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Favorite Drop From Each Park

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Valleyfair: Renegade's first drop, back seat

Nickelodeon Universe: Log Chute's second drop

Worlds of Fun: Ripcord

Cedar Point: Top Thrill Dragster

Six Flags Great America: American Eagle's first drop, back seat

Mount Olympus: Cyclops's drop of death, back seat

Silver Dollar City: Outlaw Run's first drop, back seat

Six Flags Over Texas: Giant's first drop, back seat

Sea World San Diego: Journey to Atlantis, first drop

Belmont Park: Giant Dipper's second drop, back seat

Knott's Berry Farm: Formerly Perilous plunge in the back seat, currently Xcelerator's top hat (back seat again)

Disney California Adventure: Either Tower of Terror, first double-drop

Disneyland: Indoor drop on Splash Mountain

Universal Studios Hollywood: Jurassic Park

Six Flags Magic Mountain: X2's first drop, row 7

California's Great America: Freefall tower (can't remember the name)

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: Superman's vertical drop after the barrel roll, back row

WDW: Tower of Terror

Busch Gardens Tampa: Montu's first drop, back row

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Port Aventura - Shambhala - First drop

Terra Mitica - Inferno - Second drop

Parque Warner - Stuntfall - First tower

Disneyland Paris - Indiana Jones - Drop into loop (I love that loop)

Walt Disney Studios - Tower of Terror

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Carowinds: Drop Tower. (really enjoyed Extreme Skyflyer when I rode it in '95...lol) (last visit '08-original home park)

Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Griffon's first drop (last visit '08)

King's Dominion: Volcano's finale (last visit '98)

SFOG: Goliath's first drop (last visit '08)

Busch Gardens Tampa: SheiKra's first drop (current home park 1)

Seaworld Orlando: Kraken's First Drop/Manta's Pretzel Loop (current home park 2)

Islands Of Adventure: Dudley Do-RIght/Hulk first drop

Universal Studios Florida: Mummy's final drop (last visit '08)

Disney's Animal Kingdom: Expedition Everest-backwards section

Wild Adventures: Cheetah's first drop

Fun Spot America: White Lightning's first drop (only thing I've ridden there)

Dollywood: Tennessee Tornado's first drop (also enjoyed Mystery Mine's enclosed final drop & Thunderhead's first drop)

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Adventureland - Outlaw's first drop

Buffalo Bills - Desperado's first drop

Busch Gardens Tampa - Sheikra's first drop

California's Great America - Drop Zone

Canada's Wonderland - Behemoth's first drop (Pre-Leviathan)

Canobie Lake Park - Untamed's first drop

Cedar Point - Millenium Force's first drop

Coney Island - Cyclone's first drop

DLR/WDW/DLP - Tower of Terror

Dorney Park - Steel Force's first drop

Europa Park - The spiral drop on Euro Mir

Funtown Splashtown - Excalibur's first drop

Gardaland - Raptor's first drop

Gavelston Pier - Iron Shark's first drop

Great Escape - Comet's first drop

Heide Park - Krake's first drop

Hersheypark - Drop on Storm Runner (Pre-Sky Rush)

Holiday Park - Expedition Ge Force's first drop

Holiday World - Voyage's first drop

Indiana Beach - Steel Hawg's first drop

Kennywood - 2nd drop on Phantom's Revenge

Kings Island - Drop Zone (Pre-Diamondback)

Knoebels - The double down on Phoinex

Knotts Berry Farm - Ghostrider's mid course drop

La Ronde - Goliath's First Drop

Lake Compounce - One of the many Boulderdash drops

Michigan's Adventure - Shivering Timber's first drop

Mirabilandia - Katun's first drop

Movie Park Germany - High Fall

Mt. Olympus - The final drop on Cyclops

Nickelodeon Universe - Spongebob's first drop

Parc Asterix - Torrone de Zues' first drop

Phantasialand - One of the hidden Winjas drops

PNE Playland - One of the small drops on Coaster with ejector air

Rainbow Magicland - Shock's first drop

Quassy - Wooden Warrior's first drop

Sea World San Antonio - Steel Eel's second drop

Silver Dollar City - Outlaw Run's first drop

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - Medusa's first drop

Six Flags Fiesta Texas - Iron Rattler's first drop

Six Flags Great Adventure - El Toro's first drop

Six Flags Great America - Raging Bull's first drop

Six Flags Magic Mountain - X2's first drop

Six Flags New England - 4th Hill on Bizarro

Six Flags Over Texas - New Texas Giant's first drop

Six Flags St. Louis - The spike on Mr. Freeze

Timber Falls - Hellcat's first drop

Universal Orlando Resort - Hulk's Inline Twist/First Drop

Valleyfair - Renegade's first drop

Walygator Parc - Monster's first drop

Worlds of Fun - Mid drop on Prowler

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Magic Kingdom: The big drop before the helix at Space Mountain.

Epcot: Second drop on Maelstrom.

Hollywood Studios: Drop through the Hollywood sign at Rock'n'rollercoaster.

Animal Kingdom: Drop out of the cave of Expedition Everest.


Universal Studios Orlando: The drop after first MCBR on HRRR.

Island of Adventures: First drop on Dragon Challenge (RED)


Seaworld Orlando: First drop on Manta.

Busch Gardens Tampa: First drop on Sheikra.


Liseberg: Drop out of the station on Helix

TusenFryd: Second drop on Thunder Coaster

Tivoli: First drop on Dæmonen.

Bakken: The drop after the MCBR on Tornado.

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Just selected a few parks that i have been too......


SFMM- Full Throttle of of top hat into brakes.


Knotts Berry Farm- Indoor drop on log ride.


Universal Hollywood- Jurassic Park


IoA: Dudley Do Rights final drop and hump


Busch Gardens Tampa- Sheikra First drop (for now )


Kings Island- Banshee back row or Beast helix drop at night.


Cedar Point- Maverick back car front row

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Elitches: Sidewonder's backwards drop in the front seat.

Silverwood: Aftershock's first spike in the back.

SFGAm: Raging Bull's first drop in the back.

Mt. Olympus: Cyclops' big drop in the 4th car, the furthest I was allowed to go back at the time.

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Canobie Lake: Untamed's first drop

Funtown Splashtown USA- Excalibur's second drop

Six Flags New England- Goliaths drops

Lake Compounce- Down Time's drop

Santa's Village-Yule log flume drop

Story Land- Bamboo Chutes drop

Quassy- Wooden Warriors first drop

Palace Playland- Log flume drop

Six Flags Great Adventure- El Toro's first and second drop

Dorney Park- Demon Drop!!! (coaster- Talon's first drop)

Islands of Adventure- Dueling Dragons (fire) first drop

Universal Studios- HRRR's second drop

Boomers- Dania Beach Hurricane's first drop

sesame Place- Sky Splash's last drop

Disney-I don't remember or care.

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*Busch Gardens Tampa: Sheikra's first drop. Still fairly intense.

*Cedar Point: A toss-up between Millennium Force's first drop, and when Top Thrill Dragster re-enter's earth's atmosphere. Both are epic beyond proportions.

*Holiday World: Whenever Liberty Launch hits peak and pulls you back down.

*Kentucky Kingdom: The first time you experience ejector airtime on Lightning Run, the first drop.

*Kings Dominion: I305's first drop.

*King's Island: Drop Tower. Last I experienced it was on a windy and slightly chilly morning when I was with the first crowd to ride. The strong winds shut it down for the rest of the day after we got off. Won't forget that anytime soon.

*Nickelodeon Universe: Spongebob's Rock Bottom Plunge's first drop.

*SeaWorld Orlando: I like Journey to Atlantis' drops more than any other's in the park.

*Six Flags Magic Mountain: X2's first drop.

*Six Flags Over Georgia: Acrophobia. Still my favorite vertical drop tower.

*Universal IoA: The Incredible Hulk's first drop out of a barrel roll.

*All of Walt Disney World: Expedition Everest's big drop out of the mountain.

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Cedar Point: Millennium Force's 1st drop

Kings Island: Drop Tower

Holiday World: Voyage's triple down

Michigan's Adventure: Shivering Timbers drop out of the turn around

Dollywood: Wild Eagle's 1st drop

Universal Orlando: Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit's 1st drop

IOA: Hulk's first drop

Disney World Resort: Everest's drop out of the mountain

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