Photo TR: The Kiwis Do Texas Midwest 2013

The Intamin Cable Strikes Again - Knott’s Berry Farm, pg. 23
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Re: Photo TR: The Kiwis Do Texas Midwest 2013

Postby hydra » Mon Oct 21, 2013 10:10 am

This one, like all the clones that drop to the right for some reason, was very intense.

Wow, I am ashamed to say that I never noticed that they had a mirror image clone (dropped to the right).
So this one, Goliath at SFFT, and Vampire at La Ronde are the only 3 that are mirror images?
Some small detail just blew my mind. Thanks!

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Re: Photo TR: The Kiwis Do Texas Midwest 2013

Postby boweryboy » Mon Oct 21, 2013 11:19 am

As much as I steer clear of multi-directional spinning rides that flip you upside down, I've always been curious about riding an Evolution ride.

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Re: Photo TR: The Kiwis Do Texas Midwest 2013

Postby mattnz » Mon Oct 21, 2013 11:58 am

Woodie Warrior wrote:The Batman coaster is actually the Studio Backlot area. The DC Comics Plaza is where Mr. Freeze is. Sorry, it isn't that important, I was just distracted by it. And I agree, it is the most generic area of the park. And the only thing that matches the backlot theme is the pavement.

Duly noted! (I appreciate it!)

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Re: Photo TR: The Kiwis Do Texas Midwest 2013

Postby HWFan » Mon Oct 21, 2013 1:44 pm

There's nothing I like hearing more than guests having a great day at our park. It makes those 15 hour days worth it. As I can only speak for admissions and not rides, if you experience bad service, please let either guest relations know or the lead at the front gate.

The highlight of my day when TPR visited was getting to stamp KidTums' hand.

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Re: Photo TR: The Kiwis Do Texas Midwest 2013

Postby televisedconfession » Wed Oct 23, 2013 5:52 am

THE BOSS!!!!!!!

That ride! Lord all mighty that ride! I miss being bossed! And being bossed by the boss in front of The Boss. It was kinda like being judged by the judge on The Judge.

Good times! Good times!
-Neil or no Deal


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Drunk in the Dells - Mt. Olympus & Timber Falls

Postby mattnz » Sun Oct 27, 2013 2:13 am

I have to admit, Wisconsin Dells was my least favourite stop on the 2010 TPR Midwest trip. I thought Mt. Olympus was more of a 'family entertainment centre' than an amusement park, one that just happened to have four wooden roller coasters. It didn't help that their most impressive-looking coaster, Hades, was the roughest ride I had ever experienced in my life...

When I heard that Hades was going to get a barrel roll and become Hades 360 - and that we were going to ride it on the 2013 trip - I was more than a little terrified. Turns out, the barrel roll was the smoothest part of the ride. The rest of the ride was truly horrendous. I know the coaster is called 'Hades', but I think Mt. Olympus has taken the concept too far! The new Timberliner train made no difference to the ride experience either. We were beaten up and not in a good way AT ALL. What a shame, because the ride still looks so utterly impressive.

Fortunately the park still had Cyclops running as insane as ever, with the right-handed drop in front of the station providing the craziest moment of ejector air time you're ever likely to find on a wooden coaster - almost to the point where I wonder how no one has actually been thrown from the train!

My problem with Mt. Olympus is that it seems to be so poorly run. The park obviously does exceptionally well in its own market evidenced by how they keep buying up nearby independent motels and hotels and re-themeing them. So why not put a bit of effort into the upkeep of their rides and maybe train the staff a bit (or a lot) better. I also wish the rides section of the park was more rounded out - they could do with a few other non-coaster or go-kart attractions. But I guess the water park is primarily where the locals and vacationers want to go.

Despite everything mentioned above, I had a thoroughly awesome time at Mt. Olympus. It helped that the park gave us ERT, a nice lunch and even opened up Little Titans for us (a rare and awesome credit!). But I think it was also because I had my first beer at around 11:15 and spent most of the day getting to know my fellow trip participants a bit better. And we had a really good time!

We finished up in the Dells at Timber Falls where we had not only HellCat but the entire place to ourselves, after which we hit the road for a surprise stop at Little Amerricka (and I think that deserves its own segment).

All in all, I'm so glad we got to stop in the Dells - thank you Robb and Elissa for arranging a thoroughly awesome day for all of us (and I hope we didn't behave too badly - I was glad to come from a heavy drinking country like New Zealand where I'd already prepared my liver...).
I loved our tacky motel room. (And yet apparently this was the most expensive place we stayed at!)
Kind of reminds me of the British sitcom Hi-de-Hi!
On our way to the park we drove past the turnaround on Zeus, which I remember being more than a little rough...
Oh dear God.
You have to admit, it LOOKS impressive.
Welcome to Mt. Olympus!
We wandered past the first drop on Zeus.
I am sure this is perfectly safe, and I know it would be normal in Europe and elsewhere, but does that track look a wee bit too close for comfort, or is it just me? This is Wisconsin, right?!
I loved the sign in the queue: "Hades 360 is very aggressive today." Only difference in the sign from 2010: addition of the number 360. I think Hades rides aggressively each and every single day!
The station is a long way up.
This section is both before the lift hill and after the return from the tunnel, but it's hard to tell which is which.
TPR are ready to ride!
Hades truly was a journey to hell and back again!
Is the petting zoo there to help you forget about how awful Hades was? Aww, look at those cute animals...
Mt. Olympus has a 'roller coaster hill' which hosts Hades, Zeus and Cyclops (in order of roughness).
The back seat on Cyclops is where the air time is at. But I don't think their 'you must be over 18 to ride the back car' rule makes any sense.
A higher height restriction might be a better idea!
Because Cyclops really seems to want to eject those back car riders!
Cyclops has the perfect viewing area for taking amusing pictures.
I love the expressions in the front row.
More TPR members give the back car a whirl.
Neil and I dared to put our hands up.
In Mt. Olympus, you don't need a shirt to ride!
Andrew and I look like we're being a bit stupid in the back row, but I swear to God, all we did was put our hands up - and I made sure my seat belt was very, very tight. The ride did the rest!
Zeus was running as badly as ever, alas. I feel like it could be good with some re-tracking and better care.
Mt. Olympus is also known for their go-kart tracks.
Some of them are built on multiple levels and look quite interesting, but I don't think I'm a 'go-kart person'.
We were all very surprised to hear that the park would let us ride Little Titans, a hitherto unobtainable credit!
Yay! Another new and rare credit.
Suck it Iron Rattler and New Texas Giant, I'm unlikely to ever get to do this again!
It was a cute and quite fun kiddie coaster too.
Hmm, no fences whatsoever around the ride. I must be becoming a little American myself, but this just struck me as odd...
The toilets were not hewn from real rock, apparently.
Pegasus is the other woodie at the park.
It's a fairly large junior coaster, but doesn't have much else to recommend it.
Onwards to track down the last remaining credit.
Some of the outdoor water park - I should have spent some time photographing people getting knocked over in the giant wave pool.
Opa! (Which later became a catch phrase on the trip for some reason!)
I think I am becoming a 'water park person', but we didn't take a dip today.
Our side looked a lot more fun.
Walking out the park we passed by Hades. Sigh - it does look decent, doesn't it?
Next up today was an hour of 'exclusive park time' at Timber Falls!
HellCat is the star here and by all accounts TPR loved it.
But Andrew and I did not! It was the same in 2010 - everyone else seemed to respond positively to this coaster, but we felt it rode way too rough.
A lot of people gave the log flume a go.
It looked like a wet one...
Some preferred the kind of pointless bumper boats.
You mostly got wet from the water jets shooting out of your motor!
Some even tried this thing...
These Skyscraper rides get a "hell no!" from me.
It looks like we have a new 'Boss' in TPDave. Thanks for reading!

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Re: Photo TR: The Kiwis Do Texas Midwest 2013

Postby mousch » Sun Oct 27, 2013 5:29 am

Great Pics, never thought I would see Hi de Hi mentioned in a TPR trip report!!!

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Re: Photo TR: The Kiwis Do Texas Midwest 2013

Postby DirkFunk » Sun Oct 27, 2013 7:16 am

Nice pics. RE: Mount Olympus' success - since the "old man"(Jim Laskaris, present owner Nick's dad) died, Nick's basically taken over the town. He's on the planning commission for Lake Delton township IIRC, and if he isn't, that's a recent development. A lot of the other attractions with rides on that strip have gotten zoned out of existence. There's a story about one operator buying a bunch of kiddie rides as part of an expansion, only to get zoned "industrial" or something and wind up selling those attractions to Nick at half price.

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Re: Photo TR: The Kiwis Do Texas Midwest 2013

Postby Barge84 » Sun Oct 27, 2013 7:22 am

My memory of that afternoon/evening is pretty fuzzy. Not sure why. :)

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Re: Photo TR: The Kiwis Do Texas Midwest 2013

Postby beatle11 » Sun Oct 27, 2013 4:53 pm

I'm glad to say I have been to the Dells and survived. Hades 360 is probably the worst coaster I've ridden up to this point, and Hellcat was definitely rough too. Was anyone actually sober that day?


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