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The Official Nintendo Wii Discussion Thread

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Get Zack and Wiki: Quest for Babaros Treasure! That game rocks and it is so hard it really feels rewarding to get through a puzzle!


Dont forget about Zelda Twilight Princess and Metriod Prime 3!


Also get the Wii Zapper! Its $20 and comes with Links Crosbow training its totally worth it!

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Ok I just got our first Wii ordered today on amazon for my g/f for Christmas and figured you guys seem to love it so I have a couple of questions? (I still have not played one, kind of Halo guy, sorry)


Wifi built in? Or do I need an adaptor for my wireless network? Also can you link up the DS with the Wii?


Wi-fi is built in, just set up and go. There's only a few instances in which you can connect your DS to the Wii. The only one that comes to mind is Pokemon Battle Revolution.


Good starter games for someone who loves the Super Mario Bro’s era? I have been looking at the games and have no idea what might even be decent?


Well, go to Virtual Console and download Super Mario Bros. I'd personally jump for Super Mario Bros. 3, but that's just me. If you want a feel of that classic feeling, I'd also suggest Super Paper Mario. It's a fun little twist on the formula. Super Mario Galaxy is a good start though, so you made a great buy there. If you're a Halo guy, I'd also suggest Metroid Prime 3 to see the Wii twist on a first person shooter.


What accessories should I just go ahead and buy, ones really used or needed that do not come with the base model?


I would suggest another nunchuck to go with the remote coming with Wii Play. If you don't have a GameCube, or any Gamecube controllers lying around, I would suggest trying to find a Gamecube Wavebird because they're better than the Wii Classic Controllers.


Hope that's helpful!



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Thanks for the heads up. Very much appreciated.


I went ahead and canceled the order for the Wii Play, and ordered just an extra remote and nunchuck “good call on that one didn’t even think of the nunchuck just saw the extra remote and thought that made sense.”


That’s really cool everything is basically already built in. I was expecting the Wifi to be like an HD ready tv.. Cool.


I did go and get her the Paper Mario, and just a point’s card because I know she is going to want the older NES games. The rest she can figure out.


Most important was making sure we had everything needed for playing it on Christmas morning.


Thanks again for your replies.

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.I was thinking about buying a console since playstation 1 was the last one I had.


Was offcourse thinking about a Wii but really wanted to play one before I bought one.

Finally got to play the Wii at a friends house last thursday evening.

And have to say me and my girlfriend where blown away.


I bought one right next day. I was really lucky to find one because december 5th is "sinterklaas" in the netherland which is like the dutch santa claus, finally found a "bart smit"which had some in stock but they where selling like hot cakes. I was 10 minutes in the store and I bought 1 and 2 others bought 1.


The really problem now is finding a second wiimote, my friend has one in back order for 2 months.


I am really looking forward to the moment mario kart wii releases.

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I got Guitar Hero 3 this morning (It's already Christmas here!). It absolutely rocks, and i am loving it too bits. However, at the moment (I have nearly already finished the 4th level) it is a little to easy, but from what i have read, it gets a lot harder. Is this true, or not?

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Had one of these fab items for a few months here. (Damn hard to get hold of one here in the UK).


Love Zelda, Love Exite Truck, Love Wario. By the way Rob looks like he's playing Warios (page 28) with the Wiimote on the end of his nose .


Having endless problems getting 'on-line' casue of my provider. Looking forward to downloading old games when I get this sorted out.

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Had a chance to play Wii for only the second time a week or so ago. The boxing game is really fun.


I keep hoping for version of Animal Crack, er Crossing that will use more of the Wii's functions, kinda like Zelda. Even the sling bag thing for the Wii is pretty cool.


Anybody play Carnival Games and how is it? "Virtual" SkiBall looks fun.

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Dont get Carnival Games! Its a stupid mini games set. Play real games like Zelda, Mario, or Metriod! Those games ae like peices of fine art!


I got 3 Wii Point Cards for Christmas. I downloaded all the games I wanted and have officially filled the internal 512mb. Nintendo please give me a harddrive! Please! Or the ability to play games off an SD card without having to transfer it back and forth or having to delete and redownload! O Nintendo PLEASE! Its just a pain to do that!

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I got Guitar Hero III and Super Mario Galaxy for Christmas.


GH3 is absolutely amazing, I love games like this (DDR, GH2, etc.). Unlike the other Guitar Heros, though, I can only beat oe song on Hard. I didn't expect that big of a jump between Medium and Hard! Just gotta work on that.


Galaxy is awesome. Running upside down takes some getting used to, but once you get the hand of it it's a lot of fun. It took me at least 45 minutes to get past the first galaxy, so I'm hoping it'll be one of those games that lasts for a while.

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