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  1. LOVE THE RECREATION!!! (except without the Mickey part) It really looks like my home park! You should be VERY proud of your work.
  2. lol, I expereinced snow what? about 6 times in my 13 years in Cali. It's beautiful up there, but I think it'd become kinda annoying after a while. Glad I only lived in Texas and Cali my life! (love warm weather, although I love snow).
  3. I learned that Megan doesn't like me like I do, and that girls are so confusing and make it hard to live.
  4. lol, I was thinking that Hendrix should be up there....
  5. KEY: RS=Robb Stripping QB=Quad Boob Headlights DC=Da Cock Ornament ST=Shark Tums and there's my "Heyx3" and Ryan's fist pounding it. TPR train.bmp TPR ROCKS
  6. LOL! I Love christmas, it's a great time to just appreciate and enjoy life. We alreadys set up our christmas tree (fake ) We usually have denver omlettes or eggs benedict for christmas morning. And in Cali, where all my relatives are, we'd have TONS of ham. Cuz we'd got to my gram's for lunch and go to my othre grandparent's house for dinner! It was awesome. It's so cool that we're celebrating the birth of christ, I always thought it'd be cool if we celebrated his birth like one of our birthdays and had cake and stuff! But I don't think it could be any better than the way we celebrate christmas! Ho-Ho-Ho! Merry Christmas!!
  7. Those are hillarious! Thanks for the post! God Bless The Simpsons!
  8. I had a dream about the best friend of the girl I like. It was really weird. I'm not going to get into detail .
  9. These toys are just preparing our children for the future!
  10. I couldn't tell at first either, but I don't think it's real. Lol
  11. Who's the best? They're all great but just want to see what other people think. It can be based on creativity, infuluence, popularity, coolness, or whatever! If you feel anyone else deserves to be up there let me know.
  12. AMEN!!! LoL! And Led Zeppelin! But seriously there are much better things to be thankful of.
  13. Stop lieing!^ You know you beat that punks ass, cuz you're a gangsta! (j/k )
  14. I'm thankful for my awesome parents. They are so cool and give me all the freedom I need. I'm thankful for friends (Here's a shoutout to my boyz, Cameron, Stephen and David!) who help me all the time and give me loads of advice. I'm thankful for being able to have the great life I have and not have to worry about poverty and hunger. I'm thankful for all that the gracious Lord has given me and I charish it all.
  15. I'm glad that other people are having similar experiences as me! It's so cool here, we're all on big Family!!! (some fatter than others) So many people here give me advice (mostly on girls) and I'm so thankful. We all give thanks to the people who make this place go, Robb, Elissa and many others! Be thankful today! In the words of Edgar Allen Poe:"I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it!" (how true)
  16. Thank you SO much Gman!!!! I really like my new avatar, and have a VERY good ThanksGiving! x25
  17. Happy Birthday Mike! (again, insert The Beatles' "Birthday" here) And Happy Gobble Gobble Day!
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