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  1. Update! What's that peeking through the entrance!? That's the biggest ferris wheel I've ever seen! The food entrance plaza looks nice in sunset. =] Oh it's got a nice Queue line cover! I feel small standing next to it. Water? You mean it's... It's built on a huge lake!! :O It looks so nice reflecting on the lake! There are stepped seating areas along the lake edge. There whole lake is circled by a huge pathway which will eventually split for a new addition... hold on my shoelace is tangled... The other way. The entrance is nice but it's completely eclipsed by the wheel... It even towers all the way over from the entrance way! I hope you guys enjoyed the update! Thank you
  2. Wrong. Soaked is ported to the Mac. You can purchase it for $19.99 at the Apple store, and also it's possible to install Wild onto the Mac version as long as you have the legally purchased version of Soaked. To install Wild, just buy a PC copy of the game and follow these instructions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwVjKsPrsAc It's perfectly safe, I did it myself. That's how I installed Wild onto my Mac.
  3. Thank you very much! The rides will come after the plaza. I want the park to split at the moment into 2 pathways and I thought a neat way to do that would be to put a lake after the guest services/restrooms and then put a Huss Giant Frisbee above the lake and then split the paths into 2 parts.
  4. No, not without additional software and it's very expensive. Plus you need a copy of Windows. The reason it's possible with the expansion is because you're really just adding data to an already installed product.
  5. Actually I have 2 very fortunate things to tell you! Legally you can install Wild on the Mac! Purchase a Wild for PC disk and then follow the tutorial in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwVjKsPrsAc It's perfectly safe, I owned wild for my PC beforehand so I already had a copy of the disk, so I had a legal licence and there's nothing preventing you from installing it on a Mac! So all you need to do is download the 2 files linked in that video and follow the on screen instructions. For this to work though, you do need both RCT 3 Vanilla and Soaked installed, you'll also need a RCT 3 Soaked! Disk for Mac as well. So that solves one issue. I currently run RCT 3 on my 20" aluminum iMac and it's about 2 generations old, so your Pro should run RCT 3 just as well- and that's saying a lot! I'm able to run RCT 3 on it's maximum settings fairly smoothly. I also have a 13" aluminum Macbook [from before it was moved into the pro line] and it also runs RCT 3 very well! I hope I was able to help you today!
  6. Sorry for the double post, but I have an update for y'all! The entrance of the park has been updated! I tried to add more colour and different wall types- also I cranked up all the graphics to the highest possible setting so I hope it looks good! As you can see I changed a lot of the boring stucco walls to the stone walls. A path behind the entrance building, you can actually enter the park via 2 paths. The carousel! I decided that I would remove the carousel's Q line cover and make a fancier more colourful food court building, so this is what came out of it. Another closer shot. The bathrooms! The most exciting part! The park's definitely getting pretty scenic! What's that? Another building in the background? Yup! It's the guest services building! Here's an overview. Overview of the updated entrance. A sort of 'horizontal' overview I guess from behind the entrance plaza. Artistic shot! Artistic shot! Again! Some more terraforming has been done in the park, you can clearly see why it's named Pinepark! Another shot of the bathrooms, they're shaded by some nice plants so nobody has to see you doing your business. I hope he's grading the park well! And we say goodbye to Pinepark! I hope you guys enjoyed the update- I tried to take your advice better. I did resize the pictures, change them to .jpg, add some more detail to the buildings and try to incorporate some more colour into the buildings. Your opinions and advice are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Sorry! I've resized them! Converted! Also thanks for the advice everyone- I'll turn up the LOD ratios and use Freelook in the future. I'd forgotten about both Thanks so much for the responses. I'll work on incorporating more colour and detail into the buildings, as I understand from the Atari Community website that they're a bit boring and ugly so I'll see what I can do! Thanks!
  8. Welcome to Pinepark! I've been gone from the RCT 3 scene for a wayyyy long time. I finally picked up a copy of RCT 3 and Soaked for my Mac and I had Wild from my PC days and I used the technique to install Wild on my Mac. I then was inspired by all the amazing parks found on this site So now we have: I hope you enjoy! What's that peeking through the trees? Pinepark Welcome to Pinepark's Entrance Plaza! I decided on a woodsie look, so I could get away from my old boring clapboard entrances and experiment with something new. Kick back and relax and plan out your day before entering the park! Fastpass thingymajiggers will go here when the park begins to develop. Behind the entrance plaza you're greeted by a covered carousel and a small food court. I wanted a realistic look. Something that is monetarily plausible, like something that a start up company could afford. The Carousel's Q line. A little over view of the entrance. Carousel in sunset! Park inspector investigating. There's missing trees in this shot because I took it before I added more. Some of the many seating areas for the guests. I wonder what the inspector thinks? The little seating area before entering the park. I hope you enjoyed the park! I've been away from RCT 3 for quite a long time so I hope it's turned out well. Thanks for reading! Teaser photo!
  9. Don't say they're not superior, they may not be in your opinion but that doesn't make ti factual. The PC is definitely the right product for you- you're a gamer. Macs aren't for gamers or people who want to mess inside of their computers. PCs and Macs have similar but different target audiences. Doesn't necessarily make one superior. @OP All well! Either way I say go with the 13" MacBook pro- if you must have games and you don't want to buy the Mac version you can always run Windows under boot camp. When you have a Mac you have all the amazing software for the Mac but you're also able to easily get the software for Windows, with Windows it only goes one way unless you use some hacky solution.
  10. Apple doesn't charge you $60 for a game that's $10 on a PC. The company that ported the game does. Apple has nothing to do with the game prices. It sounds to me that you expected Mac OS X to be Windows. It's not. There's no way possible you can HATE one OS and love the other because they're extremely similar in so many ways. I LOVE Mac OS X but I don't hate Windows. Windows is fine but I have a preference. You don't hate Mac OS X.
  11. Oh, I should've mentioned that these should be imagined as if they weren't in the black background- as if they were 3D objects. The 'Pinepark' logo doesn't fit well when it's sitting on black but that's because the park logo would more likely be sitting on an archway to the entrance or stuck to the side of a building, ya know? The only ones that would actually stay on the black background would be the ones that are impossible to do some other way, IE the Brain Fog logo.
  12. I have a 13" MacBook in aluminum before it was placed into the Pro line and I can guarantee you that RCT 3 and the Sims both run fine on it!
  13. I'm trying to achieve a realistic look with the logos but also a sort of ominous, spacey look for most of the coasters. I'd appreciate your opinions! Treetop Tumbler Brain Fog Logo Tangle Logo Sizzler Logo Park Logo
  14. I find it weird that in school if you get sick you almost get punished by your teachers for it.
  15. I uhh. Got a hair cut. A really, really, really, big hair cut. Before After. Like? Dislike?
  16. Doesn't bother me whatsoever. I scream on rides, it's a natural reaction kind of thing. And I don't know why we're saying things like "I WANT TO PUNCH THOSE GIRLS WHO HAVE A REALLY HIGH SCREAM!" How come they're not allowed to scream simply because it's not in the most convenient pitch for your delicate enthusiast ears? I get that it's annoying if they're intentionally making it as high as possible but some girls just have a naturally high pitched scream which really isn't their fault at all. Get annoyed, I understand being annoyed but It's beyond me how you could get the urge to hit someone or get mad at them for it. Constant screaming is annoying. I hate it more when GUYS intentionally PRETEND that they're super tough and they've got this uber manley gruff grumbly shout. RAAAAZCAHHAHGHHAGHAHHAHA. All in all screaming usually doesn't bother me, like it's been said before, if it's a natural reaction.
  17. H&M Fitted button up, H&M Mock neck sweater and the Wakely jacket from A&F. Just got back from getting coffee.
  18. A&F Wakely Jacket- $220 A&F Sentinel Range Zip up Sweater- $110 H&M mock neck sweater- $29.99 H&M fitted shirt- $29.99 Aeropostale- 6 polos on for buy one get one free, $70 Aeropostale- 2 graphic tees for $30
  19. I'd say this video describes it pretty well!
  20. It's because B&M are like old senile men. They're stubborn and don't like change or new fangled technology.
  21. Wow. Um. They'd definitely need to clean that glass often because I have a feeling that many people might wind up crapping themselves. I would be one of those people.
  22. The vocals are actually pretty much the same as they were on the original aside from about 2 spots. Thanks for listening anyway
  23. Thanks for listening, I would do that, but the problem is that I can't pump out new songs daily, and the thread will get lost in a bajillion pages and I'll have to bump it every time I update it, and that can cause double posts and issues that way. I just think this way follows the rules better
  24. I hope you guys love it as much as I do. http://drop.io/plasticity/asset/boom-boom-pwn-mp3 Boom Boom Pwn (Remix).mp3
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