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  1. Did the people perposely set their town on fire, and then went in the mine shaft because there was some fountain of youth/gold findings there. And anytime the train went inside the mountain, the riders saw the thing and decided to get off the ride and stay there with the other people? Do the people on the ride willingly, or unwillingly disappear?
  2. Okay, sorry i'll stop guessing. But it just goes to show how great a job you've done on this.
  3. Both the mine shaft thing and the coaster go underground, and there's fire, does the coaster go to hell or something? Does the coaster take it's riders back into the past to when there was the fire? Does the fire have anything to do with it? Am I on the right track? Just want to say your doing an awesome job, and could work for the movie studios to make shitty movies more suspenseful. Great Work!
  4. I don't make custom scenery so i wouldn't know, sorry EDIT:Sorry, i'm a retard Ya it's custom scenarios not scenery.
  5. that's awesome ryan maybe i'll show you guys my high school someday
  6. Nice trip report, it looks like you had a fun time! Yankee Cannonball looks awesome!
  7. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, and Benchwarmers!! Side Note: I love The Beatles in A Hard Day's Night!
  8. Mine's Porlier.....James Porlier (james is my middle name if your too stupid, here's your sign!)
  9. Ya for SFMM and Universal(since they have mostly shows and a couple of rides) they shouldn't mind (or SFMM employees don't care). But i haven't been to DL since 98'(ya i know i need to go) and Knott's since 97' but i have heard they have very strict policies. Tell me what you think of my home park SFMM and have fun!
  10. This is my first posted park, and it is called Forever Forest. It has an Intamin woodie, a schwarzkopf, and a heavely themed flyer. Comments/feedback would be nice, so enjoy! Okay here you go: Overview of park Turnaround Monorail Station near Falcon More Flacon pretty section Slum section of Flacon Masterpiece: Falcon's Flight Mono station, suggestions? Schwarzkopf! Intamin woodie: Chipper First Area Riverside
  11. Looks like you had a good time apollo and the park look like it had a really classic feel good TR!
  12. ...when you skin your hot dog and cut it into bite size pieces at the dinner table and say "It's Elissa approved"! (guilty)
  13. Star Wars 4 Encino Man Liar Liar Benchwarmers Emperor's New Groove My movies be pimp
  14. The Beatles- Abbey Road Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Led Zeppelin- Led Zepelin 2 Houses of the Holy Yayaaa!
  15. Park looks pretty nice, just a little suggestion you might want to try. Use the terrain sprayer to make the ditches at the bottom of the airtime hills on goliath concrete. It make the coaster look more realistic.
  16. Flashback, Deja Vu, Viper, and Rattler! Give the pain, i love these coasters tons fun.
  17. I think most people stayed for the fireworks. But you could have still gotten good seats because when the rain started everyone went under lone star lil's theater thing and abandoned there spots. I went under but my friends stayed at our spot. (we were right in front directly facing the cliffs)
  18. Hey, I went to Fiesta Texas on the fourth too! Actually, they did end up doing the fireworks and they were great! Glad you had a good time at my home park!
  19. I live next to Fiesta Texas, so if they do get a flyer or dive machine I could get some photos.
  20. Before I start, I'd like to say I respect both of your opinions although I agree with only one of them. OK, so I feel that the whole WMD thing was a mistake but I don't feel that the whole war was a mistake. I think Saddam (although did not plot/get involved in the 9-11 attacks) is in essence a terrorist. The definition for terrorism is The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons. Saddam was a terrorist because he intimidated his own people with gas chamber, torture chambers, rape rooms and mass killings of people. And I think the 9-11 attacks opened our eyes to the now obvious need to defeat Al-Queda, but also the need to stop everyone who carries the same ideaology and belief in using terrorism. I also feel that it was are buisiness(going into Iraq) since the people in pain and need in Iraq were actually human beings the same as us here in america. They were denied of god given inalienable rights for decades under Saddam so I feel that going in there was long overdue. All in all, I am glad that you feel we need to stay the course and support the troops. I truly respect your opinions. Sorry for such a long post.
  21. The Beatles are my favorite, so I promoted them to chief TPR forum avatar.
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