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  1. LMAO, it's true though if Hillary was 10 pounds heavier and didn't have that hair i don't think we'd know her (not that she meant anyhting to begin with).
  2. Nice party Joel, to bad my parents say i'm to old for trick or treating. Oh well looks like you had a great time!
  3. ^Love this thread I started, my freind and I were on Poltergiest at SFFT, and we yelled "OMFG and "OMG" and "LOL" and "LMAO"! BUS WARS: A NEW PERPUTRATOR! Okay so were on the bus, and we're messing around as usuall. And everyone was on the bus today and it was really crowded in the back. So Austin went to sit next to me (i'm also Austin) and he goes,"UHH!" like he's having sex. Then he says," Some Austin on Austin action". So were driving around and we're next to a Bill Miller's (a BBQ place) and Nick does his crazy scream (the pitch is higher than Robert Plant's voice) and i swear the bus driver does not look sround to the back like a normal person would. Instead he turns to look at Bill Miller's, and we're yelling obscene things at him, like,"Get a hearing aid grandma!". So were driving along (through heavy, stop and go traffic) and these guys are walking by and they start throwing paintballs at the windows and inside the bus. SO we're getting pissed and Austin takes an apple and throws it at them! But my head was in the way and it hit me (it didn't hurt that much), i was just laughing and so was everyone else. We started laughing so hard that the bus driver stops the bus (without pulling over), holds up traffic, and he grabs ustin and Nick and makes them sit right behind his seat. So we (the guys in the back) start having a conversation with Austin and Nick in the front, all the way across the bus! The bus driver tells us to shut the hell up. So were driving along again and the same paintball guys catch up to us. And one guy has a paintball gun, and starts pretending to aim it in our direction, and the bus driver does nothing!!!! So Austin points at the guy with the gun and says,"You see that? That's a weapon!". It was hillarious.
  4. I like to lay in bed, and watch a game (any kind of pro. game) while eating some soup (preferably new england clam chowder). Or spend hours on TPR.
  5. The one with yellow teeth, nobody has perfect sparkling white teeth so his are fake.
  6. I enjoy thunder, it's so cool. But i hate lightning, especialy at night cuz it lights up my whole room and i can't go to sleep. But i can go to sleep with thunder when i can't see the lightning.
  7. Looks cool, i hope this one isn't a flop either! I agree with thefitness thoug, chain link thing isn't working. (unless your trying to get a new rep. for chain link fences)
  8. ^I WILL! Letting people know that a fat guy was cremated and he set a fire from his fat, is a very good way of informing people that cremation isn't always good. Or that if your cremated do it in Hawaii and have your ashes tossed out to sea so that the dolphins get get it stuck in their systems and they'll die of lung cancer. But who cares about the dolphins! Your post of a South Park Episode is useless becuase, people take time to look at your useless crap and it takes away from the real things in life: Quad boobs, porn, and fat people gettting cremated that create fires from their fat. So in conclusion, your posts are useless and you might as well talk in Yiddish. Since nobody speaks yiddish! I will now leaceyou with a yiddish phrase: "Your mom doesn't have lock!" Oh and Ryan is right, as usual.
  9. Tony LA Russa should retire now, that'd be cool. GO CARDS!!!
  10. LOL^ okay...... BUS WARS: ATTACK OF THE XYLOPHONE! okay so we're on the bus and we find this huge bag and we're like "WTF?". So ask everyone near where we found it if it was theirs. And everyone was like "no!". So we opened the bag and we found a XYLOPHONE! That was probably the most random thing i've ever experienced. SO we are like "WTF?!?!?!?!?" and we start tapping it when we find some xylophone mallets (i'm not sure if that's what they're really called). And we start playing the xylophone and it was the funniest crap i've ever heard! I mean just think of it, you're on a bus and you turn around to hear a xylophone! that's so random! So my freind gets a hold of it and yells "LISTEN TO THIS HEAVY (TIHS .
  11. This just made my day! Congratulations, it's so awesome to hear that ANYONE is having a new child, but it's even cooler that it's two really cool people. Again Congrads!
  12. No I Hate the yanks and love to watch them loose. I also always watch the WS its just the last 2 were boring (althogh i was super happy when the red sox won).
  13. Ya this should be a good world series (most likely better than the 2 sweeps we saw the last 2 times). But it doesn't really matter to me being an Angels fan, i'm just looking to a big offseason move!
  14. lol, i love this topic! PHHHHHH! sorry guys most of been the curry!
  15. OMFG OMFG THAT'S HILLARIOUS! okay kids it's time for....... BUS WARS: THE GUYS STRIKE BACK! OKay, in this episode, the guys are in the back as usual and we started talking/cusing/loao(luaginig our asses off). And the bus is driving around and then in the middle of nowhere just stops the bus! So we're like wtf? And then the same guy that was racist agianst my balck freind in my first post walked back to the back of the bus. And just sit there cuase we know we didn't do anything and wanted to see if he'll do something retarded. SO eh walks all the way down and he literally just stands there, for a whole effing minute! Ans then he walks back,LOL! right? ON his way back nick, said WHAT THE HELL WAS THE POINT OF HIM WALKING ALL THE F*CK BACK HERE AND DOING NOTHING! It was hillarious!
  16. ^ . Everything funny happens on the bus!
  17. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I caa't wait to see what other people are going to tell! Yes Weeow, those are the REAL name sput down by the guys! (I didn't say this sarcasticaly). Oh if your going to tell a story, make sure it's a real one, and don't fabricate too much!
  18. Hey Hey Hey! Wanted to start this topic so I and anyone else can post some funny stories! Well last friday I was on the bus and some of my sophmore freind had brought some airsoft guns! One of them, Austin (not me another one) had a really nice one and when you got hit by it, it hurt like you know where. And the other one, Nick had a cheap one that looked like you could get it on the 10 ticket shelf at Chuck-E-Cheese, and didn't hurt at all. So we all get on the bus at the end of school and Austin and Nick sit in the same row but on opposite sides of the bus. Then they both pull out their guns and start shooting each other from a REALLY short distance apart. Nick was getting pelted and ended up getting welts on his whole body, and nothing really happened to Austin (this is all happening when the bus is in motion. Theres no rule against shooting somebody while the bus is in motion ). SO after a minute or two of about a hundred shots fired and a lot of cursing, the bus driver pulls the bus to the side of the road. The bus driver starts walking down the aisle to the back of the bus with his handle bar mustache blowing in the wind. He gets to the last 4 rows or so (where all of us were laughing our asses off). He says,"Who has the gun?" So no one says a thing, and i'm just staring out the window cause if i saw him i would've started laughing. And he asks Nick where the gun is, and Nick just says,"I don't have a gun! I didn't even bring my backpack to school today!"(he just put the gun anbd his backpack underneath my seat). So the driver goes back to front and comes back with a piece of paper and a clipboard. He aks me if I have it and I said,"I don't have a gun!". So for some reason he believes me and he then TELLS my black freind,AC , to write his name down on the paper!(the guy was is a racist). And AC says,"I didn't touch the gun". And the guy goes,"Just write your name down". And Ac goes,"I'm not writing my name down!" And the guy goes,"WRITE IT DOWN!". So AC puts down: John Jones. Then the driver tells Austin the same thing and Austin writes his name really sloppy so no one can read it, while saying,"Seemore Butts" The driver then asks 4 other guys to put their name's down and those guys wrote as follows: Ben Dover, Dick Lis, A-Rod, and You thought i was going to give you my name! So the driver walks back to front and on his way Austin say something sexual to him, which i'm not sure I can post here so I won't!
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