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  1. It looks like it is an descent Halloween event. I especially like what they done to the main entrance. We need more coverages of the Australian parks. ---Hans
  2. Great report Benny thanks for spoiling it. ^^ Hobbit are you working next week too? ----Hans
  3. Thanks for the preview. I'll be there on saturday 24th. ---Hans
  4. Another great amusing update. I'd say bar photo's. ----Hans
  5. ^ I told you that Steve Nicks is awesome. ---Hans
  6. More Europapark pictures. Small Blue Fire note: Some say it's better than the Expedition Geforce. I'll just say that it's a great coaster and very different than the Geforce so in my opinion they are incomparable. Let's just hope this model will pop out in many parks around the world. and into the final brake run. and the last corner where your butt still isn't back in your seat. It's the most crazy, airtime filled element EVAR. And now the last element. Twisted horshoe roll with element #1 queue area theming. ^ Next up... Twisted horshoe roll. Whee.. Everybody go crazy... Some people don't like it when you take their picture and some people love it. After the loop you go through a crazy overbanked turn and onto the MCBR. After the MCBR you go down this airtime filled hill. loop. Going down into the... Going down the first element. Weird first element. The train is going slow through this part so you get awesome hangtime. The launch is pretty intense. Some launch pictures. Coming back into the station. Ok on to the pictures of Blue Fire. Main drop of Euro Mir. Missed out on this credit again by an inch. Credit whoring. ^ Very well themed logflumes. Alpen Express rollercoaster. Schweizer bobbahn. Soccer themed bumpercars. Note the ball. I still find it kind of funny that it counts as a rollercoaster. Skloosh Woosh. Atlantica Supersplash. The train. I love rides where at any point escalators are involved. ^ Please ride Eurosat beep. Eurosat is awesome too.
  7. ^ Awesome Band zonder Banaan (band without banana) LOL Red Hot Chili Peppers - Lover Rollercoaster
  8. ^^ Yes I did the challenge but I was really bad at it. I only had one drop of water left. ^ Sorry but those are the only Medusa pictures that I have. You can always check the park index for more Medusa pictures. ---Hans
  9. Wow beautiful pictures. I really need to go to MPG's Halloween event again. Thanks for sharing. ---Hans
  10. ^ Yup that small tower got some massive air on it's second blast. On the first blast I was like uhm is this it? but on that second one... man... The smaller the tower the better the air. ----Hans
  11. Day 1: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom The day at Discovery Kingdom was awesome. We had morning ERT on Medusa and evening ERT on V2, Roar and the now epic ERT on Tony Hawk. The park was kind enough to show us some of their wildlife animals. This was definitely the best Six Flags park I've ever been. In the afternoon we left the park for a little surprise trip to the Jelly Belly factory. I never heard of it but after I've been there I even spotted some shops in Holland who sell them so thanks TPR for introducing me in the world of Jelly Belly's. After the evening ERT I left the park, I think together with Voyager (correct me if I'm wrong), and we were already a bit late. Trust me you don't want to be late on a TPR trip especially when it is the first day of your first trip. It turned out that we were the first at the parking lot except for Larry of course. So we were pushing Larry to put the bus at a different location but of course Larry stayed loyal to TPR. On to the pictures.... Guys don't cheat. Tony Hawk's cup's challenge. This was the spot where Robb was doing his 'thing'. Well actually he dumped a whole container of water over the passing trains. Time for the nighttime ERT. making big dumps. Big animals... but is it an exceptable amount of wetness. Not so big splash.... Interesting picture. Who is cooler: Benny or the cool looking American dude? Through the loop. Yeah Australia. V2 is very unique with it's 'flatened' peak. Seconds after I shot this they drank each others pee. The park is so good landscaped for a Six Flags park. Mr. Penguin During lunch they showed the TPR crew to... This is the only picture I have of Roar and yes it's crappy. My favorite element on a coaster. well Medusa is cool. Which is cool cause.. We started the day with ERT on Medusa. It was really cool that they brought out all the animals. and some other animal related stuff. a talking camel with a lady. TPR peeps are waiting for..... ALways start a report with a parkmap. Arrival early in the morning.
  12. ^ Yeah that vietnamese taxi driver was really funny. She lives in the US since 1982 and still don't speak proper English. -----Hans
  13. Hi everyone, Finally I found some time to start my review of TPR's west coast trip. I started the trip in San Francisco in stead of LA just to avoid the big bus ride. I thought it would be terrible but if I could do it over I would start in LA. I missed Shark Attack 3 you know. Anyway we did some sightseeing and some shopping in San Francisco. Our flight had an 3 hour delay in NYC. We planned to be at the hotel at around 7 pm but due to the delay it was around 10 pm. At that time we still needed something to eat but everything, except for the In and Out, was closed. Nonetheless we had a great first day in San Francisco. On to the Pictures. Well guys I'm not that good in reviewing a city. Mega random building alert. Random building alert the Full House bridge. Of course we came across the rock and... Beautiful overview of the city from here. some sunbathing ^ Seelions We started the day on Pier 39 which was not busy at all except for the... It was nice and cosy and had free internet. Our hotel for the first night.
  14. Day 2 late afternoon + Day 3: Europapark - Rust - Germany. What can I say about Europapark. It's great, amazing and indeed better themed than Disney. For you out there who've never been to Europapark before just go on next years TPR's europe trip and be amazed. I'll cut it in a few parts. Pictures... Water, water everywhere we're gonna get wet. Actually only when you're on the first row. Waiting their fate. ^ ^ ^ ^ This was a great spot to take some pictures. I'll end this part with some IMO very good pictures of Poseidon. Spanish part of Europapark. The nice town of Rust. The first trimbrake was not that bad. First drop. The ride was a bit better than it was in 2007. The train got some new bodywork since my last visit. and of course some coaster info. There's a screen with random F1 videos in the queue area. Mercedes Benz formula 1 victories. Lewis Hamilton last years F1 champion. Some indoor theming cause I'm a formula 1 fan. Entrance. France is where Silverstar is situated which is weird cause Mercedes is a German car manufacturer right? First of France part of the park. Some amazing hotel entertainment. But he already got sick of her so he decided to push her over the edge. There even was a wedding going on. Coloseum part of the hotel. There are so many details to look at. Our Hotel for the coming two nights.
  15. Good update. I skipped the darkrides in Santa Cruz and chose for some extra beer time instead. I did the Rock O plane together with Mikel and we hardly fit but the ride itself was really awesome. ---Hans
  16. ^ Yeah imagine the Mille Miglia bar with Holland against Germany on a big screen TV. That would really be amazing. ---Hans
  17. ^ Maybe you guys can feel some excitement too when the USA qualifies (and they're close). Yeah it's a big issue over here in europe and the atmosphere during the World Cup matches is awesome. ---Hans
  18. Day 2: Tripsdrill This was my first visit to Tripsdrill and I was amazed by how the park looked like. The landscaping was beautiful and it has that nice german atmosphere. Due to the fact that the schools hasn't started yet in this part of Germany and the very warm weather it was way too crowded. Anyway nice park and worth a visit again in the future. Pictures.... Germany is beautiful. next up Europapark. Thank god we made it. There was a posibility of getting wet. Excitement. Splash or sklooosh it's up to you. Going down Main drop. Uhm there wasn't exactly a locker policy in Tripsdrill. People just thrown their bags out of the boat. ^ Queue area theming Most awesome boats on a logflume. WTF my mother in law. This is my favorite ride. - I think something hit her in the eye. This ride makes you giggle like a little girl. Take the tunnel! G'sengte Sau is a great ride maybe not as good as Heiße Fahrt but the theming made up for that. See. Sign of quality. G'sengte Sau It was a shame that the line was too long to ride this insane droptower. Part of the rapids ride cause you can't do a report without a rapids ride. Landscaping/theming = awesome. Those people weren't using the bridge as a bridge but as a big swing. The not so big drop of the junior kiddie logflume. Junior kiddie logflume. This picture concludes my coverage of Mammut. I kinda forgot to take pictures of Mammut. Wheeee Close to the ground. First credit of the day: Rasender Tausendfüßler Parkmap This is what the entrance looked like when we arrived.
  19. That was the best "never in America" experience I've ever had in the US. ----Hans
  20. It's time to post my part of Holidaypark. Expedition Geforce was running great almost the same as last year except for the bunnyhops which were ruined by the first trimbrake nevertheless it's still my number 1 steel coaster. Awesome. Blurry train coming back into the station picture. It almost looks like a themeparkreview ERT session. - The boy on the third row really enjoys the ride. Through the trees. I see airtime. Big a$$ turnaround with the famous Intamin transition from triangle to boxtrack. Take the leftside backseat throw your hands in the air and you got the best drop in the world. OK time for the reason for visiting Holidaypark. I've got a big gun hehehe. No that's not true. There are some rapids in europe that are very wet but nothing like the rapids in SFMM. - The not so wet european rapid rides. For the rapids fanboys. On the Lighthousetower you have an excellent view of the EGF. ^ Need more proof? In fact in Germany everything is made out of kurbis. Kurbis sheep. Kurbis skulpturen blah blah. They don't only got the best steel coaster they also got the worst.
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