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  1. I have fun making music and I'm still doing it, and I got a fairly good reaction. I didn't do anything wrong. How is it dumb for me to try to make music? I posted it to get opinions and help, and that's what I got, and I was appreciative and used it. How does that have anything to do with this thread? Why am I not allowed to make my own music or try to make an album? I'm not cool enough or something? That was uncalled for.
  2. Yeesh, I never meant for that to blow up in anybody's face... Sorry for posting that Crazy4Coasters, but you just have to understand, had I not seen you say something about how you type in Capslock at work there was no way for me to know that. The exclamation points didn't help either. Don't get all upset. This thread is for fun! Don't be offended, no harm was intended.
  3. If it were an accident the first letter of each sentence would've been lower case had he been pressing shift, either way it was a silly post.
  4. Hey man! Yeah, you! Your caps lock button is stuck!
  5. The Veronicas- I can't Stay Away. AMAZING SONG.
  6. AWEH! You'll find her. Don't worry, there's always someone out there and I'm sure you guys will find someone perfect for you. It sucks to never know what's coming but it just makes the experience when it does all that more worthwile! Not as if it's happened to me, though. I've never had my first kiss -.x LAWL, but it's cool. You'll find someone.
  7. I'm 15 and I haven't had my first kiss! I'm gay, mind you, but... NO, I'M NOT PATHETIC. SHUT UP.
  8. You're quite good, I don't think Elton John suits your vocal style well though. Try something like No Air from Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown. Your vibrato is very thick, it'd sound better if you lessened your fluctuation in your vibrato, you also do sound like you're stressing to hit the higher notes- there's an easy fix for it. Don't try to impress! Sing what you can- because it's when you try to achieve something that you can reach but you have trouble doing so it can make you look bad when you're actually very good. Rather than trying to impress with a big song- impress with doing what you can very well.
  9. & I'm pretty sure he means to go look at your 'Top [insert number] Most Played' playlist that is automatically installed on your iTunes and list the 10 highest ranked songs, as opposed to just listing the ten songs on your iPod that you feel are the best. Anyway, here's mine: 1. Quietdrive- "Both Ways" 2. Fall Out Boy- "I've Got a Dark Alley and a Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth" 3. Lifehouse- "Whatever It Takes" 4. Angels & Airvwaves- "Everything's Magic" 5. Louque- "Kenny The Jet" 6. Tim Hughes- "Happy Day" 7. Bloodhound Gang- "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo" 8. Nickel Creek- "Out of the Woods" 9. Sister Hazel- "Change Your Mind (Live)" 10. Lucky Boys Confusion- "Ordinary" I have a zillion songs that are rated 5 stars in iTunes, so that doesn't work, and my most played list is VERY inaccurate because I had a hard drive crash and most of my songs have like.. 3 plays.
  10. Last Thing on Your Mind- Lights Coming up Next: Poker Face- Lady GaGa
  11. Fashion Report- Pay TV Untouched- The Veronicas Hook Me Up- The Veronicas Popular- The Veronicas Someone Wake Me Up- The Veronicas In Another Life- The Veronicas Take me on the Floor- The Veronicas [Okay, so that's already like half the tracks from The Veronica's album Hook me Up, so... just imagine the rest are there too] Drive my Soul- Lights February Air- Lights The Last Thing On Your Mind- Lights White- Lights Ice- Lights Don't Trust Me- 3OH!3 Buttons- The Pussycat Dolls I Hate This Part- The Pussycat Dolls Poker Face- Lady GaGa Money Honey- Lady GaGa The Fame- Lady GaGa [Also, instead of going on... and on... and on about Lady GaGa, every single track on The Fame, amazing album.] Circus- Britney Spears Womanizer- Britney Spears Unusual You- Britney Spears [Every song on Circus by B here too..] Raver's Fantasy- TUNEUP! Euro Dancer- Rob Hilton Basshunter- DotA Ian Van Dahl- Castles in the Sky Jeffree Star- So Fierce Jeffree Star- Picture Perfect Jeffree Star- Miss Boombox Jeffree Star- Heart Surgery Isn't That Bad Kylie Minogue- Speakerphone Kylie Minogue- Like a Drug Kylie Minogue- Light Years [You know, every song from Kylie Minogue- X too.] And like a zillion other songs and albums that I'm obsessed with that I'll feel bad for missing later. Damn, and this was supposed to be 10. I LOVE THEM TOO MUCH. I feel like Lady GaGa or Britney or The Veronicas would like.. care if they weren't on here. *sigh*
  12. I gray out all the time in Mindbender's 2nd loop and it's final helices. Almost every time I ride I gray out twice, but 5.5-6 Gs does that.
  13. No! Don't hide who you are to satisfy others! Be yourself- if they can't accept you for the person that you are then why would you want to be around them? I'm gay, personally and if my friends didn't accept me for the way I am then I wouldn't be friends with them. Don't ask, don't tell should be called "Hide your feelings and who you are so society doesn't have to feel upset. " If they get upset, let them be upset because you know you're the bigger person! Be free
  14. I don't 'bike' but I'm happy to see that TPR isn't full of idiots like my mom's boyfriend who act like you're 'yuppy and stupid' if you drive a honda and the only thing you can ride EVAR KNOWN TO MAN is a Harley if you wan to be a 'cool' biker. You also have to weigh 500 pounds, be a womanizer, have a beard that is disgustingly un-groomed and long, constantly and only wear leather and black and be obsessed with fire, death, skulls and eating if you want to be a 'real biker.' I hate people. They make me angry. Bikers don't piss me off if they're just your average joe that rides a motorcycle. I'm going off on a tangent, I'ma stop now. I have to say though, I think the Hondas and the Suzukis look way cooler than Harleys
  15. I got $1000 from my grandma. I was floored. So I saved that and worked a couple of weeks and got a MacBook I also got $100 from my sister and $120 from my mom's friend Jack who might as well be family and 2 seasons of friends [My favorite show ever!]
  16. I live in Canada and we have 'Robins Donuts' which was [maybe still is, ours shut down] a chain but now you can buy their coffee in stores and make it yourself. But as for stuff I buy that I don't make, Starbucks is win.
  17. Happy belated birthday! Thanks for everything you've done with your site!
  18. TPR TV. CoasterTube limits you to coaster videos. I worked really hard on it- hope you like it! I personally don't really like bevels and gradients much, but I think this image suits the site extremely well, gives it a carnival-esque atmosphere and also looks sharp. I did, rather than letting each character be it's own identity modify the font on 'TPR' to combine it into one element. Not asking you to use it, not at all, just thought you might like it, and it might help with some ideas.
  19. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate that! And I don't have very many vocal effects on in Plasticity, I have the auto tuney effect on but it's not on that heavy. I do really like them though, the artist I'm most inspired by is Lady GaGa, and if you don't like her music you probably wouldn't like mine, haha. I don't know if you realized this, but I didn't just use pre set loops, I made them with my keyboard. Thanks for listening, though, I appreciate your advice. PS: Sounding totally computer generated is what I wanted http://drop.io/plasticity/ You guys can use Plasticity and Lively for whatever you want, I'd appreciate the "helping me get out there-ness." You can also hear the new song I'm working on there, I really hope you enjoy it, I think it's my best yet.
  20. It's an effect that splits my voice into keys. And I'm a graphic designer, so I'm designing my album art- but thank you so much for the offer! http://drop.io/plasticity/ The full version of Plasticity! I've completed the song! As for what application I use, I just use Garageband on my Mac. =] PS: Instead of double posting, I decided to delete the previous post to post this one, as I figured a complete song is worth a new post but I didn't want to double post- hope you understand! 8 days left until my heart beats again Now, now, now, I look like them, them, them. Hospital, want it all, let me fall Botox, robots, conscience is small. Television is my vision ice cold, body trippin' One night stand Somebody else in your bed every night. Fall into my little plastic eyes and I'll love you with my plastic heart, Plasticity Plasticity Dance with me We'll be barbie dolls together Dance with me Plasticity Plasticity Dance with me We'll live on eternally 'Cause plastic never dies. D-d-dies, dies. Plasticity ty -ty -ty -ty -ty- ty Plastic City ty -ty -ty -ty -ty- ty P-P-Plasti C-C-City. ty -ty -ty -ty -ty- ty Hearts can never break when they've never beat, beat, beat Glitz and glitter all over my skin Lipo, have to be thin, thin, thin Hollywood's always good, understood? Detox, robot, We knew you would Incision decision Lift it or tuck it in What is the plan? Me and you In the room every night Fall into my little plastic eyes and I'll love you with my plastic heart, Plasticity Plasticity Dance with me We'll be barbie dolls together Dance with me Plasticity Plasticity Dance with me We'll live on eternally 'Cause plastic never dies. D-d-dies, dies. Plasticity ty -ty -ty -ty -ty- ty Plastic City ty -ty -ty -ty -ty- ty P-P-Plasti C-C-City. ty -ty -ty -ty -ty- ty Holla at you Hollywood You know I love you... let's be friends. Just kidding... ew... Plasticity... DANCE WITH ME! Those are the lyrics for the song! Just as a note- the little snide comments at the end are not what I'm like, I'm playing a character for the song, just so people don't take me as like that. Plasticity.mp3
  21. Thanks for the advice! I understand what you mean about the not-being-able-to-understand-the-vocals part of Lively, but I intended for my vocals to, rather than standing alone, going against the melody to become a part of the melody. Rather than making Lively more dependant on the vocals I decided it'd be best to have a song that contrasts the style of music, so then I came up with Plasticity, which is a far more lyrical song that depends much more on my vocals than Lively, and it's pretty clear what I'm saying. I do like the little break in Plasticity, where my vocals go all light an airy with the lack of beat, my friends like it too and so do my parents, but I totally respect your opinion. I'll try to fix the deep voice a bit more but I really, really like it and so do my friends. I think I'll keep it the way it is- I hope you understand! Thanks for listening! Calaway "The Cover is Temporary " Park.
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