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  1. where around the park can i buy the flash passes? thanks gil
  2. Hi all, I'm planning a visit on a probably crowded saturday/sunday. I probably going to get a gold qbot,and wanted to know more about operating it in the most efficient way let's say both KK and Toro have 2 hour lines each,what should i do: 1- scan at one ride,get the ride time i need to come back at,than go to the other ride and scan there to keep a spot in line - than - had back to the first ride and go in line? how would i know i am not missing my spot at the ride i scanned while im waiting in the regular line for the other?? I mean,since the gold Qbot reduces about 75% of the wait time,i would probably miss my Qbot line if i stand in another regular long line for a diferent ride no? 2- can i go to Toro,scan the ride,than head in for the regular line for toro and use the Qbot line stargiht as i get out of the regular line? again,being a gold Qbot,won't i miss my Qbot line spot ? let's say there is an hour wait time for toro and i scan it and than go in the regular line,won't my Qbot spot be after 75% of an hour,meaning i will loose it when i get out of the regular line after an hour? mybe it is better usuing regular Qbot for that kind of operation (scan and go to regular line for the same scanned ride)? 3 - can i go around scanning a few rides one after another,do i have to do the scanning one by one,meaning scan a ride,go ride another ride,and only than i can scan a third ride etc..? Sorry if it all sounds complicated - i just try to make the best of the Qbot $$$ Any tactic advice on using the gold/regular qbot would be VERY welcomed... thanks gil
  3. thank you all. hope it won't be a problem when i visit the park... thanks gil
  4. Hi all, i can only visit the park at the weekend of 23 (sat) - 24 (sun) of september. it is the weekend BEFORE fright fest begins... My original thought was going on the 24th since it's sunday and i think it might be a bit less crowded being a school day the next day (am i right??) But then - the park announced a "coca cola Hispanic concert" being held that day :-\ Now i don't know what is better (or worse) going on the concert day or on saturday whice is probably really crowded?? other things to note: Friday the 22 is when the park open only for season pass holders So mybe because most locals will be there on friday i better go on sat and try avoiding the concert crowd?? Do these concerts bring in more crowds usually?? What would you've choose to do? i'm coming from far far away and want to get on as much rides as i can (i'm concidering going gold flash pass..) thanks gil
  5. thanks Meteornotes i'm happy to know my glasses won't be a problem,although other people said (in a different forum) they had to remove their glasses while on most SFMM rides So,if anyone have any more info on that (and if you can wear glasses with a strap on Tatsu?) - please let me know. cheers, gil
  6. Hi, I'm going to be in L.A area soon and plan on visiting magic mountain,universal studios,disney and mybe knott's... Are there any restrictions reguarding wearing eyeglasses on rides at these parks? the only thing they wanted me to do while visiting cedar point was to have a strap on them...but when I was in vegas for example I couldn't leave them on at the stratophire rides. Another questions:what rides can I take my bag on with me? I try no to waste too much $$ on lockers,but still want to have my DV camera with me at the park. Thanks! gil
  7. Thanks all for the replys. Well i am going to be 4 days in anaheim for disney - i pickedt out a cheap motel called alpine inn - notjing fancy,but got good reviews on tripadvisor and should be clean and close to the park - if anyone been there,i would love to know what did you think of the place. After searching all over and trying to decide wether i really need a hotel room with a kitchen in it or not - i made reservations for 2 bed and breakfasts in west hollywood for the other part of my LA trip - universal,and all other LA turist attractions,and SFMM! Any thoughts or recomandations on must see's and best places to eat? Where is that italian place the alveys go to every time?? Thanks again gil
  8. thank you, i know about these two sites - i just want to here some reviewes of people from this forum as well. i will try give the hotel you mentioned a call though. thanks again, gil all others - keep the recomandations coming
  9. Thanks mr morgan - the place does look nice- but at 159$ a night , it is above our budget gil
  10. Hi neon,thanks for the reply! So how did you worked it out? One of you stayed at the KK line while the other ran off to scan the qbots at el toro? How many rides did you managed to get on KK and al toro in the one day trip you had? what was you avvrage wait time for KK and El toro that day? Thanks!! gil
  11. Hi, I'm going to be in L.A for 2 weeks and looking for a nice place to stay. the thing i look out for: 1.Safe area (i read some not so nice things about downton LA ?!) 2.If the roon have a kitchen/kitchenet of some kind,that would be graet. i'm trying to spend less on buying food outside all the time. 3.Something around 100$ a night (would be great if can be less of course) I wish there was an appartment i could rent for 2 weeks? Do you know about some place that have these? We are going to visit all the usuall turist attractions around town (SFMM included! yay!) If only we could stay with the Alveys Thanks! Gil
  12. I'd say get it. But something that you should know, is that lately people have been saying "run to Tatsu when the gates open!". Don't do that, if you want to get on X. X doesn't take flashpass. So my advice is to run to X, work your way around the park ( From the back). Then go and buy Flashpass to use on Tatsu and other attractions that might be getting a line as the day goes on. _six thanks for the tip - Won't they ran out of flashpasses by the time i get to the both after waiting for x? Are these passes go out very fast? If i go for one day - friday - and want to re ride tatsu - should i go for the vip thingy or just get like 8 flashpasses and use them on tatsu ?
  13. Hi, i only have 2 days i would be abale to spend at SFGADV - add to that they are sunday and saturday (23,24 of september). As it is a weekend,although 1 weekend BEFORE fright fest,Should i go for the gold Qbot? How does it work? - can i just go back and forth from el toro to KK for example? How much would i'll have to wait between rides? Any tips or info would be welcomed! Gil
  14. Any other help would be great. Any tips on usuing flash pass at SFMM? is it necesary on fridays and mondays?
  15. Hi everyone, I’m planning my first rip to Los Angeles this October and would like to hear your thoughts about when to visit six flags Magic Mountain: As I am NOT into all the Halloween stuff I trying to decide between the following days: Monday 2nd of October: the park is open 10 till 6, No fright fest Friday 6th of October: park is open 10 till 6, No fright fest Saturday 7th of October: park is open 10 till 10, Fright fest is on. Sunday 8th of October: park is open 10 till 10 , fright fest is on Monday 9th of October: park is open 10 till 6 , No fright fest I think I should go on one or two of the days the park is open from 10 to 6 and avoid the heavy crowds on fright fest. Is it reasonable to think that even though the park opens for more hours on the fright fest nights the crowds are going to be much bigger than the shorter days? How is the clombus day effects crowd at the 9th? It seems it should not have too much effect because the park opens for less hours than the rest of the weekend and there is no fright fest Any info would be welcomed to help me plan my first time to this park! (Best entrance to go straight to tatsu or x? / best place to eat at or near the park? Etc..) Thanks a lot! gil
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