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2014 World Cup

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I actually thought when the 85th minute was on the clock we where out. That we would win in the original game time I wouldn't have dreamed that. In just 6 minutes we actually beat the Mexicans, 6 minutes.

Well now we beat the world champion and Ochoa couldn't stop us. Kind of gives me hope on the cup. Got the right to dream right?

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^ Argentina got 1-0 on the 8th minute. Only goal in the game. Belgium had given a fight but started it too late if you ask me.


Still a bit frustrated about the Brazil match against Colombia yesterday. Man haven't seen it in complete but that referee did give the match to Brazil. A 100% goal was called off because the Colombian was off-side while he clearly wasn't. It was as if Fifa told the referee: Get them to the semi-finals no matter what the cost.

I mean the Colombian went too far to take out Neymar I agree. But Brazil wasn't supposed to win yesterday based on what I saw.

Hope Germany gets through the finals they deserve it. (had to been said this part.)


For the other side. Tonight we have a nice match in which I predict we send Costa Rica home and end up against Argentina, what we will win and we have a nice final I like to see namely: Germany - Netherlands. Have been calling that since we won from Spain so needs to happen.

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I couldn't be more proud of Costa Rica! Even though we lost, we qualified to Quarter-Finals which is something that marked our history. We have a great team with a phenomenal goalie, Navas. Very proud!


The next matches are going to be interesting to watch.

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I mean the Colombian went too far to take out Neymar I agree.

Actually I think it was more the other way round and Brazil was trying to take out James at all cost. I saw Neymar's injury as more of an "accident". Anyway, I agree that Colombia should have won.

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Oh my god this Germany-Brazil is already 0-6 wow they're getting a beating while Germany is like: "nah we're cool another will do though."

I enjoy this so much for some reason knowing we have to face this Germany in the finals if we win tomorrow.


Edit: Game over 1-7 end result. Man germany did at least give them a goal. (not literally, Brazil made that one on own force). Wow this will end up in riots.

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Wow this will end up in riots.

I think they've already started, seriously.

Possible. The Dutch commentator was paying more attention to the public then the game the second half telling us of the fights between German and Brazilian fans, even small fires he said. Can only imagine what's going on there on the streets.

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Go Argentina! Hopefully Argentina can beat Germany because Germany played their best game against Brazil in the Semi- final. On another note, Brazil really fell apart during the Germany game and there on. I feel bad for Brazil as the year they final host the Cup, they have the weakest national team in many years.

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