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Photo TR: Boldy's Beer and Airtime Adventures

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^ ^^ and ^^^ Thanks for the comments and for reading.


While Bill and I are absolutely morning people, our other halves are far from it. Getting them up early on a Sunday after a hot draining day of eating, drinking and riding would normally pose a problem, but not today. Not for this bunch. We'd be arising nice and early for a hot meal eaten 156 feet above sea level. You guessed it... we had reservations for four atop Morey's Giant Wheel... aka Breakfast In the Sky.



Good morning.

If you've been following along, you know the missus and I did this two years ago and were nuts about it. The weather was perfect and the experience was incredible - we were most impressed by how they really thought of everything. The food was excellent, the service exceptional, it was worth every penny we spent on the experience, and we absolutely did not want to get off at the end of our hour on The Wheel. We've talked it up to everyone since then, and while we missed the opportunity last summer, we vowed to do it in 2018. Leading up to this weekend, we asked Bill and Brit if they wanted to do it with us while they were in town, and in spite of the fact Brit is terrified of ferris wheels, they very quickly gave a us a "yes".



Checked in, waiting to board

When you check in, they have a few seating areas set up (they ask that you arrive 30 minutes before your start time) and there is plenty of coffee, tea, juice, or water for you to enjoy while you wait.


As mentioned in my last report, the only sort-of "catch" with this experience is that due to the fact that you're up on The Wheel the entire hour, you're served your food as soon as your seated and then dispatched. So there really isn't anytime for you to order and then wait for your food like at a normal restaurant. Therefore, they have the menu on the reservation section of the site and you have to order your food the same day you reserve (in our case, once again, was like 6 weeks ahead of time). The menu, while small, covers basically anything anyone might want, and ordering that far in advance removes the possibility of someone reserving and then getting there and not wanting any food on the menu. So... we knew what we would be eating well in advance of this morning.



Morning, friends!


We got lucky again with the weather, the forecast bounced around all week but there was rain in there, yet by Sunday morning the sun was shining and the light ocean breeze was nice and cool before the heat of the afternoon. After you are seated in a gondola, a rotating cast of employees/servers stops by - first to snap into place a table, then to bring out drinks, coffee, water, a bread basket, condiments, and then your entrees. Finally a supervisor of sorts stops by to take a photo or two, gives a brief safety schpeil, with a card listing a phone number to call and your gondola number in case of emergencies, since (as they'll jokingly tell you) they won't be able to hear you screaming for help from up there. And with a last "do you all need anything else?" you're dispatched into the sky to enjoy your meal.



The Great Nor'easter... and the Atlantic Ocean

Last time the missus had the Jersey BLT and I had a bite and it was amazing, so that's what I got this time.



Jersey BLT.

While she tried the waffles w/ berries.




The views of the pier and the waterpark are incredible. Our reservation was for 10am, and the waterpark opens an hour ahead of that so things were in full swing. Definitely neat to watch it from up there.




Wilhelms' Biergarten.

Under the boomerang spikes is the new "Wilhems Biergarten" that we had drinks at the night previous that I didn't take any photos of. Its an awesome use of space.



Sea Serpents entrance, Musik Express, Rollies Coaster and the Waltzer.



The (elevated) Waveswinger, and Maelstrom (the flat that tried to kill Bill the previous evening). You can see the new spinner way in the back.



And on a nice clear morning like this you can see all the way to the back bay.




If you're wondering, the wheel stops at three different points throughout the hour, and when it does move its at an absolutely glacial pace so much that you almost don't feel it.




Bill almost dropped his phone trying to get this photo. Oh I don't think I've mentioned but Bill had the Steak & Egg scramble and Brit had the seafood omelet. Everyone raved about our food, we downed all the coffee, and we even cleaned out the bread basket.



The hour, without a doubt, goes by very fast, since for the first half of it you're stuffing your piehole with delicious grub and the second half you're busy snapping photos and enjoying the views. Even Brit, who we assumed would be frozen in fear to even lift a fork to her mouth, was relaxed and Snapchatting to her hearts content.


Just like last time, we didn't want to get off when the hour was up. Upon disembarking the ride, they ask you how everything was, etc and send you on your way. We got discount coupons for Breakfast in the Sky mugs but unfortunately the store that sells them was not open yet as the pier itself wasn't really open other than the Wheel and the waterpark. Overall we all loved it and the missus and I plan to do it again. The experience is a little pricey but we all think its totally worth it. Not every day you get to eat a really good breakfast on a giant ferris wheel overlooking the ocean. If only they served booze...


We headed back to the house to pack up as the missus was headed off the island to spend a few days with her mother, while I joined Bill and Brit for afternoon trip up the coast to rack up a few brand spankin' new creds in (the unfortunately very dry town of) Ocean City. Stay tuned...

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that looks like such a wonderful thing to do, and I'm jealous as my spouse (who is terrified of heights) no WAY would do that with me.


LOL. . so I'd be having solo breakfast in the sky, if I ever got to do it

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^ No single riders on the Giant Wheel, Bert! You'll have to rent an escort.


no problem. . Japan rents middle aged men by the hour these days. . . if I have to order 6 weeks ahead anyways, I'll get one shipped over

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Great report!


I really need to give myself a full day in Wildwood next year. This looks like a great way to start the day. I've never done one of those dine at the top experiences that are in most major cities, but I think I'd prefer the view atop this seaside Ferris Wheel so much more.

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Great report!

I really need to give myself a full day in Wildwood next year. This looks like a great way to start the day. I've never done one of those dine at the top experiences that are in most major cities, but I think I'd prefer the view atop this seaside Ferris Wheel so much more.

Thanks! Do it!


Looks amazing!

I'd also need to rent an escort...or Bert can save the money on flying over a middle aged guy from Japan and I'll just go with him! LOL

Jersey Boys weekend! Get planning.


That's really cool! I didn't know they did that. The food looks good, too! Website says they're sold out for 2018, guess you really do have to book far in advance?

It's only during July and August so its done for the year, but I believe it did sell out before the final weekend. It has in years past. When you book it gives you a calendar and you can see how many reservations are available for each day and what times. Some days had plenty of availability, some (like weekend before July 4th) were almost completely booked.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


After packing up, goodbye to the folks and missus, Brit and I jumped in Bills car to cruise off the island headed northbound via the Garden State Parkway on a brief, 30 minute jaunt up the coast to Ocean City, NJ, just south of Atlantic City, and widely considered one of the "nicer" South Jersey shore towns thanks to its quiet beach and boardwalk, family atmosphere, and strict liquor laws. And by strict meaning NO liquor. Totally dry town. You can bring it in, but you can't buy it here. Its actually quite comical, when you get off the parkway you pass like 17 beer/liquor stores on the way onto the island.


I've been to Ocean City a few times before. Always a Wildwood kid, it wasn't a place we stayed or even really visited at all while growing up, but my mothers sister lived here for a few years back in the late aughts, and on occasion, to escape my roommate at the time, I'd head down via the Atlantic City train and spend relaxing weekends in her quiet bay-side bungalow before heading back up to work on Mondays. This was usually in the winter, and while we'd sometimes walk the deserted boardwalk, I had little interest in the rides there at the time. Not that they were even open to ride at that time of the year.



Fast forward to 2015 and I noticed a particularly interesting post on Facebook about a brand new bonkers looking prototype S&S launch coaster opening in this sleepy little shore town, at a modest little seaside amusement park known as Playlands Castaway Cove, and immediately popped over to this very forum to inform the world about it. As some of you might remember, I was extremely excited about this ride, and followed the construction of Gale Force very closely, posting updates here almost daily. At some point we found out there wouldn't be just one, but three new coasters coming in 2016 - in addition to the S&S, they'd also be installing an EF Miler family coaster immediately around it, as well as an SBF spinning coaster.



After slowly watching the construction of all three coasters via their webcam, the summer season was upon us, but the rides were not ready to open. And so we waited, and waited... Finally test runs. Very squeaky test runs. I think we all knew something seemed off, but we continued to hope for an impending opening date. But we waited.. and waited... and before long it was well past Labor Day. Opening dates came and went, and the coaster never opened. Some might remember the hilarity of the park teasing they might open it in November of that year, but that didn't even happen.


Enter 2017: the park is now posting that the ride will be ready for opening day in the spring. Then we found out that pieces of track needed to be replaced. That happened, then spring rolled around, and the park was running countless test runs and waiting for state inspection. And waiting, and waiting...


The ride finally opened to the public a full 21 months after its announcement, and generally to rave reviews, in May of 2017. Once I got word of steady operations I began to make a plan to piggyback a trip to Ocean City onto one of my many trips to Wildwood. However, I just didn't make it to Ocean City last year. No reason why, sometimes that's just life for ya. Cue the 2017-18 off season, and just when you thought this ride couldn't have any more issues, we find out the entire rides track is being re-manufactured and replaced by S&S. Such are the hurdles of prototype rides, I guess? Now here we are in 2018 and I have still yet to make it a priority to get a ride or five in on Gale Force. Leading up to this weekend, Bill mentioned about stopping in Ocean City on the way home, and of course I was in.



Bill had his GPS direct us straight to PCC, only problem with that is it was 1pm on a beautiful Sunday in the center of town. With everyone heading to the beach/boardwalk, parking was non-existent. So we spent a little bit of time looking for a spot, and eventually found one 4 blocks back. At some point, some time later, we were on the boards and approaching the front of the park. Unlike Moreys, and many other boardwalk piers, Playlands Castaway Cove sits on the side of Ocean City's boardwalk that is opposite the ocean, and the entrance is through an arcade.



The entrance. Sorry its blurry. I'm a terrible person.



The first thing I noticed about Gale Force is how large and imposing it feels compared to the surrounding area of the boardwalk. Not to mention it just looks funky. None of the classic grace of an old school woodie or something like a swooping B&M hyper. Nah, Gale Force looks like some sh*t a kid on his first acid trip came up with, which the sun then melted it into a twisted, horrifying mess. I couldn't wait to ride it.



We had a look around the small park for some bathrooms, checked out the full ride line-up (mostly flats you can find at any boardwalk park - a Sea Dragon, an S&S double shot, a frisbee/claw thing, an Air Race, etc) and then found a ticket booth.



Sooooo... Gale Force is pretty expensive. Its 14 tickets or you can buy a $10 "Gale Force pass" good for one ride. But we wanted to ride other stuff too and once we did the math we just bought a bunch of tickets, I think we got like 90 tickets for $60? That would get us all on GF, the other two coasters, and maybe a flat or two.



We made our way over to the ride to find it a complete walk-on, and were greeted by an older gentleman who must have been an owner/manager since we wasn't wearing the same uniform all of the employees were - I'm pretty sure he just had jeans, a t-shirt and a nice healthy mullet on. He directed us to completely empty our pockets into the station-side bins, and then he broke out a wand and things got all TSA for a second. Cleared for take-off, the three of us hopped into the front row and waited while we watched a few other riders follow the same hands-up-turn-your-head-and-cough routine, and jumped in behind us.



The operator working the control booth asked if we were ready, the safety gates opened, and we started off slow and steady down the launch track, picking up a burst of speed halfway down, firing us halfway up the top-hat. We rolled back over the LSMs and were forcefully catapulted backwards, experiencing a nice sustained moment of floater air, before we barreled back into the station, the magnets launching us full speed down the straightaway and straight up the tophat.



Twisting up and over the top-hat provides an incredible moment of totally funky ejector air that sustains as you plummet down the beyond-vertical drop. Before you can blink you're barreling back up, twisting to your right and back the way you came, back downhill. It all happens very fast, but it provided some of the strangest, unique airtime I've ever experienced, and maybe my favorite moment of the ride. The following element is a bit like a non-inverting half loop, but at the moment you're right way up, you're rewarded with even more air. One final valley with some trick track into one final twisting pop of air before darting back through the station, down the launch track, and halfway up the top-hat before the brakes catch and slowly roll you back into the station.



In a word: fantastic. It's like the Premier SkyRocket IIs, but on crack and 5 hour energy shots. I've heard mixed reviews since Gale Force opened and had my doubts that it would live up to all the hype I've built up in my head as I've followed this project along. But it far exceeded them. The airtime, the launches, the funky transitions and forces, a really, really great first drop - it ticks all of my boxes. And I'm super jealous that Moreys didn't built this first. The only downside is its price. Confidential to Playland: if you were to offer something like... say... a $60 "Gale Force All Day Pass" wristband I would happily purchase it.



As mentioned, the park also built a family coaster by Miler called Wild Waves, directly around Gale Force. If there is any reason for the full cavity search while boarding Gale Force, its the placement of this other coaster - they are extremely close to one another. How the State of NJ allows these two to operate simultaneously after the whole Kingda Ka/Zumanjaro fiasco is beyond me. But we'll save that for another thread.



Credits whores we are, we made our way over to the entrance next door and made our way up to another walk-on. Bill and I hopped in the front with Brit in the rear. One of the operators noticed my Moreys t-shirt and asked about it and told us to try the back if we rode again. The trains, while small and relatively ugly, were very comfortable with a small little lapbar. This one starts with a small lift out of the station, followed by a left hand turn to another larger lift. At the apex, it levels out, hits a trim and then proceeds to barrel down the modest first drop, before rising into a turnaround with a pop of remarkable ejector air at the top of the hill.


The turnaround is followed by a drop into two airtime hills, both launching you out of your seat. By this point we were cackling with surprise at this awesome little thing. After a short funky bit over the station that turns you around again, down into a larger hill that rockets you up into two more airtime pops, followed by a downward turn that leads into three final bunnyhops, each torpedo-ing you out of your seat. We hit the brakes and looked at each other in disbelief. What the f*ck is this? Why aren't there more of these? Wild Waves is the real deal, guys.



To round out the three coasters, we decided to hit Whirlwind, the parks SBF spinner. I almost didn't ride due to my hellish experience on Moreys' Wild Whizzer a few weeks before, but decided to join Bill and Brit at the last second. We sat on opposites side of the lead car in an otherwise empty train, we did not experience the level of spinning I did on Wildwoods' newest coaster. Cha-ching!



Earlier I had pointed out to Bill the unassuming (while not running) flat Tropical Storm, located directly next to the Gale Force entrance. I mentioned how I read on this very board about how its not only a very unique ride being the only version of its kind in North America, but an also completely batsh*t crazy spinning experience. And since I didn't want to puke up all that delicious food we tasted on Moreys wheel that morning, Bill had to ride. You know, for science.



Brit followed my lead and told Bill to have a good time on his own. I'm partially convinced he just doesn't want to wimp out when I dare him to ride these kinds of flats, but apparently he actually enjoys riding them. I'll keep daring him, because I want to find out where his limit is. I wasn't convinced Maelstrom did it the previous evening, but maybe this would. He queued up to ride and the operator waited a few minutes to see if anyone else would join him, but before long he checked his restraint and fired this sucker up, Bill riding all by his lonesome. It starts off mild and then suddenly cranks into overdrive.



Good god, Bill. What have we gotten you into?



His maniacal, mid-ride shrieks attracted a small crowd.



Having not really watched the ride run before we threw him on it was the funniest part about this. The cycle was fairly long and I surely thought we had a chance of hurl. I don't understand how everyone doesn't hurl from this ride. I'm sure he'll chime in and I'll let him describe his riding experience, but he didn't seem all that affected. In fact, at this point we all started to talk about food again. We still had a few tickets left. We counted and we had 15 - not enough for a second lap on Gale Force... what awesome ride here is only 5 tickets a piece?



As suggested earlier, we headed back around to try the back rows of Wild Waves since it was the perfect amount of tickets, and again had a surprisingly stellar ride. This awesome little roller coaster provides a bounty of airtime, but is mild enough to ride repeatedly all day. I want one in my back yard.


So... back to food. Earlier in the day while looking for Playlands Castaway Cove we passed Manco & Mancos, which I know to be a favorite pizza spot in town, so we decided then it would be good to have a taste of what the locals rave about.



I stole this photo from google, because I was too famished to stop and take one when we were there. We also didn't take any photos of the slices. They were fine. Very hot. Nothing exceptional, just good plain pizza.


While Playlands Castaway Cove and Gale Force we the main purposes of our trip, we knew there was another pier on the boardwalk, Gillians Wonderland, that I had heard had more of an old school feel but had a coaster or two. Bill heard they had a flume. And we both heard they just put in a new Larson tower.



We made our way down the noticeably quiet boardwalk, passing by folks selling fine art and homemade crafts, a pretty different vibe than Wildwood, before we came upon the (kinda janky looking) Wonderland.



Again we were faced with another ticket only situation, but no matter since we didn't have all that much we wanted to hit here. The park is split into a few different areas, with an indoor and a multi level outdoor section. The indoor section is in the front and where you'll find a number of very small kiddie rides, as well as ticket vendors, some food stands and a strange elevated tram that's themed to Thomas the Train.




The front/indoor area also looks out across the boardwalk to the beach/ocean. We milled about before wandering outside and up to a small elevated level that contained a few flats like their Waveswinger and a few rides for very small children.



It also provided a nice panoramic view of the entire park, specifically the Canyon Falls Log Flume and the fairly large (Larson) Drop Tower they recently installed. We saw the coaster was running but of course Bill was fixated on the flume and the fact that maintenance workers were f*cking with the lift motors. We didn't want to bite the bullet on tickets since we didn't know how many we would need. If the flume was out that just left us the coaster & the drop tower, but not much else that we were interested in here.



We made our way downstairs and found ourselves a very eager ride op at the flume who was very enthused by Bills flume obsession and assured us it would reopen, and shortly. We did some math at the ticket booth and figured out how we would need, getting just enough for the three rides we wanted to check.



Whores that we are, we got the coaster out of the way first, and I'm happy to be alive to tell you about it. On this scorcher of a day we expressed disdain at the trains black plastic seats and a lack of a roof over the station. Ouch! We sat in the back hoping for some kind of air, but as we were just about to go down the turned drop Brit, horrified, pointed out how rusted all of the wheels were, prompting me to say a little prayer to the Flying Spaghetti Monster in the Sky as we careened through the ride. Its kinda like an outdoor Skull Mountain. Long ass train, not much going on but a succession of swooping turns throughout its course. There's really nothing noteworthy about this ride other than the fact that we didn't die. Soooo.... go watch a POV or something.



After we kissed the ground, we noted the flume was still being worked on (I'm positive Bill had been eyeing it throughout the ride on the death train) do we decided to try the drop tower, but Brit peaced out and randomly decided to hit up the dark ride by herself (she said it was lame). The drop tower was awesome as expected. We were directed to certain seats so our view was of the street side, not the beach, but luckily this allowed Bill to see what the hell was happening at the flume. These towers don't pause at the top, and the fall feels like the ride vehicle weighs a million pounds, the last-second braking convincing you for a half-second of certain death. Amazing.



We met back up with Brit and hung around the flume for another 5 minutes when it looked like maintenance was finishing up, and the fervent ride op waved us over. Against our better judgement the three of us climbed into one log, with Bill up front of course. The flume is a bit unique as while there is only one drop, there is a small, somewhat themed indoor section before heading outdoors and up the lift. After a turnaround is the drop, which I found fairly large and steep. At the bottom of the drop you torpedo into the covered/indoor area and slam into a wall of water, giving us all a good soaking. It was hot enough that none of us cared.


It was getting later in the afternoon, and Bill was going to drop me off in Trenton on his way up to New York, so we had to get moving. We stopped for some more Khor Bros custard as we headed off the boardwalk and back to the car. It was hot and it melted fast, or else I'd have taken a photo. I would have loved to have gone back over to Playlands for some more Gale Force action, that ride is totally badass and you should all try to get there to check it out. So stoked to have finally ridden it, and for it to exceed my expectations the way it did. I have full intentions of grabbing a bunch of their half-price tickets they always sell around the holidays so I can go blow them all on Gale Force one day next summer.


Final Score:

Breakfast In The Sky

Wild Waves x2

Gale Force

Whirl Wind

Runaway Train

Drop Tower

Canyon Falls Log Flume


What a fun day... stay tuned for more.

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Great report of a great day.


Gale Force was a blast. It's rare that I get on a coaster with absolutely no clue what to expect. Honestly, when we were sitting in the station before we launched I was actually a little nervous which is a feeling I pretty much never get on coasters. It was great.


And yeah, Wild Waves rules.


Gillian's was a dump, but it was a fun dump. The flume was really good, and I loved the ride op's reassurance that "The ride would be fixed soon because it makes way too much money for them to keep it closed regardless of what's wrong with it". Good to know, thanks.

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Nice to see all the stuff I skipped on my Jersey Shore Credit Escort day.


Great report of a great day.


Gale Force was a blast. It's rare that I get on a coaster with absolutely no clue what to expect. Honestly, when we were sitting in the station before we launched I was actually a little nervous which is a feeling I pretty much never get on coasters. It was great.


And yeah, Wild Waves rules.


Gillian's was a dump, but it was a fun dump. The flume was really good, and I loved the ride op's reassurance that "The ride would be fixed soon because it makes way too much money for them to keep it closed regardless of what's wrong with it". Good to know, thanks.


Also, Storm Mahony isn't gonna comment on surviving the storm?

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This is going to be a short dispatch with not too many photos, from the good ol' home park.


Y'all may recall when my buddy Imri and I hit up our local Six Flags Great Adventure for their July 4th Fest back on the evening before the actual holiday, and decided we should pop over for a few more weeknights when time allowed. Cut to mid-August and on a slow day at work, which happened to be roller coaster day, I got a random text from him and we agreed to meet after work again and stop over for a few hours.



Happy Roller Coaster Day! Some champagne to celebrate?



The parking lot was pretty busy for a random weeknight, but we got a spot pretty close due to folks leaving. We decided to hang out, pound a few brews and watch the coasters do their thing for a bit before heading in.



Cheers! It was already after 7pm, with a 10pm closing that only gave a us 3 hours. According to queuetimes, the waits were mild to minimal, so we hoped to get a few things in.



Upon a fast and painless entry, we cut to our left and hit up The Bull to celebrate Roller Coaster Day the proper way, in the magic seat. Ole! It was a station wait, and the ride was running exceptionally, as always. We're so spoiled to have this thing in our back yard.


You might remember during our last visit we planned to hit Zumanjaro but we got sidelined by our epic firework filled showstopper on Kingda Ka. With the sun now setting we headed through the awesome PDC-to-Golden Kingdom shortcut and walked back to Guam to ride the worlds tallest drop tower.



I love being back here when Kingda Ka launches. As a person with a thing for coasters sounds, the screeching rip of a rocket coaster tearing down the straightaway really does it for me. As far as Zumanjaro goes, this ride never gets old. I feel like I've only ridden it once or twice this year, but this sunset cycle did not disappoint. The drop just goes on forever and ever and ever. And the view is incredible.


The only other thing we wanted to ride was Nitro, so we started off in that direction, but got distracted by the all new Ale House. Which by the way is awesome. If you don't know, the park basically took the old Liberty Pub next to the Flash Pass building and expanded the bar, put in like 18 taps, more seating, etc. It's awesome. I didn't get photos but we enjoyed a couple ciders and split some chicken fingers and a pretzel while some rich drunk Manhattanite hit on us while her teenage kids were off riding rides. Good times.


From here we headed back towards Nitro/Movietown and decided to walk back to Cyborg to at the very least see it in action, and in particular check out the awesome lighting package, however we found the ride a walk-on and Imri pressured me into riding. I had no intentions of trying this ride. I thought it looked great, and its a great fit for the park, but it just didn't seem like the type of ride I'd enjoy. Turns out I was right because this ride is the very definition of suck.



Its completely disorienting, and there is a lot of uncomfortable hangtime. Which is great if you're into that sort of thing. If you're not and you've got a belly full of pretzels, chicken and beer? Nah. No bueno. I felt like the majority of the time we just swung back and forth as we spun in a circle. Lucky for me the cycle is hilariously short, so the ride didn't destroy me and after I took a minute to compose myself I felt normal enough again to head over to Nitro for some good old night rides.



The worlds most explosive coaster was a total walk-on so we hopped in the back row and managed two rides before we played some musical chairs and hopped two rows for a third ride. It was running very well - buttery smooth with a plethora of floater air, and by now it was pitch black in the Jersey pine barrens, always making it feel like you're moving faster than you really are.


Not sure of how we wanted to end the night, we had about 30 minutes left so we wound up walking through the park asking if the other wanted to ride something "Skull Mountain?"... "Sky Screamer?"... "Sky Way?"... "Tango?" before we were halfway across the park and agree on another lap or two on El Toro. With only a few people left in the station we wound up waiting for the front and luckily got the last train of the night.



I'll always love the magic seat but I'm really getting into the front seat of this ride. God damn its so good. If you've never ridden this ride what the f*ck is wrong with you? Its open for a few more weeks, get on a fu*king plane and get over here.


Sometimes I feel like I'm over this park because I go so often but then we have fun little nights like this and I'm reminded we're really lucky to have such a fantastic line-up of rides just a hop, skip and jump away from home. And no doubt a great way to blow off steam after a long work day. Thanks for reading!


Tonights Tally:

Nitro x3

El Toro 2x



Edited by boldikus
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Nice report! I'm really intrigued by Cyborg, but I feel like I need to go in with low expectations based on all the reviews I've heard.


the trick is try to get a seat on the outer edge (4 avail. each ride)


When it's moving, if you're in the outermost seat, there is a feeling of multiple leg-choppers/near misses.


I rode Harley multiple times at SFOT, and the rides in the last seat of the row were hands down the best.



oh, and Boldy -- good report. some day, some day. . I'll get to check out El Toro and Kingda-Ka

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Nice report! I'm really intrigued by Cyborg, but I feel like I need to go in with low expectations based on all the reviews I've heard.


the trick is try to get a seat on the outer edge (4 avail. each ride)


When it's moving, if you're in the outermost seat, there is a feeling of multiple leg-choppers/near misses.


I rode Harley multiple times at SFOT, and the rides in the last seat of the row were hands down the best.


We were actually seated in the middle by the ops, now that I'm thinking about it (I guess because there were like 10 people riding and they were concerned with weight distribution?), but I still don't think I'd really get much out of it, even in a different seat. In not a fan of too much hangtime. Its cool for a moment on coasters I guess but on flats where you kinda get hung there for what feels like an eternity, its just not for me. If it was faster and had more of a mix of forces/sensations I think I'd be into it, but its not fast enough to provide positive Gs, there is no airtime whatsoever (not that I expected that) - it just felt like we swung back and forth (and not in a good way, more like a sea-sick way) and we'd almost invert, hang there for 5 seconds then swing and swing and swing a bunch, all while spinning in a circle. Ugh. Its just not a good ride. It looks absolutely fantastic though, I'll give it that.

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