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  1. I live in S.A. and go to fiesta texas a lot, and I'm not sure about the black things on the train (they've been there since I moved in Spring of 05). But what I heard is that they are changing Superman's look back to the way he looked in the first movie.(Since the new superman movie is also changing to the classic look as appose to the look that they've been using on this coaster and S:TE)
  2. Actually, an inline twist has the track at the center and your body goes around the track.
  3. Ya, I rode X with VERY loose Sk8er Shoes and they didn't come off. But if he really loves his shoes, he should just take them off.
  4. From what I've been on X, but there is this one coaster that is highly overated and doesn't get enough attention as it deserves. I love the Superman KC
  5. SFFT Have you seen anything more beautiful? A B&M next to a clifff.
  6. I remember SFFT's boomerang having several sudden stops in the sloping station. ^bit of a toungue twister
  7. I like seafood and pasta.
  8. Hey Robb, from reading the updates here I have found out that you and Elissa are absoluetly bonkers about Carrabba's. I live in San Anton and there is one near me. What is good to eat at Carrabba's? Thanks.
  9. Here are some tips for SFMM: 1. Go to your to priority ride first, (whether it'd be Tatsu or X or whatever you want) 2. Try to go to on the rides in the back of the park early the shortest lines are then. 3. The rides to get on early are X, Tatsu,and Deja Vu.( Along with Goliath, Batman, and Riddler's, they have high cappacity so their lines won't get as long but they can on occasion) This as been Austin Online helping you with your SFMM needs, have a safe trip and enjoy SFMM! Oh the Flash Pass can be bought at the ticket booth or some other place that I can't remeber (but SFMM website knows!), and they're good for rider to ride 4 different ride. For example I buy 1 flash pass so during the day I use the Flash pass on X, Tatsu, Riddler's, and Deja Vu. Hoipe it helps.
  10. OMG!! What are you talking about without X you still have the arguebly the best Stand-Up, arguably the best Suspended, a great inverted, a giant inverted boomerang that scares the crap outa me, a great hyper(with a killer helix), one of the best terrain rides ever (including the first sucessful loop), a classic arrow 7-looper, and oh yeah AN AWESOME FLYER!!
  11. What about SFFT you can't beat a park with great atmosphere and in the middle of a quarry. And it has the best floorless S:KC
  12. Yes. Does anyone like the Beatles? (look at avatar)
  13. At SFMM, I was walking around and these guys said, "Hey,lets go ride THE X"! It just kind of sets me off. But before you jump on me for being taking it too seriously, you wouldn't call the movie "Titanic" "The Titanic". Or call "Jaws" "The Jaws". Whatever, I'm just saying that X is called X not THE X, maybe I should just see a DOCTOR! AND GET MY PILLS!
  14. Hey Robb, on a scale of 1 to 10, what do you give Tatsu? And where does it rank in comparison to the other rides at the park? Oh and did it live up to your expectaions?
  15. Will a flyer be going to SFFT? Will it feature new inversions for a flyer?
  16. The Long and Winding Road-The Beatles
  17. ...Drew Carrey. Who needed a pit stop at....
  18. LUCKY!!!! Tatsu is looking awesome. To bad the park changed its ways the year I move from Cali to Texas. But hey I got Superman: Krypton Coaster. Very nice update.
  19. What would you like to see SFMM do in 2007?
  20. Will more flying coasters, like Tatsu, be coming out soon?
  21. I remember thinking when Scream was anounced how cool it will be to ride a floorless for the first time. But although the coaster had very fun inversions, it let me down due to horrible theming. What do you think?
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