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  1. Very nice! I would recommend you add a bit more variety in the rocks over the flume though.
  2. WHAT!? How can you even say that! YOU were persuading me to trash the contest the entire time, I told you I found a few people that were still making their rides because I wanted to give them a chance, but you were RIGHT. More people than not had no interest in the contest, so I stopped it. No use getting my own hopes up. Canceling it is uncalled for!? How about your avid attempts to get me angry at you this entire contest? You nit-picked at me the whole time, I wanted to kick you out, but I couldn't because you would've flipped on me and most likely said something to get me banned. You've been trying to poke loopholes into my contest rules, and nobody cared but you. You were finding the stupid little things that nobody would even have a question about and blowing them out of proportion. I'm tired of you treating me like crap on the forum, and outside of it. You've been trying to get me angry at you so much it's not even funny, you've been spamming me on MSN, you've been driving me insane! You never persuaded me to do anything, you've made me so angry at you sometimes why would I even take anything you say into account? You were so determined to 'own' everyone in the contest, which you never even completed in the first place, and then you're trying to twist my words into what you want them to mean. You KNOW I meant well this entire thing, but I was trying to just ignore you, and let you get through the contest. I blocked your contact with me on MSN, told you to stop talking to me about the contest, here and other places because I knew you were just going to try to get me to cancel it because of you. Well, it didn't work. You know what? I could care less if there were 500 loopholes in my rules, they were well written for the most part, and MOST people have common sense. I'm tired of you doing this, just stop it. PS: I'm sorry about taking outside matters into the forum, but he was involved with it here as well. I'm just tired of it.
  3. I'm sorry, but I have come to the decision that people have lost interest in continuing this contest. The coasters that have been entered will be rated as usual, but entries will no longer be accepted. The extended date will no longer be in effect. Sorry to bother, thanks. -CP
  4. There's another update! Ride track fabrication is complete, following updates will mostly continue inside the park. FINALLY maybe this park will get some attention! And exposure! It's so under photographed...
  5. Nobody's complaining about Viper at SFMM.... That coaster looks like . I think this ride looks super neat, and it doesn't look out of place at all.. it barely affects the skyline because of the lack of supports. This is a GOOD idea for the park, because it makes it less visible without all the supports, they have a few massive ones, but it's better than 600 smaller supports. I like the idea, and am very happy to see it continue. It looks fun, and like it's going to be a crazy experience, flying through the sky, soaring above the park, as if it's flight! Imagine if this was a flying coaster, it'd be the most realistic one yet, because you'd not have all of the track and supports visible, so you'd have that feeling that you really ARE soaring above the skies, instead of just laying down in some coaster car.
  6. HAHA, he said the tunnel is low to the ground to give the *SENSATION* of going faster in the tunnel. So, it doesn't launch you, you just feel like it lol... It doesn't mention the launch anywhere, and they spelled building wrong...
  7. *sigh* The due date has been extended! I really didn't want to do this, but I have to. The deadline is now May 30th.
  8. LOL! He said "dont do" an that B&M "dont do" woodie cars. I think the 'woodie' pun has gotten old, but that's just me Anyway, it's awesome.
  9. Because it means that the track is available for download, just not at the NLDC. I don't use it though, I don't see the point
  10. What about the terrible transitions, Balder is a lot more complicated than you think it is, it doesn't have straight drops, and it's got heartlining. It's not just there and back... NL is better for both...
  11. Just make a straight-away with lots of 3DS. You'll get there. CS is packed with suckers for 3DS. JR, I'm not saying this applies to your ride though, it's just it happens a LOT there.
  12. Well, just so you know, the only way make a model that goes the same speed relative to the layout would be to either make the model JUST AS BIG as the real thing, or control it's movement. Wrong quote
  13. Ha! Was it easy to take them down, or did you get off the ride: \o/ My most memorable ride was my first Mindbender ride. Waiting in-line was terrifying, since there aren't many coasters in western Canada, I didn't have much experience, so considering Mindbender was only my 2nd ride, it was pretty incredible.
  14. It's nearly scale now, and they go as fast as the real ride, they're scale models, so they'll appear to go faster, but in reality they're going close to the same speed.
  15. OMG! That Friends reference just made you like.. God's equivalent. It's kick you in the crotch though.
  16. Super Paper Mario: I'm in Merlee's Mansion, I can't for the life of me figure out how to get a million rubies without having to press the 2 button a million times
  17. "You'll hate the hamster coaster too!" "TPR: We don't hate anyone! Even quad-boobers!"
  18. For the 'perverts under the stairs' problem, there are glass walls beside the stairs, you can't go under them, that, and the glass on the stairs IS frosted.
  19. Those seem SMALL! Mindbender at Galaxyland has a 59" height restriction. I guess people under that height would have trouble with the forces, but that's still very extreme. The Moser Hoppla there has a height restriction of 62" I think, but that's probably because of the stand up cars. *shrug* I don't know, but the restrictions on some of the rides there don't seem to even have a point, no matter how illogical it is.
  20. Wewt. Click to enlarge. Then, you can ask me all the questions about something neat you'll see about my desktop screenshot.
  21. X isn't heartlined, isn't it? It's impossible to have a coaster like this heartlined, because you'd heartline the center only, and it would barely do anything, or you'd only heartline one side, which would fling the other side of the train around the exterior causing incredible lats. I've heard "heartline roll" said a bunch of times, but how is it heartlined, isn't it impossible? It'd be like a huge corkscrew, and I don't think that would work either...
  22. Well that's lame, It's barely even a vertical launch. The upward section probably does barely anything anyway... If it did much or caused any forces it'd go too fast over the top...
  23. Whoo! You sure pushed the maximum banking angle! 1 degree, wow.
  24. It is an MP3, it's in a zip file. To unzip it, download WinRar [Google search it] and then install it, right click your file, and click "extract here." Your file will come out.
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