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West Coast Bash 2014 - TICKETS ON SALE!

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Hey everyone... Super excited about Magic Mountain WCB! looking forward to hanging out with you all... Haven't been to a TPR event in almost 6 years! I noticed some people were wondering about Hurricane Harbor discounts... im a six flags gold member so I can get up to 6 tickets to Hurricane Harbor at around half off if anyone would like some. I believe i have to be the one to buy them with my pass and I.D. but I'd also like to go to hurricane harbor and relax some during the day at some point so company seems like it will be less creepy (im going by myself to WCB this year). See you guys there.


How much is it with the half off? Do you have any left?

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Larry here, looking forward to Magic Mtn, have not been there since the west coast tour in 2009!


Bringing my coaster loving 8 year old son and he is already counting down the hours.


We have Knotts and Universal passes, done the Disney thing, has ridden every ride... now he gets to do the big one, SFMM, for the first time.


He already looked it up online and informed me he is tall enough for every coaster lol

Thats my boy!

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Guys - I know everyone wants to get the schedules and final email for WCB - I get it - I'm working on it. Please stop emailing me asking about. That will only make it take LONGER for me to send it out!!!


Thank you for your patience.

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Question: I was scheduled to work on WCB Knott's Day and may not be able to get it off, though I'm still trying. I know there's no refunds, but I was wondering if I could sell my ticket to someone else if I found someone interested?


If yes, I have one WCB Knott's Passholder ticket to sell...

Yes, you may sell your ticket to someone else. As long as I don't have to be involved with the transaction, that's even better. So if you have a buyer, just tell them to pick it up under your name, and when they approach the counter, have them let me know you guys made the switch.

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Just trodding through the semester and with work. Saturday CANNOT come soon enough. I'm trying really hard to eat healthy to amend myself for all of the crap I'm going to indulge in this Saturday.


Also, I like what they selected for the Haunt maze tour. I'm very glad they didn't have us tour Toothfairy or Voodo because I really want to be surprised by those.

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Hope Xcelerator doesn't pull anything out of my pockets again. It's my favorite ride at Knott's but you have to be really careful that all items are either Velcro'd or zipped in your pockets. I still remember hearing people telling me it was raining money and credit cards last year during ERT when my wallet got sucked out of my pocket.


Can't wait to go. Anyone else heading over to Disneyland on Friday? Thinking about getting a one day park hopper.

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