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Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Kemah Boardwalk- Boardwalk Bullet is running like a dream

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Awesome report! Great photos, great commentary (per usual)!


I have to say, I'm a little jelly of KD, Carowinds, and basically any park that has already opened for the season. JUST 15 MORE DAYS UNTIL KI OPENS



Over 500 other coasters since 2016! DAMN


And its great to hear that Fury still holds up after all that other experience!


Thanks! There are definitely coasters that are more intense than Fury, but Fury certainly isn't weak in that area and the rerideability is off-the-charts.


Oh gosh I didn't realize Metro Diner had made their way all the way up into the Carolinas. The original is here in Jacksonville and their first "franchise" opened about 5 miles from my house and I've only been maybe twice because there's always a line out the door. Great spot though, and yeah I've had those chicken and waffles before, they don't suck.


Carowinds is HIGH on my list of parks I'm anticipating getting back to, probably won't make it this year but I think my oldest will be tall enough for most everything next season so it's gonna happen soon. Copperhead looks amazing, and Fury I'm fully expecting to to jump into my top 10 if not 5.


Thanks! I had no clue Metro Diner was a chain. The place definitely had the feel of a local shop.


If your oldest is a daredevil, waiting another year is prudent. Carowinds has an amazing top 4, but I think they all have a 52-54 inch height requirement.

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Glad to hear both of you had a great day on the opening day weekend. You never know what you're going to get! Happy to hear Fury still lives up to the hype and exceeds the previous rides in 2016, it's a fantastic coaster! Especially at night with those chaser lights. Damn I love the color scheme.

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Glad to hear both of you had a great day on the opening day weekend. You never know what you're going to get! Happy to hear Fury still lives up to the hype and exceeds the previous rides in 2016, it's a fantastic coaster! Especially at night with those chaser lights. Damn I love the color scheme.


Thanks! We actually avoided opening weekend and went the weekend after. We figured it would be a little less crowded. The park was still packed though so FastLane was a must. I agree, Fury has one of the best and most unique color schemes.


Great report! I really need to get back there and ride Fury again.


Thanks! Yeah it's easy to focus on Fury without any sky rides or log flumes.

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I love Dollywood. It’s without a doubt one of the country’s best parks. It truly has something for everyone. All can enjoy the homey atmosphere and mouthwatering food. But for us coaster enthusiasts, we have arguably the world’s best coaster in Lightning Rod (when it decides to run).



Greetings from Dollywood.


And we visited during Festival of Nations.


Lightning Rod blew me away when I rode it two years ago during Smoky Mountain Christmas. Why? It was actually open when I visited after numerous failed attempts to ride it. But the persistence paid off as it immediately became my favorite coaster.


Needless to say, I was looking forward to getting some rides on Lightning Rod in warmer weather. But that didn’t happen. Lightning Rod had been running pretty reliably thus far in 2019. As we turned towards Jukebox Junction, the all too familiar doors were closed.


Fortunatley it was just due to weather. The day prior had been a beautiful 75 degrees, but overnight the temperature plummeted into the 30s. So after a few minutes, Lightning Rod opened. Better yet, I didn’t see the coaster go down once. I felt like I won the lottery.



I used to think I'd have a better chance getting struck by lightning than riding this thing.


There isn’t a moment of wasted track on Lightning Rod. A chain lift would be too mundane for Lightning Rod. So instead it has a deceptively forceful launch. The initial kick seemed off (the audio seemed to start 2 seconds before the launch), but the rest of the ascent had some nice sustained Gs.


Dolly’s humps provide two modest pops of air before Lightning Rod goes berserk. The big drop is as good as any drop on a RMC outside of Iron Rattler’s. It’s powerful, sustained ejector air. That’s followed by a colossal wave turn. I love wave turns and the sheer size of Lightning Rod’s is astounding; it produces 3-4 seconds of sustained lateral airtime.


That’s followed by a turnaround that’s best classified as WTF. It banks one way, then another. The transition would be crazy without airtime, so it’s pure lunacy when you mix in sustained airtime. That’s followed by a banked airtime hill with (you guessed it) crazy sideways airtime.


Then Lightning Rod goes berserk and provides six of the most powerful and abrupt pops of airtime on the planet. Everyone knows about the legendary quad down. The airtime is so strong that you feel it the next day. But the tiny hills before and after give equally as great airtime.


And there’s a funky half-loop/turnaround that gives you one last pop of airtime before crashing into the brake run. I know it’s not as fast as Kingda Ka or Top Thrill Dragster, but it feels equally as fast as you charge into the brakes. I was speechless after every single ride.


After numerous rides, I can say unequivocally Lightning Rod is still my favorite coaster. Nothing is close. Not even my number two, Steel Vengenace. Three of my favorite aspects of roller coasters are pacing, setting, and reridability. With Lightning Rod, you have an ungodly fast, glass smooth airtime machine on a heavily wooded mountainside. That sounds too good to be true, but it’s reality. 10 out of 10



I remember when double downs were all the rage.


The airtime is unreal.


We could have very well ridden Lightning Rod all day and been happy. I call that the Lightning Rod effect. The Lightning Rod effect also caused Dollywood to remove the old banner from Thunderhead advertising it as the world’s best wooden coaster.


I regrettably skipped Thunderhead on my last visit. I figured a bumpy wooden coaster wasn’t the best thing for a broken ankle. However, if Thunderhead tracked like it did this year, I would’ve been fine. Now I only rode towards the front, but you can tell Dollywood has been doing their diligence retracking it.


Thunderhead is one of GCI’s strongest layouts. It does everything GCI does best. You have no idea where you’re going next and every single hill gives an abrupt pop of air. 8 out of 10



Just look at all that fresh wood.




On this day, Drop Line was deserted. Along with being a walk-on, it had the auxiliary benefit of allowing the park to run an extended cycle. Rather than dropping immediately when it reached the top, Drop Line held us up there for a solid minute. No one complained since the Smokies are gorgeous.


The drop isn’t quite as intense as an Intamin, but it’s close. That drop combined with the breathtaking views makes Drop Line a strong drop tower. 8 out of 10



Drop Line gave a great overview of Wildwood Grove as well.


Firechaser Express is one of the best family coasters. I would have loved if something like this existed at one of my local parks when I was a kid. The ride has an insanely low height requirement (below 40”) and offers a little of everything. This is a legit coaster and not some junior garbage.


The first launch packs more of a punch than coasters twice its size. Then you have a few pops of airtime scattered throughout. And the final backwards segment has one really wild transition right before the brake run. But the ride has quick reprieves in between elements to avoid ever becoming too much for its target demographic. 7 out of 10



All aboard!


Shockingly Tennessee Tornado was the most difficult coaster to ride during my visit. Usually that coaster runs like a champ, but it decided to take a half day. Thankfully the coaster did reopen and we were able to get one ride in the back row.


The coaster is short. There’s no denying that. But it rides different than every other Arrow. Gone are the cookie-cutter elements. In are custom inversions. The first offers nice hangtime. The second packs on the Gs. But most importantly, it’s glass smooth and you have that epic plunge through the mountain. That first drop is one of my favorites. Getting that much airtime in total darkness is bliss. 8 out of 10



Thankfully that closed sign was removed later in the day.


Oddly Wild Eagle is rougher than Tennessee Tornado. That’s not a knock against Wild Eagle; that coaster is very smooth (just bouncy like most wing coasters). It’s more a testament to just how smooth Tennessee Tornado is.


My girlfriend hates Wild Eagle and sat that one out, but I enjoyed it. I wish more B&M loopers had straight drops, as the drop on Wild Eagle is fantastic. The first loop is decently forceful, but the rest of the ride is floaty. I also love the undulating speed of the helices towards the end. 8 out of 10



It was so weird not seeing River Battle here.


Even though temperatures were in the 40s, Dollywood opened their water rides because they’re awesome. I wasn’t foolish enough to ride Smoky River Rampage. Nor was any other guest. I didn’t see a single soul ride it. I was ambitious enough to ride Daredevil Falls. It’s one of the best flumes out there.


The ride has some decent theming along the route, multiple tunnels, and a great final plunge. I assured my girlfriend she’d come off dry. She didn’t trust me one bit. I came off dry. However, she got pretty wet. I don’t really understand how that happened since we rode in the same row. 9 out of 10



Dear Dollywood, thank you for opening all your water rides in 40 degree weather.


Well almost all of them. RIP Mountainside Slidewinder.


Coaster enthusiasts see Jesus when they ride Lightning Rod. We decided to see Jesus a second time by watching the Kingdom Heirs show. The vocalists were incredible; the four performers covered all ends of the vocal spectrum. And the music was fantastic too.


The only odd thing we noticed was the third performer from the left had a different demeanor than the rest. While the other three were smiling, the third one looked like he was dragged there against his will. I heard a few others saying the same thing as we left. He sounded great though!



Even if you aren't a fan of the subject matter, you may still appreciate the amazing acoustics.


We took advantage of the Festival of Nations and watched one of the seasonal shows, Cuba Libra. I think the show was very well done. The music and dancing definitely represented Cuba well. However, it just wasn’t our cup of tea.


The most fascinating thing for us was the dynamic backgrounds. The backgrounds were sort of creepy how they had blinking eyes and sporadic gestures.



It was well choreographed, but not something I found engaging.


From a food perspective, I was ecstatic Dollywood had empanadas for the Festival of Nations. They’re one of my favorite Spanish dishes. And the taste did not disappoint. However, I was shocked that I only received one single empanada despite the price.



I would have happily paid more for another empanada or two.


My girlfriend went with the tried and true cinnamon bread. I avoid sugary confections like the plague, so she was ecstatic to have an entire loaf to herself.



I can feel the diabetes.


We also made sure to see some of the demonstrations in Craftsman’s Valley. In my past visits, I’ve blown right past this area in pursuit of coasters, so it was interesting to see some of the touches that make Dollywood unlike other theme parks. We particularly enjoyed the glass blowing demonstration. The only thing that would have made it better was if we could do it ourselves.



This guy made molten glass look like bubble mix.


Dollywood has so much to offer. For that reason, it was a bummer the park closed at 7 pm. If you see a few shows like us, it is absolutely impossible to do everything in a single day. Also the early closure denied pitch black Lightning Rod rides which can only be described as orgasmic.


Speaking of Lightning Rod, our visit ended on a slightly sour note. In all my past visits to Dollywood, I’ve never seen them close a queue early. But on this visit, they closed Lightning Rod’s queue 10-15 minutes early. I found it odd since the ride never posted more than a half hour wait all day and it was still cycling riders. Fortunately, it sounds like this may have been an isolated incident rather than Dollywood’s norm.


Also, Mystery Mine was down for the day. I knew this going into my visit, but it was still disappointing not to ride the positively screwed up (in the best way possible) EuroFighter. On the bright side, the bird was back by the entrance. And as of the time I write this, it appears Mystery Mine has reopened.



Sorry folks, ride's closed. The bird out front should've told you.


Dollywood is one of my favorite parks. Having the world’s best coaster alone would guarantee that. But when you mix in a picturesque setting, lovely theming, and a super friendly staff, you have a place that’s truly special.



Oh look, a reason to return to Dollywood.

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Awesome report! I was there the day before you and the day after you! The 75-degree day (Saturday) you were referring to was absolute madness. I didn't know Dollywood ever got so busy. It took us 90 minutes from the time we got into the pre-toll both traffic jam into parking to the time we parked, walked (instead of waiting in the insane shuttle line) and got into the park. Blazing fury's line was 80 minutes at one point. For Blazing Fury.


I agree with you about Lightning Rod pretty much decimating all and it was running great when I rode it on both the warmer day (with 120 minute queue and fast lane sold out) and the cooler following day with no line.

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love the Dollywood report, and it remains on my list of parks we really want to visit.


(it's just so hard for us to get to, convenience wise. . . but one day)

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Yeah Dollywood is a pain to get to. The Knoxville airport doesn't have any direct flights from my area, so I always fly to Atlanta or Charlotte and drive the 4 hours. Fortunately part of that drive goes through the Smokies so it is scenic at least.

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Great report, we had a great trip to Dollywood a few weeks ago and it won't be our last. The kids had an absolute blast an we can't wait to get back and checkout Wildwood Grove. Considering how crowded the County Fair section and Firechaser was that day I'm assuming Wildwood Grove will be a hit.


I loved Lightning Rod but think I still rank it behind Maverick and Steel Vengance, but it's almost a toss up for those 3. Those two killer inversions in the middle of Steel Vengance plus the overall length/return run through the structure probably sealed the deal for SV.

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Thanks! Steel Vengeance's length is fantastic and an advantage over Lightning Rod, but Lightning Rod's setting shines more for me and the elements that Lightning Rod has are more enjoyable than Steel Vengeance's.


But when you're talking about two incredible coasters like this, it all comes down to personal preference.

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On this day, Drop Line was deserted. Along with being a walk-on, it had the auxiliary benefit of allowing the park to run an extended cycle. Rather than dropping immediately when it reached the top, Drop Line held us up there for a solid minute. No one complained since the Smokies are gorgeous.

That sounds incredible. The view from up there is unreal.

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The Pigeon Forge area is one of the foremost tourist traps in the world. The strip is lined with attractions ready to vacuum every last dollar out of your wallet. The key for any tourist is to know who to give your money to. Spoiler alert, it isn’t the Jurassic Jungle Boat or Earthquake the Ride.


This area is the mountain coaster capital of the world. Every time I return, there always seems to be another 1-2 that has opened. On this visit, there were two new ones waiting for me- Rail Runner at Anakeesta and Rocky Top Mountain Coaster.


My first stop was Anakeesta. This new mountain resort boards on Gatlinburg’s parkway and transports guests via chairlift atop a mountain. Think of Ober Gatlinburg or Ghost Town in the Sky. I actually passed the latter on the way back to Charlotte and I felt depressed just looking at it.


If you plan to visit Anakeesta, I have three major tips for you.


1) Get there at opening. The line for the sky ride was huge by the afternoon. Plus the mountain coaster’s capacity is putrid and the op said it regularly reaches 1-2 hours on weekends.


2) Buy your ticket online. If you do this, you can skip the lengthy and slow-moving queue. You do have to pay a small convenience fee, but it’s absolutely worth it in this case.


3) Do not wait for the enclosed gondolas. There are only 4 of them and they have a separate queue than the 100 standard chairlift gondolas.



If you want scenic views, Anakeesta has you covered. If you want to just get a credit and dash, you're SOL.


Our first stop was Rail Runner. I can name one better mountain coaster- the 5 minute (all downhill) one at Kolbsensattel. But none are more intense. If you’ve ridden a mountain coaster, you know those little cars feel like they’ll fling off the track. It felt even more plausible on this single rail version. Plus this one didn’t seem to have that annoying autobraking feature of the Wiegand models.


Now throw in three steep, unbanked drops. Mountain coasters often have a sign to brake at the end of the ride. On this one, there were brake signs before these three drops. Before my ride, I asked to op about them and was told, “Insurance told us to put them there. Go as fast as you want…if you dare.”


I’ve never once thought about pulling the brakes on a mountain coaster. As I approached these drops, there was a split second I considered pulling that lever. Instead I went full tilt and folded over like a stuffed animal. These turns may be the strongest laterals I’ve ever experienced. The Legend sustains laterals longer, but the sheer force of these laterals in such a minimalistic vehicle is terrifying.


Because the descent is so steep, Rail Runner is among the shortest mountain coasters I’ve ridden. But it’s easily among the best. If you love rides that are balls to the walls intense, Rail Runner is for you. Just make sure you keep those levers down and say your prayers. 8 out of 10



Get here early because Rail Runner's throughput is putrid.


Just look at the size of some of those drops.


This is the part where I thought I was going to die.


The only other attraction we did at Anakeesta was the Tree Canopy Walk. If you have a fear of heights, this is not the ride for you. It consisted of 16 of those swinging rope bridges. And if you have younger kids behind you, they’re going to bounce and sway a lot. I didn’t mind. Others cussed though.



Anakeesta was beautiful.


About half the "attractions" at Anakeesta were shops and stores. They didn't go all Ankapark and count benches and trash cans, but they could use a few more activities. Thankfully they were clearing a pretty sizable chunk of land and promised an expansion was coming.

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Rocky Top, Rowdy Bear Mountain, Mini Golf


Down the street from Dollywood is the area's newest mountain coaster, the Rocky Top Mountain Coaster. It is without a doubt the longest one in the area. It’s advertised as being 9 minutes long and they comically boast that over the others in the area with their sign out front.



I love how they subtly poop on the area's other mountain coasters.


But is longer better? Not necessarily. This one had four lifts, so that’s where you spent most of your time. The downhill segments were faster than the others in the area (Anakeesta’s excluded), but they lacked the laterals of Goats on the Roof or the scattered airtime pops of Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster (SMAC). There were a few tunnels at least, a rarity on this type of ride.


The one intense moment was a high, unbanked turn above the parking lot when you realized just how high above the ground you were. Ultimately I’d say it’s worth doing, but I’d rank the ones at Anakeesta, Goats, and SMAC ahead of this one. 7 out of 10



I foresee a lot of enthusiasts stopping here after a day at Dollywood.


Rowdy Bear Mountain is home to the area’s weakest mountain coaster. I knew that from my 2017 visit. They actually have a decent deal where you can ride it as many times as you want in an hour now, but I was returning for something else- the Mountain Glider.


It’s a pseudo zipline-coaster much like the ones I rode in Dubai. Coaster or no coaster, it was an interesting experience. You basically put on a backpack harness and once you’re put into position, it looks identical to that elusive Pteranodon Flyer coaster in Islands of Adventure that I’ve never been able to ride.


While the ones in Dubai were unbraked and had some terrifying swinging, this one was more controlled. It was less about the thrills and more about the visuals. On the way down, there were sections of wheels that functioned as trim brakes. It was unique and comfortable, but just ok. 6 out of 10



Hey look, it's Smoky (not the Fire Bear).


Because of its location on a hill, I couldn't get any photos at Rowdy Bear itself. But at least you can see it in the distance here.


We also played two separate mini golf courses. The first was Hillbilly Golf. That is without a doubt my favorite course in the area. For one, it’s themed to hillbillies. Who doesn’t enjoy that? Second it’s on a steep, wooded hillside and you need to take an inclined railway to access the course.


The course uses the theme and hillside to its advantage. Basically every hole has some sort of obstacle themed to something you could totally picture a hillbilly using. Then I’d say at least a third of the holes were multi-leveled. I’m a sucker for those types of holes. And I’m proud to say I won.



First you go up.


Then you go down.


We also tried Crave Mini Golf. This may be the area’s newest mini golf course. Rather I should say courses since they have both an indoor and outdoor one. As you may suspect from the name, it was themed to chocolate, candy, and all sorts of things that could put a diabetic into a coma.


I didn’t stand a chance at this course. The course has this awesome looking train. Every few minutes, it blew out a gigantic cloud of steam. However, it wasn’t steam. As you may know, I despite candy. Just the aroma of it makes me queasy. So imagine my delight when I found out it blew out candy.


The odds also weren’t in my favor. Every single hole had a wheel you’d spin before your first shot. If you were lucky like my girlfriend, you may get a free hole-in-one or be allowed to take two steps forward. If you were unlikely like me, you may have to spin around 5 times before your first shot or putt from one knee. I lost by like 20 after I had to putt blind on one hole and launched it well off the course.



Wheel of (Mis)fortune


You go through the Bubblegum Garden, Rocky Candy Mountain...I felt like Buddy the Elf.


If Mother Nature isn't cooperating, Crave has you covered.


Oh and we also went to Smoky Mountain National Park. We were lucky that we visited on the second day that the Clingman's Dome was open for the 2019 season. For those unfamiliar, the Clingman's Dome, it's the highest accessible point of the national park. It does require a half mile uphill hike, but the views are worth it.



360 degree views of the Smokies? Yes please!


Pictures don't do the Smokies justice. It's stunning.

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Six Flags Great Adventure


I felt like I cheated on SFNE. This was the first time in several years that I didn’t go to SFNE’s opening weekend. Usually I’ll brave the frigid cold and/or drizzly weather. So I found it ironic the year I skip is the one when it was sunny and in the mid-60s. Surprisingly the good weather was maintained this past weekend when I did make it to SFNE (Here).


I needed to drop someone off at my sister’s college near New York City. The original plan was to spend all day at Six Flags Great Adventure, but my sister wasn’t free until midnight due to a clinical. SFGAdv closed a bit too early, but I found a more appealing alternative, Hersheypark.


Since my route had me taking the New Jersey Turnpike, it would have been wasteful not to exercise my membership and rack up some rides on El Toro. I felt deprived after seeing it idle during my HITP visit. Plus I could get a free lunch out of it too.



A lot of enthusiasts chose to have a great adventure.


Once the park opened, crowds diverted. Some wanted to get the perfect selfie by the fountain. Others wanted to conquer the world’s tallest coaster. Enthusiasts flocked towards El Toro. Smart enthusiasts flocked towards El Toro’s lockers.


The locker policy has been discussed ad nauseam on this site. It’s a bummer those who properly secure their phones and don’t try to post an amateur POV are penalized, but it is what it is. Essentially it makes El Toro a $1 upcharge and let’s be honest, it’s worth it.



I was wondering. Do they run out of these on a busy day?


I could have boarded the first public train of the day. If I cared about bragging rights, I would have. But I didn’t. I care about quality. Therefore, I happily waited an extra cycle for the second to back. That’s the money seat on El Toro. You get all the goodies of the drop without the few extra bumps of the back row.


Speaking of that first drop, it’s incredible. It’s without a doubt the best drop on any wooden coaster I’ve ridden. RMC woodies can match El Toro’s drop in terms of steepness, but they’re outclassed in the airtime department. And that’s saying a lot! El Toro’s drop is just that crazy- powerful, sustained ejector air.


But the sustained ejector airtime doesn’t stop there. The following two camelbacks are two of the best airtime moments on any coaster. As you approach the apex of the hill, you can already feel your keister starting to lift. Your upper half feels like its flying, but your thighs pressed forcibly into that lap bar.


If there’s one weakness to El Toro, it’s the middle section. The entry into the turnaround, subsequent drop, and speed hill all give airtime. But it’s meek floater. It feels wildly out-of-place on a ride as intense as El Toro. Don’t worry, the bull is getting ready for the finale- the Rolling Thunder hill.


When an element is universally known across enthusiast circles without stating the ride (hive dive, quarry drop, Rolling Thunder hill), you know it must be something special. And that’s exactly what the Rolling Thunder hill is. It is some of the most violent sustained airtime anywhere.


That’s immediately followed by a wild series of low-to-the-ground turns. You feel like the bull is trying to fling you over into El Diablo’s now barren pad. But then the speed just evaporated. Usually those final hills at least give tiny pops of air, but on this day, I felt like El Toro was going to valley as it crept into the brake run.


In the span of 1.5 hours, I think I got about six rides on El Toro until it broke down briefly. Every single one of those rides was in the back car. I know the front is awesome too, but I can’t rob myself of that first drop. El Toro is undeniably wild and I applaud the park for continuing to maintain it. 9.5 out of 10






When you hear the Intamin fart, you know killer airtime is happening.


I then used my dining plan, or tried to use it. I had no issue buying a gyro, which was a delicious surprise at a Six Flags park. But the pretzel stand claimed I could only use my membership’s dining plan to get a discount. I have no clue what the issue was since I’ve used it at numerous other Six Flags parks.


I always seem to encounter an odd policy every other visit. Usually it’s related to photography. Last year one security guard said I wasn’t able to bring a point-and-shoot into the park since it was a “professional camera”. On another visit during Justice League’s construction, I took a picture of the Chiller’s old observatory from the Movie Town (no fence scaling, just a regular shot from the midway), but a security guard told me I had to delete all photos with the Observatory since it was “behind a fence.”


It’s somewhat sad that I visited a park with 13 different roller coasters, including the world’s tallest and four B&Ms, but I only rode one. That’s a testament to just how good El Toro is. I didn’t feel compelled to ride anything else. And I was perfectly content doing so. If El Diablo were still there, maybe I'd be singing a different tune.



I felt oddly content without riding the world's tallest coaster.


I honestly thought the Superman paint job was an April Fool's Prank, but you can clearly see them slowly but surely painting it. And I think it's awesome they're painting it during the week so the ride can still operate.


Oh and I feel so sorry for whatever employee mans this game.



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Nice report! Toro is awesome.


I was about to reply asking if you went to Knoebles as well since you went to Hershey, but I realized it doesn't open for another couple weeks

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I am loving all these reports


Thanks! Glad people enjoy reading them.


Damn, we were there but showed up a little later. It's a shame we couldn't meet up.


Great report!


Thanks! Great Adventure was a last second, impulsive decision and I had no clue so many people would be there. Our travels will probably cross paths another time.

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wonderful report, Canobie.


El Toro, sadly, still sits (near the top) of my bucket list coasters. (it's in a park i've not been to, yet)


but over the past years, I've been making some progress on that list (TPR 2018 USA trip most certainly helped). . .and I'll knock a couple of biggies off my list later this year.


so goal in 2020 are: Dollywood, Magic Mountain, and SFGA.

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