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  1. Floorless coaster on steroids! Looks great, but how the heck can they heartline that roll?
  2. You could use that self-healing glass too, the stuff they use at Marineland and such.
  3. Why not just make it the glass that is used in glass floors on things like the CN tower?
  4. They're owned by the same company, haha. http://www.rideentertainment.com/blog/ Update!
  5. I was wrong about him not knowing anyway, it'd say "There are missing objects" or whatever. My bad. Still, do you really think that's worth a DQ? They MUST be packed, well, zip files work, [they're NEVER used though,] and it's just a pointless reason to boot someone from a contest. Yes I saw where I stated it was the only reason, my mistake... ...again.
  6. Yup! Crud, I have to .zip it, don't kill me haha, I'll be right back with the zipped version. berber.zip Here it is! All rights go the the respective owner though, this is NOT mine and I am not taking credit for it. In other words, please don't kill me.
  7. It's not fake, my sister registered for Canadian Idol and got through to the celebrity judges. She had bronchitis though, and she couldn't hold a note, they told her she was really good, but because she was sick she wasn't at her full potential and to come back the year later, but when she came home she said it was legit from what she saw...
  8. I know that, in fact I said the only way to get scenery to you is to pack it anyway. I never meant only the park pack, but it's still not a good rule, because how is he supposed to know it was there in the first place unless the poster had screenshots...
  9. Pretty good! After I rode it as a sit down, in the rear seat, it pumped a lot. It was awkward since I was upside down half the ride! Otherwise, I liked the layout and such.
  10. He didn't like the simplicity and slap-dash appearance of the work. And yeah, lately you seem to have the desire to correct people for almost no reason. THAT'S what made me angry. But if you want to keep talking about it, PM me, we're crapping his thread.
  11. I'm not self righteous BiCoastal Kid, I just got upset at him because of he was rude about his opinion, haha. If he just would've said he didn't like them, and gave some criticism like DCS did, I never would've said anything. Anyways, I'm out of the argument.
  12. Sorry! You CAN enter it with it only half-supported, but it'll drop your technical. As long as your rate doesn't average below five, you're safe for the next round.
  13. Thanks for your entry! *Goes to rate.* I will be posting all the rates at once, so you wont see it for a while. Check the main thread for updates on your rates progress by your name colours.
  14. First of all, it's against the site rules [law?] to track package CoasterSims park pack scenery, and also, there's no other way to get it to you without having it as a pack... Second of all, how would you even know if they did add scenery? There are no grounds for disqualification because of that.
  15. I have a cool idea, considering that animated scenery has already been created with ride events, why not make a water splash particle effect for the vertical drop coasters? That'd be awesome. Anyway, great coaster.
  16. That thing must have some crazy acceleration G Forces if it's going to propel that thing up vertically... Does it stop vertically, with the train facing upward? Or does it just launch it out of the tunnel? [Lame...]
  17. Reminds me of a sign at a golf course in Florida. "If gator in trap, drop ball." If the gator takes the ball, don't try to wrench it's mouth open... Kind of sad that they have to have a sign that states that... It's no different from teasing a strange dog, you get bit, it's your fault. It really angers me that the animal was put down for the kids stupidity. I feel awful for not having sympathy for this kid, but wow. That's stupider than standing up on a coaster.
  18. I never said it was, unique just means different... That's a quote from the official Gerstlauer blog...
  19. Update again! Supposedly this ride has a "Unique vertical transfer station." There are others too. Hope you enjoy. http://www.rideentertainment.com/blog/
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