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BEST DISNEY RIDE- nominations

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I'm starting a new 'survivor' type poll...this is where you will all nominate your favorite disney rides (please only nominate a maximum of 3)...you may give honerable mentions if you like...but please mention which ones are your three (or less) nominations. A ride must be nominated three times by three different people to get into the 'survivor' poll. Have Fun!


(btw...please don't not nominate something just b/c you already see it nominated 3 times...i want to make this as accurate as possible)


i nominate


1. Tower of Terror (MGM)

2. California Screamin' (DCA)

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^ You might want to make people say what park the attraction is at...for example Tower of Terror at WDW...not DCA!


That being said, I nominate:


1. Journey to the Center of the Earth - TDS

2. Tower of Terror - MGM

3. Pooh's Hunny Hunt - TDL


Elissa "it's hard just naming 3!" Alvey

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God this is hard. Well, I haven't been to a Disney park outside of DLR so that narrows it down a bit.

1.Tower-of-Terror (DCA)

2.California Screamin (DCA)

3.Space Mountain (DL) it sucks that its been closed for five years for fricken special effects!

Brent "likes CF better than Disney" Shenton

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I'm going with rides all from Walt Disney World:


Tower of Terror - Disney MGM Studios

Mission: Space - Epcot

Space Mountain - Magic Kingdom


I would nominate Turtle Talk at Living Seas, but its not a ride, its an interactive presentation. But it would win. It is rated "Best Attraction at Epcot." Fact.


If I can nominate Turtle Talk, make it replace Space Mountain for me. I got to ride Space Mountain with the lights on, its great!

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