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  1. Can anyone give me a link to what your seeing on KI's site? I can't seem to find it .
  2. God forbid he'd have an opinion or dare to the insult Holy Cedar Point. Well, on this site God Forbid someone actually like Cedar Point Honestly, TPR is the Cedar Point hate capitol of the world. Ok, please link me at least one or to times where someone has said they HATE Cedar Point. Not thinking a park isn't as good as it's hyped up to be isn't the same as hating it. -Gaven
  3. Because MF has awesome speed, some great airtime, an amazing first drop, is really smooth, and is just plain fun especially in the front row! Overrated. Anyways great TR Danian! Great Photos and can't wait to see your latest installment! -Gaven
  4. I'm almost positive he didn't mean the Denmark in the US.
  5. Brown Hurley shirt, black nike shorts, Polo boxers, and Rainbow Sandals.
  6. People are saying the fence he hoped is 3 feet tall. If that is true, then the park needs to get bigger fences for liability reasons. Still, it's not to smart to jump in a restricted zone.
  7. http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?section=news/local&id=6262072 Well, wouldn't you think someone who works at the park knew better? People these days. EDIT : It was on the news this morning that the man died. My prayers go out to him and his family, but still, you should know better.
  8. Look. Flat Ties. Umm dude? That's the dive coaster at Chimelong... I know, what I was proving is that it has the same ties as the track at the B&M plant. I think I worded it wrong.
  9. Looks like you just went into sandbox and plopped down a bunch of coasters. With names like Wicked Twister, the Beast, Firehawk etc, I can tell you put alot of time and thought into your park.
  10. Yeah, especially Busch parks. Their some of the nicest parks in the world. I really do hope they are sold. It would be really up setting seeing world class theme parks like this get scraped.
  11. Well, I don't know about anyone else but I think your coasters are well above decent and some of the best uploaded on this site IMO.
  12. Eh, the ride wasn't fun at all and in fact pretty boring. I have the credit already, so I don't really care. Maybe it's being dismantled to make room for an AQUATRAX! You all knew it was coming! -Gaven.
  13. Very original coaster! I loved how it used the terrain so well but also had great airtime and laterals. Good Job once again ArrowHater! Keep em coming! -Gaven
  14. Ah, a pissed off fan boy, I see. If you watched the video and payed attention correctly, you would see that they were mad because of the horrible park operations, he even said that it was a nice park. Tyler, your videos are great! They have some great coaster footage and always make me laugh! Especially that rant at the end, That cracked me up! Looking foward to see more! -Gaven.
  15. Yeah the last time it operated was for a year or two in the late 90's.
  16. Wow, that has to be one of the most messed up but at the same time awesome coaster stations I've ever seen. Yeah, this ride looks pretty unique. I like the look of the trains, their basically the same thing as X-car trains. Also, this was obviously built in No limits. Could this possibly be No Limits 2 anyone? -Gaven
  17. Haha wow, that teaser was so lame and cheesy. Pathetic attempt at trying to be Hersheypark. Worlds Of Fun = Failed
  18. Are you serious???? That new white color looks fantastic. It sure is a step up from its old color. Cotten Candy Pink!! Yes, especially at night. All the different colored lights glowing off the white track look really cool. It is a very photogenic coaster at night. And about the Golden Nugget, I had the privilege to ride it when I was about 6. I really don't remember that much about it, but my mom always tells me I loved to ride and wanted to ride it over and over again. -Gaven
  19. Well yes, If you hadn't noticed, B&M has been building pretty steep lifts lately. If you've seen Goliath at SFOG and Behemoth's lifts, they're steeper than normal B&M's. Also if I'm looking at the blue prints correctly, they have a bunny hill going over Crypt's que. So it's obviously ok. -Gaven. Courtesy of RCDB.
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