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  1. Bottle of Pepsi Max, $1.79, 3 pack of Reese Cups, $0.99, big bag of lays ketchup chips, $3.99, orange Vitamin Water [i forget it's hip name.] $2.49. $9.26, $9.72 after GST.
  2. 5/10 Never heard of them, and it's just text, but good nonetheless
  3. Wow! I thought I was the only one. I am seriously against "text message speak." My iPhone and my blackberry had a full qwerty keyboard. USE IT! And even those phones that don't, that's what T9 Word was invented for. If someone texts me using txt tlk, I don't even respond. If I have to try to decifer what someone is saying, I delete it! The problem is when we have an absolutely legit person who is brand new and comes on to post something. For example, we have many parks that will post about events, new rides, etc, but they don't post very often. They would no longer be able to do this. And yeah, then you'd just have people find the random thread or some other way to "post for posting sake" until they get their post count up. The best solution is to just have a really good team of mods and we constantly monitor the forums. Those who are bad posters usually end up getting what they deserve anyway.... --Robb My friends and I actually rarely use 'txt spk' when we message eachother. Most of my friends don't use punctuation or capitals [i do] but that doesn't bother me much. And if he was a repeat offender I think that the thread was locked legitimately.
  4. I made the melody using my keyboard. Dunno, could be similar to something?
  5. EDIT: I don't mean to bump this thread but I was told to keep all of my music in a single thread, so scroll down to hear the latest tracks! My mom bought me an easy button from Staples. I was messing around and I decided to remix it. You can listen to it here. http://drop.io/plasticity/asset/that-was-easy-mp3 What do you think haha?
  6. I was going to offer you mine until you said Mint, in box. Mine looks like it fell in a blender, it scratched crazily easy. My DS lite and DSi look great though. Any particular reason you want the silver one?
  7. In Canada Pepsi's always been made with sugar. Dunno about Coke, though.
  8. 9/10 Cool quote. I like Neophyte [Guilty pleasure, even though they scare me]
  9. I just don't really put any thought into it. I just buy what I like.
  10. I love Pepsi Twist! Is there anywhere you can find Mr. Pibb in Canada? We only have Dr. Pepper here from what I've seen. Have you tried Dr. Pepper Berries and Cream? Nasty!
  11. We sell them at work. As a standalone camera, they're not that great in terms of picture quality, but they're definitely one of the better durable cameras.
  12. See this is entirely to superficial to me. Who are you to tell other people to cover up just because you don't want to see it (and please don't take this as a personal attack as this is far bigger then you or anyone on this board alone) as much it pains some people, it does get some people off and you know what that's what matters in the end, not getting the approval of everyone, but that one special person who wants to see your hairy crack in a speedo lol! All that said, I would never wear one myself. I don't even like the fact I have to take off my clothes to shower let alone going out in only a bananahammock (lol I love that term) I'm also afraid to go to the beach, I won't go swimming because I won't take my shirt off. I'm too self conscious and reasons such as those are kind of the reason I'm afraid to. I'm not fat, but I'm not thin, I'm 'average' but that's sure not how I feel. So a Speedo would be no. And, i'd kind of feel like I was swimming in my old Sonic the Hedgehog briefs that I used to wear backwards so I wouldn't 'toot' on him.... TMI? =]
  13. A&W!!!!!!! They have the best fries in the world! Personally I think Wendy's is VILE, aside from their homestyle chicken strips. Oh, but McDonalds in Canada [the US's is different, seriously!] has the most AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS barbecue sauce in the WORLD. And the McDonalds in Canada has no meat products in their fries.
  14. I've just never really understood the concept of religion. If every religion is right... which one is wrong? Not all of them can be the truth but people who have their own faith will tell you other religions are wrong with evidence like "They have no proof!" but there is no proof! We know this, or there would be a universal religion because it would be proven as the one and only truth. And with things like the Bible, how do we know if what we're reading is metaphorical or not? Did Moses really part the red sea, or is that statement really just a way to describe something else? If the Bible is written by God, in the sense that his ideas were passed through the people who wrote the Bible, man is tainted! God gave us free will according to the bible, so those who wrote it were just as tainted and able to think for ourselves as the rest of us. Could these statements about homosexuality be the opinion of the person interpreting God or is that what's intended? It's impossible to know. Your reasonings for disagreeing with allowing gay marriage are fine with me, I understand why you feel this way even though I strongly disagree I understand why you have the opinion I do. What I do have a problem with is Prop 8. You can find out some horrible, horrible things that went on with that campaign, the ads were created with the specific intent to make Gay marriage sound like it would ruin the world. It's saying to protect the children from gay marriage. They don't teach *marriage* in school, so why would they teach *gay* marriage? It's very interesting to read the other side of the argument, and It's awesome that you've been respectful Crazy4Coasters.
  15. Kumali and Kumba. Blahh. I think it's Koo-mahl-ee and Kumba is Koom-ba but is it Koo-mahl-'I?' or "K-uhm-ba?" Thanks =]
  16. I definitely watch them both, but I like the trip disk a bit better than the footage disk, I only have 7, though.
  17. Did you guys get to see the full size Santa Maria replica? Or the 30 foot long fire-breathing dragon in Silver City Theaters?
  18. Mindbender in Galaxyland pulled 6.75 before they removed the last car on the train. They removed it specifically to lower G Forces but Mindbender still goes from 5.5 and up from what I've seen depending on train weight and such. I'm fairly sure the car removal had nothing to do with Mindbender's accident.
  19. Oh my. You saw it, but didn't ride it!? Solar Flare is INTENSE! There's a button on every seat that stops your car from flipping, or you can leave it sit, when you go over the top there is intense airtime, you can even hold your seat so that you're upside down at the bottom and right side up at the top, and the end cars are actually stand up seats! It's incredibly awesome! I'm so glad you guys loved Mindbender, Galaxyland and the rest of WEM. The Waterpark is also completely awesome. I hope you guys enjoyed Galaxy Orbiter as well. I'm happy your experience in Edmonton was a great one!
  20. Hi there! I just have to warn you, you're going to need to purchase a standard URL if you want visitors. Using the one that came with your free forum will prevent you from getting found in search engines among other things. You're also using a standard forum skin which is a bad idea, you're likely going to have users that leave simply because it's the standard skin. Here's to your luck, I hope you can succeed!
  21. I find the batter sticks better if you dredge the onions in a bowl of flower before putting them in the batter. Looked yummy though.
  22. !! I love Pillsbury Croissants! Yumm! =\ Great uh... food report!
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