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  1. SCKE, There's a difference between educating someone about the unknown and restating the obvious. The scene is obviously unbelievable and very incorrect. It's a horror movie, and we just don't understand why anybody would take it as gospel. For the guy who started the thread, buddy it's fake and nothing like that will ever happen to you. Trust me, you're safe! There's nothing to be afraid of -Sean
  2. When things go bump in the night... -Sean
  3. Frosty? It's freakin 90* out there! Hat, bah. Happy Canada Day!
  4. I feel bad for the people that had to see a kid get decapitated! And his family of course. People can be so thick sometimes! -Sean
  5. You guys should visit my blog! I've been working really hard on it! =] www.moremac.net -Sean
  6. Name: Twin Famicon [Nintendo!!] Song: Duty to Restrain Himself Album Art: http://www.flickr.com/photos/barshoo/2589606789/ Woh. -Sean
  7. He was the man that taught me why farts were never referenced on TV and why the Bible is BS. Siiggghh... -Sean
  8. I love her! She's so funny! -Sean
  9. Man, 9 days before my birthday! Wish I could go- I don't have any money though, and no way to get there. Well that stinks. -Sean
  10. http://youtube.com/watch?v=vrec8GWvYwI Me singingz woo! -Sean
  11. Ding ding ding! We have a winner. What do we have for him Johnny?! Years ago, and I'm even going pre-Firefox 1.0, Firefox offered a lot that IE didn't at the time. Tabbed browsing is what personally won me over. Its also simpler, and easier to mod, than IE from what it looks like to me (is there an official IE extensions site that I don't know about?). Now, IE has adapted, adding tabbed browsing for instance, but why go back? Hey man, I'm definitely not pro IE at all, but I never really understood why FF was considered so awesome Didn't Opera have tabbed browsing on release too? I think Safari did as well but I think it was released after FF. Anyways, Enjoy your browser- whichever it may be -Sean
  12. Firefox 3 is on par with Safari 3... but Safari 4 has already been seeded to devs, and I have it on my Mac right now and it's extremely fast!! I downloaded FireFox 3 and deleted it in the same day. I don't see the point, it's not a native OS X app and the interface looks terrible. Safari is still faster as well. I've never understood why people flock to FireFox. I honestly think it's just because it's not IE. Safari FTW -iSean
  13. When I came out my mom's reaction consisted mostly of "AWWWWWW" and a hug. My sister thinks it's a phase though -Sean
  14. My local parks don't have metal detectors or bag checks or anything- I'm starting to get worried with all these stabbings and injuries! My home park is inside a mall but you can access it without entering the mall. Not good =\ -iSean
  15. You can get it on my Deviant Art: www.lifeMac.deviantart.com Comes in 8 colours.
  16. New Apple Desktop! neoApple Comes in 8 colours, aqua, orange, navy, purple, pink, red, green, and yellow.
  17. I made some icons for Ps and Dw in OS X! If you want them contact me and I can give'em to ya! -Sean
  18. Oooh. I hope they didn't burn their chicken balls off! -Sean
  19. Yup, sorry about that! I know it was under optimal conditions, I should've said that. My bad! -Sean
  20. I've been stuck for a half hour. I thought it was fun! -Sean
  21. You love the smell of Carnies? Wow! That's.. interesting. The Zippers are awesome! Don't worry there's nothing to be afraid of, haha. Glad you liked the TR! -Sean
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