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  1. That's... Well see, that's the point. It creates a sympathetic reaction in you, and honestly, I personally think these commercials are a very good thing, there's no reason for you to buy animals from pet stores when there are tonnes of beautiful animals at the ASPCA that don't have homes, that will just be killed if someone doesn't adopt them. They're just as cute! I love this ad! PS: I thought that acupuncture ad was pretty awesome too.
  2. Shameless self promotion of my music =] I designed everything myself =D
  3. I got my iPhone 4 on the Canadian launch day, waited 6 hours! No problems with the Antenna here, everything's working perfectly, except my iPhone 3GS suddenly feels like a piece of crap.
  4. Yeah, that's what I used to think until I got into the genre It's progressive, it's subtle and a lot of times you don't notice the changes, but it swells and swells as time goes on, one of the best things to do is to listen near the end of the track and listen to the beginning and you'll be surprised how different it is. It's most certainly not just a loop on repeat for 8 minutes And thanks man! I really appreciate that =]
  5. Thanks! And disagreeing with me about iPhone 4 just means you're wrong. *cough*
  6. @JMicha Thanks =D I remember you from my old music pages too =] @the ghost That's a pretty damn huge compliment! I idolize him! Thank you! PS: If you're a fan of my music, I have a Facebook fan page now! http://fan.seandroid.me
  7. THIS IS AN OLDER POST, the new song mentioned in the title is on page 2 of this thread. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bu2wHJIS0NU This is my new progressive house track, it's an emotional track that I got the idea for when I was under a lot of pressure, it's only got a small vocal section. I've been producing music for a couple years now (some of you may remember my older music!) And I think I've finally found my niche. Please listen with earphones as the track is binaural (as in the events of the track aren't only stereo, they surround you, things happen in front of you and behind you as well) and there are a lot of subtle nuances. This will sound odd but I usually recommend turning your lights off and closing your eyes, it lets you only focus on the music, it's even a little euphoric. I'm really impressed with how this has turned out and I hope you guys enjoy listening as much as I have producing. Thanks
  8. OH MY GOD! I'M A HUGE fan of Lights! YAY! You are so lucky!
  9. Ogopogo in the the Okanagan lake in British Columbia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ogopogo
  10. They're really not any more expensive than anywhere else, they just have a lot of higher end clothing retailers. Go down Bourbon Street and there are some fantastic restaurants and they have great prices. And the Spaghetti Factory is awesome. And hey, there's always the food court for some Yogen Fruz, Jugo Juice/Booster Juice/Orange Julius and dim sum!
  11. Sorry about that, everything should be working now.
  12. Today I took a trip up to Galaxyland with my friend's Sam and courtney and took pictures to show you guys the park, it's under photographed, that's for sure- thankfully Robb and Elissa did get a POV of Mindbender for you guys. [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=CIMG1403_8wiw[/coastertube] There's a video of the new flat! Sonic Twister! It was just as good as I had hoped, a super turbulent little ride that packed a ridiculous punch in a super small form factor! "Hidden Mickey" Galaxy Orbiter twisting around the mighty Mindbender. The Space Shot! The name is misleading, while it's called the Space Shot, it's actually an S&S Double Shot. The former location of the Sonic Storm, future location of Galaxyland's new flat! STACKER! The most evilly addicting game EVER. The Cosmic... big... scrambler... thing. Galaxy Orbiter! There's really nowhere in the park you can go without seeing a part of Galaxy Orbiter's track. It's really everywhere, and the coaster is a TONNE of fun. Yogen Fruz! Second best part of the trip. Zoom! Mindbender's helix. OF DOOM. Where you get your photo taken. Line's short! Let's go! Sonic Twister really was fantastic. From what I gathered, sort of as a tribute to Sonic Storm and Galaxy Twister, the 2 rides getting replaced, they combined their names. The sign! The track is really, just... everywhere. Flying Galleon! The ride where we sat in front of a bunch of screaming pre pubescent 6 year old boys who never shut up the entire ride. Yay. The Galleon actually sits above a little pool of water, and a little waterfall goes over the exit normally, but it was off today. The park is themed very well for the most part, definitely on the kids side [there's a more thrilling ride side and a side with mostly kids rides.] More of Flying Galleon's theming. Bumper cars, and theming. Galaxy Kids Play Park. It's crazy! I wish I was still small enough to visit it, it's so much fun! A huge tangled mess of slides, nets, bridges and stuff to climb! WOOT. The train also goes pretty much everywhere in the park. Balloon Race! These photos are of Europa Boulevard, my favourite phase of West Edmonton Mall The Professor WEM'S Mini Golf Course lies under the pathway. Neat little water features in it. Thanks for reading/looking! Hope you enjoyed! ADMIN EDIT: I have edited your title to move the "Photo TR:" to the front of the title for formatting purposes and have added a brief description to the subtitle so that readers viewing this thread from the index can have an idea of what they'll see if they visit your thread.
  13. Definitely, I'm going to be riding it this Sunday, so I'll be sure to leave a review!
  14. Nice! I'm glad it's awesome, It looks like it's insane! And as with every ride, it looks tiny in video and on the internet, but I'm sure it looks a heck of a lot larger in reality. Either way, I was kind of sad about MOA getting a new 'brain surge' ride and Galaxyland was getting left with nothing.... again, but I didn't realize Galaxyland was getting 2 new flats, even if they're replacing old ones, the old ones kind of sucked.
  15. Galaxyland has recently added a new flat ride to their repertoire, the Sonic Twister, which is a 12 seater 'sidewinder' from Moser Rides. Galaxyland is also set to have another attraction opened either later this year or next season, but information is scarce. That's the ride, and while it looks really childish, wait until you see the video on Moser's site! If my predictions are correct, the acceleration forces on this thing because of it's size, will give you CRAZY ejector air and positive G-Forces, it HAULS A**. http://www.moserrides.com/funnyrides/sidewinder%20mini/sidewinder-12/sidewinder12.htm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4PuJSDWHmQ That's a super bad quality cell phone camera video, but you can see how freakin' fast it goes! This ride replaced the aging Moser Top Spin that was there before, which, for all intensive purposes, was pretty boring. I definitely wasn't a fan, and the lines were always empty, plus it was down for repairs constantly. So this is a great replacement IMO!
  16. This is definitely good for the park, but it kind of makes me sad. Canada has one of the worst coaster collections in the world. LaRonde has Goliath and Vampire, Canada's Wonderland has Behemoth, and Galaxyland has Mindbender. So we have 4 'stand out' coasters in total... with every park in Canada included there, Vampire is a mirrored clone, Mindbender is a partial clone, so that leaves us with 2 decent, original coasters. I wonder why? We have a fairly grim count of amusement parks too, and it can't just be the climate... I mean was Wonderland not one of the most monetarily successful parks in the Paramount repertoire? The parks are consistently busy, and the country has a population of over 30 million. A lot of European countries with way smaller populations and a very similar climate, if not harsher, have way more parks with way more stand out coasters. Either way, I shouldn't complain, I suppose there are countries that don't have any amusement parks at all. This will be good for LaRonde, and I definitely agree that the GP won't really care or pay attention to the minor similarities to Vampire.
  17. I love your wallpaper! Where could I find it? Click for full size Thumnail, my wallpaper is gorgeous and you should really view it at it's full resolution.
  18. I learned a full work out for my upper body at the gym with a trainer. I also learned what it feels like to be unable to move your arms.
  19. Apple never once marketed the iPad as a tablet computer.
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