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GAME: Yes or No Game


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No. However, I have been in two accidents.

1: A guy pulled out on me while I was driving. Not a lot of damage to my car, but the other car was totaled. (This was back in high school)

2: I turned left out of work and a guy hit my left rear side. The other driver was trying to (illegally) pass a turning truck (the place where this happened does have a center turn lane, so the guy went into the turn lane to get around the truck). My car (which I had just gotten new a couple of months prior) had over $10,000 in damage and was likely saved because of its newness.


Have you ever read Orwell's book Nineteen Eighty-Four?

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^ And your Yes/No question is....?


OOPS! Thank you for pointing it out!




Do you prefer to write with a pen (rather than pencil or other)?

I don't write much, but most of the time I use pen.


Have you ridden a wooden coaster this season (year for year-round parks)?

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Yes, I have. I've ridden Joris & De Draak (Efteling), Heidi The Ride (Plopsaland De Panne), Stampida and Tomahawk (PortAventura).


Have you ridden a Sky Rocket II (like Sky Scream and Tempesto)?

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No, and I never had any LEGO blocks or playsets when I was a kid.


My parents were meanies.


Do you have more than one refrigerator in your home?

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