Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's 2017 US Adventures

Christmas at Dollywood & finally riding Lightning Rod!
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Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's 2017 US Adventures

Postby Canobie Coaster » Mon Jul 31, 2017 9:01 am

anonymouscactus wrote:Having no countdown would be amazing. I've only been on one of those slides but was (slightly) disappointed that there was a countdown.

Those Alpine slides are fun as hell. I've only been on one when I was much younger, and with the recent influx of (much safer) Alpine coasters I'm surprised those slides are still around. That place looks like somewhere I'd want to check out in the future. Great surroundings, too.

It's still suspenseful as heck having the floor drop with a countdown but this took it to a new level.

Shhhh don't talk about the alpine slides disappearing. I have a feeling we may not see new ones now that the mountain coaster is a thing, but it was certainly a nice change.

coasterbill wrote::lol: Yeah, the Great Escape Bobsled really has a way of sucking you in and screwing with your plans. Whenever we visit it's for an hour or two and it's dispatch times are atrocious but it's the only good steel coaster in the park so we usually end up wasting a ton of time standing in line for it anyway.

I refuse to wait in line for the Bobsled because of how painstakingly slow that queue is combined with the fact that it could shut down at any moment. I usually try and sneak there in the first half hour that it's open and in past years, I could get 3 or so rides in without any wait. That park really needs another good steel coaster. Or any other good coaster to with Comet for that matter.
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Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's 2017 US Adventures

Postby Canobie Coaster » Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:17 pm

Brockton Fair

*As a disclaimer, I wrote this the day of the accident at the Ohio State Fair. After hearing of the tragic accident, I wanted to wait a few days before posting this because of some of the carnival jokes I made. In terms of Reithoffer's rides, they all appeared to be in good shape.*

For anyone unfamiliar with Massachusetts, Brockton may sound like an innocent little town. However, anyone who knows of Brockton knows that it is anything but innocent. To say it's a bit of a rough city is an understatement. I try and avoid that city like the plague, but unfortunately it is also home to one of New England's best carnivals in the Brockton Fair. 90% of New England carnivals are provided by Fiesta Shows, but this one is done by Reithoffer Shows (possibly since Fiesta knows better than to come to Brockton) and Reithoffer has several roller coasters on their circuit.

I survived the Brockton Fair. That should seriously be a shirt.

My parents refused to take me to the Brockton Fair growing up since they said it was dangerous. There were *only* 1-2 stabbings or shootings per year and they always seemed to happen at night, so I tried to argue that the odds of being seriously maimed during a daytime visit were slim but they didn't have it. Now that I'm an irresponsible adult, I was willing and able to risk my life going into the definition of the ghetto for a ghetto carnival. A few days before I went, there predictably was an altercation in the parking lot.

Instead of making me question my life choices, it instead was one of the funniest stories I've ever read. Some stupid teenagers thought it would be funny to steal a giant teddy bear. However, they weren't able to escape the carny's lazy eye and were caught. Instead of calling security or the police, the carny called his buddies and did the most carny thing you could think of, challenged the kids to a fight in the parking lot. The kids thought they would have the upper hand when they whipped out their switch blades, but the carnies started beating on the kids with metal chairs. :lol: They close combat quickly ended and turned into a full-on rock throwing riot until police showed up to end everybody's fun. If that's not one of the best stories you've ever heard, you clearly haven't been to enough sketchy carnivals.

Knowing that almost all of the altercations occurred in the official Brockton Fair parking lot (I'd get pissed too paying $20 to park on a rocky field only to have my tires stolen), I circled the fair looking for alternate parking. Strip mall. Nah. Strip club. Definitely not. How about the church with the girl scouts in it? They don't look like Brockton so I'll park with them. For a reasonable rate of $5, I was close to the fair's entrance. All I had to do was cross the street and try not to step on any syringes or needles.

I got a wristband since Reithoffer had a pretty impressive lineup. As opposed to most carnivals where the rides were packed into a single line, the Brockton Fair's rides were arranged in a loop around the massive demolition derby arena. I'm actually being serious about the demolition derby area, I'm not referring to the parking lot (though that probably is a demolition derby lot too).

The carnival midway was huge! And yes that's a KMG Speed that you see.

Speed Operating.JPG
Unfortunately it wasn't included on the wristband like it is at the Big E.

My first stop was on the Galaxy. The first thing I noticed was that the coaster actually spelled Galaxy correctly. Who would have thought carnies could spell better than theme park workers? :lmao: One of those Interpark coasters that have been popping up lately (Fiesta added one to their lineup this year as well), Galaxy was pretty average. The drops did give tiny pops of air, but the helixes were slow and uneventful. Still for a carnival coaster, it's pretty good. 5 out of 10

Galaxy Turn.JPG
This is a "big" carnival coaster for me. All you Europeans are probably laughing at that statement as you see Alpina Bahn or Olympia Looping on your circuit.

Indy 500 was an experience. A Flitzer, I rode alone and about 3/4 of the way up the lift, my car came to a stop despite the chain continuing to run. I looked back and saw the operator raise his hand. I wasn't panicking or anything, but was just curious what was going on. Well the operator grabbed a piece of wood and walked up the lift. Praying he wouldn't beat me with it, the operator began pounding away at the underbelly of the train. Not quite sure what he was doing, but 10-15 seconds later my car started moving again. I always knew I could die someday in Brockton, but didn't expect it to ever be at the hands of a coaster.

After cresting the lift, the ride was identical to the one I rode at Morey's 2 weeks before that. No real drops, but the headchoppers and tunnels are enjoyable albeit forceless. 4 out of 10

Indy 500 Lift.JPG
Start your engines!

Indy 500 Turn.JPG
No real drops, but it's an ok little coaster.

There was also a kiddie coaster that I of course rode. Called "Ride Your Dragon" (yes that seriously was the name), it was your basic Wisdom Orient Express. I planned to snap a photo after I rode, but decided not to since the operator was giving me a pretty hard time for actually making him get up to operate the ride. I'm sorry I'm a sad and pathetic coaster whore Mr. Carny and I know it's hot out, but I had a right to get the credit since I met the height requirement. Well it was a pretty rough ride and can't say I'd ever ride it again. 1 out of 10

With the three credits out of the way, I spent the rest of the time hitting a few flats. They had a frisbee ride called Wild Claw that was a major disappointment. Usually carnival rides are known for their long cycles and the KMG frisbees are usually pretty intense, but this one only had two full swings. 4 out of 10

Wild Claw.JPG
There was nothing wild about this claw.

I also saw an Air Race, which was something I had never seen at a carnival before. This ended up being the second best ride that I rode at the fair. I love Air Races and would like to see these at more parks. The rotations alternated positive Gs and hang-time and these are disorienting rides. This one also had a long cycle that went clockwise, counterclockwise, and clockwise again. 9 out of 10

Air Race.JPG
The world needs more Air Races.

What was number 1 you ask? Stinger, a Technical Park Loop Fighter. Due to the lack of people at the fair during the early afternoon, I had a bit of difficulty getting on this one since they needed four people to start the ride. After about 10 minutes, we finally had enough people. I thought the half-cage seats were pretty weird. They looked like they would rock or do something, but they remained perfectly stationary as the ride began rocking back and forth. The first half didn't give any air which was a surprise. Instead the swings delivered some incredibly powerful Gs.

Then halfway through the seats unlocked and all hell broke loose. The seats flipped and rocked like a Zipper cage. One moment I was staring at the sky. The next I was flung towards the ground. While the Zipper moves fairly slow when you watch it off-ride, Stinger is traveling significantly faster on the downswing which resulted in a completely disorienting and bonkers ride. 10 out of 10

Stinger Loading.JPG
Stinger was the star of the midway for me.

Stinger Swinging.JPG
No airtime, but the rocking seats during the second half made for one of the most disorienting and intense flats I've been on.

The carnival also had the standard mix of spinning rides and fun houses. I tried the Sizzler which was an intense little scrambler since the smaller rotations were notably faster than on the Eli Bridge versions. I was disappointed that there weren't any sketchy dark rides. Those are fairground staples yet Brockton didn't have any.

Surf City.JPG
Check out that custom Brockton backdrop.

Frozen Fun House.JPG
Let it go.

I wanted to leave before the rowdy crowds arrived and also had a birthday party to attend, so I only stayed for 1-1.5 hours. Amazingly my car was still in tact with all 4 tires. Brockton is a pretty easy target for me since they're a frequent flyer on the nightly news with stabbings, shootings, and all those fun things, but in all honesty it's safe enough during the day if you exercise standard street smarts. The ride lineup at the Brockton Fair is probably the strongest in New England (just a tad better than North American Midway at the Big E) so if you like sketchy carnivals, the Brockton Fair is the place for you.
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Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's 2017 US Adventures

Postby ThemeParkJunkie51290 » Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:41 pm

Awesome! =) At least you was brave enough to visit that particular fair. I probably would have said, "Heck no! I'll take my chances elsewhere." ;)

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Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's 2017 US Adventures

Postby Rai Fox » Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:52 pm

First time I've ever seen a Technical Park Loop Fighter. That looks like it's worth a trip to Brockton for on its own!

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Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's 2017 US Adventures

Postby Canobie Coaster » Mon Jul 31, 2017 8:07 pm

ThemeParkJunkie51290 wrote:Awesome! =) At least you was brave enough to visit that particular fair. I probably would have said, "Heck no! I'll take my chances elsewhere." ;)

I said that for years, but decided to finally bite the bullet. I just made sure to have an efficient visit and get in and out as quickly as possible.

Rai Fox wrote:First time I've ever seen a Technical Park Loop Fighter. That looks like it's worth a trip to Brockton for on its own!

I've ridden inverting frisbees before, but this is the first one with the rocking seats. The rocking seats really need to be experienced.
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Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's 2017 US Adventures

Postby boldikus » Mon Jul 31, 2017 8:07 pm

Some great recent updates!

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Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's 2017 US Adventures

Postby PKI Jizzman » Tue Aug 01, 2017 6:11 am

Wahoo waterpark TRs! Looks like a great park with some unique slides. It's almost difficult to find parks without Tornados and mat racers.

A no count down drop pod? Yeah, that sounds like heaven. I've never been on one of the body bowl slides, so they are very alluring to me as well. Same goes for the half pipe...looks like a giant wall of delicious airtime.

Great stuff!
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Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's 2017 US Adventures

Postby Canobie Coaster » Tue Aug 01, 2017 6:28 am

^ It's actually the drop into the halfpipe that gives most of the airtime, but the rest of the ride is still good in that area by water park standards.

I think Whale's Tale has one of the older bowl slides so I hope the latter ones smoothed out the bowl area. And yes the no count drop pod was glorious. Whale's Tale has the best collection of body slides I have come across.
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Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's 2017 US Adventures

Postby Canobie Coaster » Wed Aug 02, 2017 9:19 pm

Canobie Lake Park
Ah Canobie Lake Park, God's gift to this green Earth. There is no better amusement park out there. Suck it Millennium Force and bow down to the mighty Yankee Cannonball. Yes there are Canobie Lake Park fanboys out there that are as rowdy as the craziest Cedar Point fanboys. I too love Canobie (I mean look at my screen name), but I don't quite think I'm in that boat. I'm in the life raft behind them.

Magic Seed.JPG
Not quite sure what the Magic Seed is (yes this is actually in the park), but many fanboys spread their seed over Canobie.

It was the perfect summer day. All morning I saw drops of raining falling from the rooftop of my office building and the temperature was borderline sweatshirt weather. By the afternoon, the rainfall had stopped and the sun was fighting to come out, but was blocked by a sky full of clouds. You know what that means? The perfect day to visit an amusement park. Rather I should say evening, as I took advantage of the twilight special. The cruddy morning forecast kept the crowds away and gave me free reign of the park in comfortable 60 degree weather.

Blue Heron Lake Cruise.JPG
Canobie Lake, one of the most well known lakes to coaster enthusiasts.

Popcorn Stand (Ground).JPG
Roller Coaster Tycoon style food stands? That means I'm definitely at Canobie.

Naturally my visit began at the Yankee Cannonball. Usually the park's star attraction boasts a full queue and a half hour wait, but today it was only about a 2-3 train wait all day. Because of the short trains, a few steep drops and buzz bars, the back seat is the money seat. This is a fact that's a shared consensus among many park-goers and Canobie doesn't allow you to wait for seats. They basically load you up in a caged pen (be sure to watch your head on the giant angled wooden beam) and release the pack of animals into the tiny little station. The first two riders grab the front row 95% of the time and then it's like the Purge for the rest of the seats. The second and third from the back are pretty good, but the back is dramatically better.

Despite being almost 90 years old, the Yankee Cannonball is glass smooth. The most recent retracking unfortunately took away a chunk of the ride's airtime, but there's still a hearty dose of it. The first drop gives glorious ejector air in the backseat. The drops off the 90 degree turns also provide good air as well. Many of the ride's smaller hills don't offer airtime like they used to. I'd attribute that to the cooler summer day, but the ride wasn't giving air over these hills last year when it was 90 degrees and muggy. It's a short coaster and only has about 2000 feet of track, but the ride feels like a journey since it takes you outside of the park and runs along the parking lot. Still the park's best attraction after all these years. 7.5 out of 10

Yankee Cannonball First Drop.JPG
The woody that gives Canobie fanboys a woody.

Yankee Cannonball Dog Leg Turn.JPG
I like it in the back. The Yankee Cannonball that is. Not a Canobie fanboy.

Canobie's newest still operating attraction (I'll get back to this sore spot later) is just around the corner, Untamed. It's still amazing just how well themed this Eurofighter is. The adorable bear cars, birch tree painted supports, and ski-lodge esque station really make the ride feel unique. But they cannot compensate for the OSTRs. Hydrus has a similar layout, but it's a far superior ride thanks to the lap bars. The transitions on Untamed are pretty choppy if you don't brace for them, but the first drop and zero-G roll are still excellent. 7 out of 10

Untamed Lift Hill (Side).JPG
Untamed is the park's newest hotness. But that new hotness is now kindergarten age.

Untamed Vertical Loop (Aerial).JPG
I wish it had lapbars, but at least the ride has several nice little touches.

Untamed Cutback.JPG
Birch themed supports. Yes that is a support in the bottom left, not a tree.

Untamed Brake Run 2.JPG
And adorable bear cars.

Untamed Station (Inside 2).JPG
How many bears do you see?

Big Bear Plaza (Day).JPG
Plus they made an entire plaza for the coaster.

The Canobie Corkscrew's removal was a popular rumor a few years back, but those whispers died once the park repainted the attraction in a striking electric blue. Also I think the trains received a nice new paint job this year. Either that or I was oblivious the past few years. Yes it's a simple corkscrew, but this coaster does a lot less screwing than the other ones I've been on. The trains are roomy (a problem on a lot of older Arrows) and the ride is mostly free of headbanging. It's still lasts as long as a fat kid's bag of Oreo's, but what's there is enjoyable. The pop of the air in the back row is more enjoyable when you don't take sucker punches to the head afterwards. 6 out of 10

Canobie Corkscrew Corkscrew 1.JPG
Here you ride the Corkscrew instead of getting cork-screwed.

Canobie Corkscrew 2.JPG
Yes it's actually smooth.

This is the part of the trip report where I usually shamelessly ride the kiddie coaster. Sorry to disappoint you, but I got the credit when it was socially acceptable for me to ride the coaster.

Canobie's coaster collection is decent, but the rest of the park is where Canobie separates themselves from the pack. Their flume is one of the best anywhere. It has a fantastic setting, blending in with the wooded area of the park, along with two solid drops. Despite the cooler weather, I got a few rides in. That included the last ride of the night when the park closed the attraction early at 8:30. Same great ride as always except after passing through the tepee tunnel, I learned first hand about a new addition, water sprayers. I've never seen these on a flume before the final drop, so they completely caught me off-guard.

Policy Pond Log Flume Layout.JPG
Canobie's flume seems so natural with its below-ground placement and wooded setting.

Policy Pond Log Flume Drop (Side).JPG
Oh and there are two nice drops.

Oddly enough, while Canobie closed the flume early, they kept their well-themed shoot the chutes ride (Boston Tea Party) open later. Not sure who wanted to get drenched that late at night, but whatever floats your boat. I didn't want to be soaked to the bone, yet I inexplicably rode Timber Splash, their wet/dry slide that's far more wet than dry. I forgot how evil those last two turns were. Still it was dryer at the Boston Tea Party.

Tall Timber Splash (Day).JPG
There's a wet and wetter side. The latter wasn't lying.

Castaway Island.JPG
Castaway Island was closed. I'd say it's a smart choice, but New England is also the land of shirtless Patriots fans even when it's snowing outside.

They also have a charming old dark ride in the Mine of Lost Souls. All of the ride's practical effects are well-executed. I particularly love the mine scene at the beginning. The Egyptian portion at the end is a big WTF, but who doesn't love the grim reaper? If you're confused, you haven't been on Mine of Lost Souls. If you are confused, you've been on Mine of Lost Souls like me. How you are magically transported from a mine to Egypt and then hell beats me, but it's a must in any visit to Canobie.

Mine of Lost Souls (Day).JPG
The logo covers 2/3 of the ride there- the mine and the Grim Reaper. All that's missing is a pyramid or the Sphinx.

Canobie also has a very strong flat ride collection. They have plenty of older flats. Their most noteworthy flat is the Caterpillar. With Idlewild and DelGrosso's closing their Caterpillars, I think Canobie has the last remaining version of this classic flat. And best of all, it's impeccably maintained with a still operating canopy. Eric Carle would be proud.

Caterpillar Open.JPG
Now you see them.

Caterpillar Canopy.JPG
Now you don't.

The history of their classic attractions is something Canobie genuinely cares about if it wasn't already evident by their Caterpillar. On several of their rides, the park has signs detailing the history of the ride. For example, the Rowdy Roosters flying scooters (sadly not snappable in case you were wondering) has a sign explaining how the vehicles until 2010 were actual drop pods used in WWII. Definitely a cool factoid. The Yankee Cannonball, Corkscrew, Flume, and a few others also have signs giving the GP the knowledge coaster enthusiasts like to waggle over their heads. Talk about leveling the playing field :lol: .

Rowdy Roosters Tub.JPG
You may see a mighty fine cock.

Rowdy Roosters History.JPG
But in another life, those roosters were WWII drop pods.

Antique Carousel.JPG
Their Carousel is a beauty, though they no longer play the band organ.

On the wilder side, the park has a decent S&S double shot in Star Blaster. Unfortunately, the park's height limit takes away what could be a spectacular view of the lake, but Star Blaster makes up for it with some solid air. But the most thrilling flat is the Turkish Twist. I'm happy enough to see a park with an operating rotor (a real one, not one of those gravitrons), but Canobie runs their's ridiculously fast. The stench of puke in the drum probably doesn't help, but this has to be a candidate for the ride that causes the most guests to puke in any park. Right before my ride, they had to end the cycle prematurely to let someone off. He thankfully held it in long enough to get off the ride, but he didn't quite make it to the trash bucket before he unloaded on the poor asphalt.

For a still thrilling but less nauseating spinner, there's the Psycho Drome indoor scrambler. I'm glad the park restored the light show that they removed for a few years since it takes what's a normally mundane and skippable ride and turns it into a must.

Star Blaster Top.JPG
These tiny S&S towers give way more air than their big brothers.

Turkish Twist (Day).JPG
This is seriously one of the most intense flats out there. No park runs their rotor as fast as Canobie.

Psycho Drome (Day).JPG
I would have gone to more parties in college if they replaced the alcohol with a scrambler. That's basically the Psycho Drome in a nutshell.

One of their other marquee attractions, the Xtreme Frisbee, has been down for almost a year at this point. The ride was actually removed from the park map and the website. Hopefully the ride isn't going the way of Equinox, but the ride did seem to have way more downtime than your average Huss frisbee. I mean even Six Flags has those rides running consistently. I'm hoping they can have the ride back up and running next year since it's definitely one of the park's most popular rides. Funny how a forgettable flat at a Six Flags park can turn into a star attraction at a family park.

Xtreme Frisbee.JPG
The tarp over the vehicle combined with its removal from the website tells me the Frisbee may not run again in 2017.

Canobie also has a thousand arcades it seems. Their biggest arcade is near the front of the park, but they also have a noteworthy pinball parlor over by Untamed. Just how noteworthy is it? The direction signs in the park actually guide you towards "Pinball." But seriously if you love pinball, their parlor is a mecca for you. They have almost 20 different machines in there ranging from the newest versions to old classics.

Palace Arcade.JPG
The main arcade. Honestly it looks better than Dave & Buster's.

This definitely looks better than Dave & Buster's. The world needs more pinball.

And the park even points you in the direction of pinball.

Dick Fountain.JPG
And yes that was the Sky Ride in the background. Don't get too excited now.

I ended my night with ride after ride on the Yankee Cannonball. The Yankee Cannonball can be a tricky one to get a night ride on since Canobie often closes the line a half hour prior to closing, but not tonight. With waits less than 10-15 minutes all day, I was able to set a personal best for rides on the coaster in a day with 11. The waits were quick anyway, but they felt even quicker since I was able to catch their Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga show which is conveniently located on a stage across from the Yankee Cannonball's queue line. The imitators were actually pretty good, but the real star was the Yankee Cannonball. My last ride of the night was in the very back row.

Lady Gaga.JPG
Not as good as the Super Bowl Halftime Show, but still a solid performance.

Yankee Cannonball Turnaround (Night).JPG
No better way to end a day at Canobie.

Time to address the elephant in the room. Outside of the summer when I was in California, I've been to Canobie very single year. What can I say? I drink the Canobie Kool-Aid. However, I will say that the park's recent moves, or lack of moves, has been a disturbing trend. Canobie used to add a new ride every year. They weren't adding coasters to the point they went bankrupt like Six Flags, but it was nice to visit the park and find Star Blaster or even something as small as Wave Blaster. It always made the visit exciting.

The park's last addition was Equinox (late 2012), which was an unmitigated disaster. The ride was intense, but I consider myself lucky to have ridden it considering it broke down more than Lightning Rod and was removed after 1 year. No new rides in 5 years. Only increases in admission, the removal of the Tiki Maze, and a cancelled river rapids ride. The latter was an addition I was really looking forward to, but the park was spooked by the Dreamworld accident and cancelled those plans. Judging by how expensive a river rapids ride would be, I'm hopefully the park has been saving up for a big new addition.

There were some encouraging signs on that front and I hope I'm not just being an overly optimistic Canobie fan. There was a pretty substantial clearing with survey markers next to Corkscrew and Castaway Island. Since the latter is usually at capacity on hot summer days, I'm hoping the park expands to add a full-fledged water park like what Quassy has done. Selfishly I'd love a big new coaster, but I think a water park is the smarter long term move. A water park is the major advantage every other park in the area has over Canobie and this would rectify that issue. The park also had a construction fence up in Equinox's old pad, so I'm guessing a flat ride could be coming soon.

2018 Land Clearing 1.JPG
Please be for a water park.

Construction by Matterhorn 2.JPG
A new flat ride would look great here. If this construction is for another hot dog stand, I'll go on a Clark Griswold-esque rant when he is denied his Christmas bonus.

I may make it to Canobie again later this summer considering it's just a 10 minute drive from my office. I would definitely go more except it's one of the rare parks that doesn't offer a season pass, a fact that is almost as painful as the park's lack of activity on the new ride front.
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Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's 2017 US Adventures

Postby coneyislandchris » Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:42 am

Awesome write-up. I was very pleased with the park when I visited on my aforementioned Father's Day road trip; it's got a lot of old-school charm in it. Not quite as much as Knoebels, but that location really makes it a pleasure to just walk around and chill out. Sadly I didn't get a chance to ride either the log flume or the Mine of Lost Souls, but I'll make sure to not skip them next time we're there.

When we got on Untamed I was too busy oohing and aahing at those deer antler chandeliers. That gets my vote for craziest coaster theming I've seen to date. I was so lost in those that I didn't even notice that the supports were "birch trees"! Nice detail!

Was super happy to see that they had a still functioning Rotor, too. I loved those rides when I was younger, and getting locked in that hellpit again was way nostalgic for me. And the kiddo had no clue what to expect, either, so that was fun to introduce him to it. Now I've just gotta figure out some way of getting my wife on it without having her figure out what it does... :devil:
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