crazy airtime filled slides if you're ever in the opportunity visit this waterpark. We stayed for a short period of time cause we had a 7 hour drive to Europapark ahead. I still managed to do all the big rides so that was no problem at all. I think the best ride at moviepark is U-571. I didn't know what to expect but the Italian ride op said before we entered in a completely screwed up Italian accent "This ride is like a shower". Stupid as a I was I didn't believed him. After the first instruction you're being consorted in a big hall were the Sub is lying in the harbor. After a few moments you hear Airplanes coming and they're dropping bombs which causes big splashes in the water. At this time you're told to run to the sub and quickly take a seat. That was just crazy running on slippery a slippery floor and steps. I wonder if anything ever happened there? Now you're in the sub and told to sit down shut up and hold on. Then it starts tilting like diving the lights go out, hose is being turned on and you're being in a "shower" for minutes and coming out completely soaked. Amazing ride!!!! All the rides at Movie Studios are in a way screwed up but then again that makes it fun right? Let's do some pictures..... bus drive is getting close!!!! There were a lot of school kids. But was no problem at all. Hollywood Studios Italy. Next door is also an amazing waterpark. Enter here if you're looking for water. Amazing slides. Back to the studios. Terminator. I'm still confused by that extra D. Sadly this is the only picture I have of Das Boot There is even a credit for the sad and pathetic ones. I was one of them. Getting killed in a truck driven by a crazy Italian. Good luck!! Horror House with good actors. One of the last standing 1st gen drop towers.
  17. Next update... Day 2 - Mirabilandia This is one of my favorite parks in europe. They have 2 world class coasters and some unique rides and besides that the rides are often operated by a hot Italian chick! I-speed was a big surprise to me, I did not expect that it would be that good. Some of the group even rated it "best in the world". I must say that you have to anticipate to the sudden turns to avoid a nasty collision with the OTSR but after a few laps and knowing the layout that's not a problem at all. It was quite busy at the park but with the V-passes it was no problem at all. There were a lot of rides included in the queuebot system. Thanks for that. ----Pictures.... Good sign! Beautiful. We started the day with ERT on Katun. Which is not a bad thing I guess. hmmm distracted? Mounting camera... check! Going down the first turn. How was that ride? Katun is really special. World's most spread out B&M invert? Loopy goodness. 0GGGGGG This park has a huge ferris wheel. The most male unfriendly crazy mouse out there! but they still dare to ride it. I guess people will just do anything to get that extra credit. They placed it in a secret place so coaster enthausiast can easily ride it without being laughed at. We couldn't even find the exit of it. This one is less hidden though! Autosplash. The ride with many signs. It's cool cause it's a waterride and you can actually drive a car. Coming down the final hill. Reset: dark ride shooter. In post apocalliptic style. I didn't got anything from the storyline though. What the heck is going on? There was some kind of vote between Katun and Ispeed.... The last one won IMHO. No report without rapids. I can't remember how good this one was. I spot members. It's the crew. Now of to Ispeed. This ride got it all. 1. A powerfull launch. 2. Cool tophat. From a distance. 3. A set of good headchopping inversions. 4. TPR members riding it. Breakrun. And most importantly.... A V-Pass (queue-bot) entrance!!
  18. ^ Well we did not literally eat in that castle but across the street from it. Europetrip day 1 - Gardaland. We had an very early flight from London to Milan. It was even too early to take any pictures of it or maybe I was just too lazy. Everything went smooth and we arrived around 14:00 at Gardaland to spent the rest of the day. We had a very warm welcome by Bruno with drinks and crisps/chips and we received front of the line passes. Gardaland is a very good themed park, very detailed. Nice selection of rides and this time there even was a good rapids ride. We spent two days at the park. Actually it was an afternoon and an evening and the next day late afternoon after coming back from Mirabilandia. At night on the second day we had an excellent meal at a local Italian pizza joint. Too bad I forgot to document it!! Luckily I've learned from my American friends that it's very important to document your food. I think that the pictures of that meal will appear on the board in a while. pictures..... On arrival. Warm welcome by Gardaland. Cool beer after a long journey. The whole park is beautiful. Nice. Nicer. Wet. One of the few Flying Islands in the World. Ouch. Not the best SLC. But it has this very super smooth bonus helix. Terminator-Mummy the ride. This was such a weird experience but awesome. How to score your points at Terminator Mummy. Jordan must have felt at home. Just like Colorado you can just leave your stuff outside. Splash. Restaurant where we ate on the first day. Vekoma Madhouse. Maybe the most well known ride of the park. Not the proper way to ride a coaster. Newest coaster uptil now. Going up the hill. Global warming? It was a very long mine train. I didn't liked it at all on the first day but on the second day in the evening it was pretty good. Some of the kids area theming. Credit # 300 for me!!! and what a credit it is. I wonder if everybody counted it. Yep that's me riding it. And the last credit at the park. This Vekoma is equipped with the new restraint system. And it's awesome. it gives a much smoother ride.
  19. I expected Halloween at Walibi Belgium a lot worse but according to your pictures they did quite an ok job. Of course it's not the same level as Walibi World and Moviepark Germany but I guess you can have a great time at this Halloween event. ---Hans
  20. ^ Ok in that case I thinking about posting them. Day minus 1 on the Europetrip - Thorpe Park. I heard so much negative comments on this park. Like being the european Six Flags America! But I was positively surprised by park operations friendliness and downtime on rides. We encountered just one breakdown and that was almost at closing on Stealth (surprise!). And there was a positive breakdown on the Swatter. We went up and we went down just like I wanted that ride to be after the Bar time the night before. Overall it was a very nice day at Thorpe Park even with the park being quite busy but the England - Germany game in the afternoon kepped the lines short. Thanks World Cup!!! ---Pictures On arrival. We first headed out for some ERT on Saw. Third seat, Second row. Best seat to ride. I do count it. and I think some other members do aswell. The theming is pretty decent around here. This must be the tamest rapids out there. It was more like a towboat ride. Well I guess that's how we Europeans like it. A nice boat ride and not getting soaked. To stay in the waterride section. living next to Saw. It even goes through a forest. Being a thrill park there are some more gentle rides too. I liked the swatter just being used as an elevator. Walkthrough mazes becoming a trend in themepark industry. And this is a pretty good one too. What about? I don't know if I'm alone in this but I really liked this ride. Especially this part. Englands darkest coaster. Mini dragster!! There is some strong airtime on the last hump. During downtime. The Claw. Nemesis Inferno. Maybe my favorite coaster at Thorpe. Especially the prelift part. I never knew of it's excistance. ERT Everyone's excited!! At night we had dinner at this castle. My first encounter with Wagamama and it's true it's amazing. That dog is about to shit the castle!!!
  21. ^^ The observation platform at Schiphol is indeed really awesome. ^^ ^ I have absolutely o frikkin idea which night you're talking about. I'm not even sure if I can post all those bus pictures without proper permission... ---Hans
  22. Hi everyone, I finally found some time to publish my view on the 2010 TPR Europe trip. I want to thank all participants for making this trip awesome. I used all kinds of transportation on this trip, train, planes and automobiles. First we had to get to London, I travelled together with EB and Martijn and we decided to take the train to London which was a first time for me. To kill some time EB started to count all of the tunnels that we took... I lost count. After all kinds of delays and stuff we arrived in London. EB and me planned a tourist day for ourselves a day ahead of the trip. Martijn went to Alton Towers with Jordan (themeparkman25) that day. I still don't know if they ever met. So after a day of sightseeing in a bloody hot London we moved on to the first hotel of the trip and joined the rest of the group. Transportation and London pictures..... We gathered at Schiphol airport. But not to travel by airways. We took the train to Brussel and from there the Eurostar to London. Going through the pictures the journey is a lot shorter. Arrival in London. The tourist day..... The obvious pictures... In future update there will be a lot more "faces". Why is always everything wrapped up when I come to visit? I believe someone important is living here. Look at all the flowers. I spy an eye. Next update will contain Thorpe Park.
  23. Last update of the trip. Moviepark Germany. Moviepark Germany has a very good haunt which was obviously our main reason for visiting this park. Next year it's on my calender again for their new 2011 coaster. They have a lot of scare actors, scare zone and mazes. The park is getting better and better every year I visit it. They really doing a great job. Where Walibi World is mostly overcrowded during Halloween, Moviepark Germany is managing it's crowds way better. Not only is haunt included in the general admission, the lines at the mazes are not too long. I think it is time for pictures..... I'll start with some general park pictures. Boy killer. Hang on guys!! Santa Monica, the area where the awesome Cop Car Chase used to be. Piers Patrol. SLC time! SLC can be beautiful. SLC during haunt queue. Sweet. Dora is wet. I mean Dora is a wet ride!? Random credit #1 Random credit #2 Is this bug related? In 2009 The Bandit had some maintanance and they redone some of the track. Stop here turn around and walk away!!! I think it was even worse than before. I really will have a hard time to think which coaster I will put on the last spot. This one or Anaconda. Benny trying to take a good picture of this crap. General public's opinion on this coaster. Halloween rules. Get really drunk cause you're in Germany and anoy the scare actors. Hi guys. The joker. Paranormal Activity 2 already opened late in the afternoon. I love the last room of this maze. Line already forming before opening but like I said the line moved pretty quick. Kid is getting kidnapped by a scare actor. Feeling caged? Is everything ok? Deathpital maze. Scare actor was willing to help. I just love the mazes with a beer queue. and pricing!! Santa Monica turned out beautiful at night. One of the smoke filled scare zones. She told me thet they removed the brakes on the drop tower and that she liked to watch people die. I was next. Final moments. Main street. No not hungry. Last maze and an ending to our trip. Thanks for reading. Can you see the big breasted girl?
  24. I love your take on making trip reports. Keep 'm coming. ---Hans
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