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  1. Hey, just wanted to let you know how cool your park is and really enjoyed seeing you post updates of it! I love to do this and it is very fun and sort of relaxing to do. So anyone who's complaining how it's unthemed or not realistic has never tried this and should try doing this!
  2. I want a time machine so that i can go in the future and find out the answers ! But that's not how life works, so i'll just stay at my computer 24/7 and wait till the final update.
  3. LOVE the park! VERY cool idea, i'm gonna start doing this!
  4. Looks like you had a great time! DUDE NEWS-CASTER POUND IT! Isn't that like a pound it enthusiasts wet dream? Ya not crazy about the Giants thing (lol, i'm an Angels fan and we beat you in '02 ) Ya i went to a ghetto place like that last summer, excpet it was a little worse. It was Southern San Antonio and like in the middle of gnag town, and was super ghetto. But great job!
  5. That ride looked pimp and ghetto, all in one! But seriously it's a real shame We should have a funeral service and mourn. RIP CCC! Damn park.
  6. Ya you're not a jerk. I meant people that go,"Hey your park sucks!" or "It doesn't look good." I think they're jerks beacues they're critizing without offering help. So i was just telling you cause that happened to me and i felt like blowing up a barbie
  7. Thanks for the suggestions! Okay i'm going to take a name suggested by Methos and it is: Dullahan. The dullahan (Gan Ceann) rides during the dead of night. The man is a headless horseman riding wild upon a headless horse; wherever he stops a mortal dies. His face is the color and texture of molding cheese; his head, has a large mouth and huge eyes that dart around like flies. He holds his head firmly tucked beneath his arm. The head of the black horse has flaming eyes and short-cropped ears. The horse's head is longer than the body by six yards or more. This is the dullahan, a ghastly creature always ready to fling a bucket of blood at a healthy man's face. He will come to your door and if you open it a basin of blood is thrown at you, this is a death omen. Sometimes he, with the grey-haired banshee shrieking by his side, drives a black coach drawn by six black horses with tails sweeping the ground and no heads. Flickering candles set in the hollows of skulls light the way; there's a flash of white from the wheel spokes as they turn--for they are made from a thigh-bone. A man's spine serves as a pole, and a mildewed pall (the cloth that covers a coffin), well chewed by the worms, covers it all. The dullahan serves no master but death. In fear of the headless rider; men alone in the fields at night cower behind the bushes because of his reputation with a whip. With his whip he can accurately remove the eyes of all mortals foolish enough to spy on his ventures. Since he has no head, he is somewhat defective in seeing and the dullahan resents those with skilled vision. The dullahan has a number of cousins and headlessness appears to be a family trait. Nothing puts fear into these creatures except gold. You can be saved by as little as the drop of a gold pin. (http://members.tripod.com/~pg4anna/Dullahan.htm) So ya i'm gonna change the color scheme and make some minor changes to the park.
  8. Um ya a little new stuff, i wasn't able to work longer on it today because i had a baseball game. So here you go i added a new building so tell me if it lives up to Busch standard tacoking. Here's the new building: Souveniers N' Stuff, is it Busch enough? New building on invert, does it look kinda tacky with the castle buildings on top? Added some supports to the still unamed invert, suggestions?
  9. I hope that after the lift the track just goes straight down and then ends, and all the people that ride it die! But the only people alowed to ride it are the cheap-ass SFMM Employees and after the new employees see what happened to the old employees they will change their evil ways! MWHAHAHA! But seriously it sounds good so far, keep up the good work!
  10. maybe you could give weekly hints setting up a HUGE halloween Grand Finale!
  11. Very nice park, loved the un-organized theme! But evrythin looks very good and not done sloppy, keep it up!
  12. Okay I keep I'm posting updates a lot because: A. I hate it when people don't update their thing for like a week or two, and whenever i'm looking at someone's park I want to see new additions to their park very often (i'm impatient ) B. I have a lot of free time. So I hope frequent updates are pleasing to you guys! Okay i satrted a new area today. Haven't decided name or anythin. Just know its theme/style is a wooded forest with some medival style castles and stuff. Here you go: Here's my new invert, don't have a name yet Second loop and cobra Station Sideview with weird semi-interlocking flat spin thing OMG OVERVIEW SHOT (insert drool noise here) Enterprise in Eygpt section Covering over pre-drop turn Here's some go-karts that go inside of main splashdown building New thater fills up some space between Eygpt and main entrance
  13. I'll think I'll cover the pre-drop turn, just makes the drop seem bigger to riders (I know the riders don't really know the difference since their not real). But i'll leep the lift un-covered so they'll get a sense of how massive the ride is. Appreciate the comments and love the supports!
  14. Looks prety cool, just keep on playing it and you'll progress. You're on a VERY good start! Don't let any jerks tell you differently.
  15. Ya the mouse isn't exactly supposed to be a "shocker" But I think it fits well.
  16. Here's a couple shots from eygpt and entrance: 15.bmp Overview. Maybe i should stop the Eygpt section, kinda getting out of hand. 14.bmp Stevie Ray Vaughn Concert area behind the food court. 13.bmp Ya main entrance. damn handymen! Not all the flowers are nice! I'll have to beat em! 12.bmp Back of the entrance area 11.bmp What should i put here? 10.bmp Pharo's Revenge (if you don't know wild mouse) 9.bmp New splashboat: Eygptian Nile River Splash, an aquaduct runs throught it!
  17. Well i know they have one a Sea World in San Antonio (i live 2 miles from it), but San Antonio is a 3 hour drive from the ocean so i think a Busch would've been better than a Sea World. So this is like what Sea World San Antonio could've been if a Busch, in my mind. I guess.
  18. Coasterdude5 like my coaster! YES! (insert Kirk Gibson fist pump here)
  19. The rest of the park is an entrance, food court, a couple of gentle rides, and a wild mouse. I'll have another update.
  20. Hey guys i just made a park and built a floorless could you give me some tips? 2.bmp Golden Eagle station 3.bmp Lift 5.bmp Immelman and immelman wrap 4.bmp Loop and Immelman 7.bmp Mid Course Brake and 90 degree drop 6.bmp Cobra Roll on Bazzar Island after an airtime hill 8.bmp overview
  21. Oh no! Hide your children! Well only if your children are boys, he doesn't care about girls.
  22. We're gonna smack ourselves in the face when the solution is revealed, i can feel it. I think Miachel Jackson is in the mountain and molests the kids on the ride and gives everyone who's not a little boy to his body guards and they eat them.
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